from the mind of critic-5/15/18

From the mind of critic: “If we repeat mistakes born of unlearned historical lessons, how can we stop the cycle? Do we force ourselves to be conscious of every thought and interaction, questioning and analyzing until our brain explodes? Do we completely turn off by ignoring everything, letting our ignorance grow through rose colored glasses? Do we find balance, being as consious as we can though understanding, while realizing we aren’t perfect? As students of history, we know historical events repeat themselves because we forget about the buildup, or become apathetic and complacent because the problems have already been solved. There is a certain amount of procrastination bred into us as humans, a feeling that we can always put something off until tomorrow or the next day. Once we realize procrastination comes from a lack of self confidence, we’ll see the more we look at today’s issues and where they sprang, the more those issues become solvable because we believe we’re good enough to have the answer. It may not always be the right answer, but the more we try though human conversation with our suppossed enemy, the more unity we acheive, the more lessons we learn, and the less problems get repeated. Learning lessons is like letting go, it’s a constant process. Over analyzing, births inaction. Learning lessons, means forever asking why. We reduce our ignorance by opening our eyes, and never closing them again.” 🙂
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