from the mind of critic-5/10/18

From the mind of critic: “If life came with an instruction manual, would it make our day to day routine easier? Would decisions cease to be difficult, because answers have already been conjured? Would our critical thinking suffer, because with a manual we wouldn’t have to think at all? Do we always look for the easy way out, or just an easier way out? So many tough decisions to make, so many anitquated jerks to deal with, it seems life would be alot easier with step by step instructions. It might be easier, but only in the way ignorance makes life easier by ignoring what’s in front of our face, in favor of an idealized and imaginary portrayal. Once we realize we may want a life manual, but understand one would never exist because of human’s unique nature, we’ll see that everyday and through every experience, we’re creating our own manual by learning lessons and gaining understanding. The only manual for life we need, are the critical thoughts in our head. Ignorance may be the lack of knowledge, but enlightenment is the attainment of knowledge. The easy way out may be appealing, but so is fleeting happiness. Life isn’t always easy, but doesn’t always have to be hard.” 🙂
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