from the mind of critic-5/5/18

From the mind of critic: “If we can’t be clear headed when we’re angry, can we be angry when we’re clear headed? Can we have angry thoughts, but think about them in a clear way so they don’t manifest into violent and insidious actions? Is the conversion of this anger into action, the key motivation in our forward moving journey? Critical thought is the secret to progress made, lessons learned and growth experienced. The earlier we learn this the better off we’ll be, because although we’ll still have lessons to learn, we won’t have nearly as many. Once we realize that being clear headed or “critically thinking” allows us to think about why we’re angry, instead of not thinking at all, we’ll see how to work through problems, instead of only seeing the problems themselves. Being angry makes us a rebel without a cause, being angrily clear headed makes us a rebel with a cause. Learning why we’re angry, is the first step in overcoming. Converting anger into action only works, if we slow down and clearly think. If anger begets anger and violence begets violence, critical thought begets peaceful evolution.” 🙂
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