from the mind of critic-5/8/18

From the mind of critic: “If we prejudge a person before we interact with them, is it worse then judging them after? Is judging a person better after we learn their character flaws, or before we learn their quirks? Is judging a person at all whether it’s before or after we get to know them useful at all, or is non judgment the key in uniting disparate groups who have ripped at each other’s throats for generations, because what makes us different makes us the same? All judgement, whether pre or post is wrong. If we have an issue with that statement, we must ask ourselves whether we like being judged. Does it matter if somebody knows us? Does it matter if they have our best interest at heart? There is an exception for actual judges, they are an integral part of our justice system, and are paid accordingly. Prejudging is like claiming your psychic, when you know you’re not. Judge not less ye be judged, could mean we shouldn’t get pissed off unless we want to get pissed on. Appreciating our differences, means not putting each other down for them. Unification will happen, once we look in the mirror and stop judging ourselves.” 🙂
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