from the mind of critic-5/16/18

From the mind of critic: “When we decipher the path we’re meant to travel,what motivates us to put one foot in front of the other? Is it the vibrancy of our goals, and how each and every step is laid out in black and white? Is it the vibrancy of our soul, and how each step is measured for whether it leads us forward or backward? Is it the vibrancy of the universe, and how we’re shown objects and events we previously thought impossible? Is it vibrancy at all, or the lack there of? We learn through life experience that there isn’t one thing that motivates us, it’s several, which change over time, and from person to person. Which can make it extremely difficult to decipher what works for us. We can learn from others, but since our experience is unique to theirs by definition, we can’t copy them excatly, which is where critical thinking comes in. Once we realize that the key to finding motivation to work our passion, is inhaling the world’s beauty externally as well as internally, we’ll see that finding our path is only the first step, the second is letting go of outcomes and being true to ourselves as we walk the earth. That second step is the physical embodiment of our motivation, which we define by looking in the mirror. What motivates us, is what feeds our soul. The earth becomes more vibrant, the more authentic we are. Life is like a step ladder that never ends. Realizing motivation morphs as we journey, gives our soul stamina.” 🙂
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