from the mind of critic-5/9/18

From the mind of critic: “Did we put our parent’s shoes on when we were kids, because we wanted to practice walking in them? Did we slip our pint size feet into gigantic boots, and realize it was hard to walk around ? Were we trying to emulate our parents, playing around like we were adults? Were we practicing to walk around in our own shoes, by walking around in somebody elses? When we grow up we walk around less and less in other people’s shoes, but when we were little we walked around in all the big people shoes we could find. We didn’t care if they were sandals, boots, sneakers, slippers or galoshes, we put those suckers on and stomped around. It didn’t matter if they were way to big, or what the ethnicity the shoes owner was, we had fun anyway. Once we realize that walking in somebody else’s shoes isn’t a foreign concept because we grew up doing it, we’ll see it’s just one more thing we’ve forgotten about as adults, but something we can relearn anytime we want. Walking in somebody else’s shoes, allows us to view the world through their eyes. Judgement, equals projection. We can’t walk in another’s shoes, before we walk in our own. If we have to walk before we run, we have to think before we walk.” 🙂
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