from the mind of critic-4/13/18

From the mind of critic: “If we’re nicer to others when we’ve taken care of ourselves, does the same concept extend to nations? If a government is good to its people by building them all up instead of tearing any of them down, is it less likely to exploit and persecute its neighbors? If a governement builds up some of its people while tearing down others, does it in turn play its allies of its enemies, so it can reap all the benefits for its geo-political interests? Is the reason we have a government with socialistic and capitalistic principles, because niether system works on its own? Being the change we want to see, couldn’t be any more true now than at any point in history. Being good to ourselves specifically so we can be good to others, is how we create a better government, because the government is us. Then if the government started taking care of its people, it would partner with governments who see more than just dollar signs. Once we see how many problems can be solved by seeing each other in ourselves, we’ll see that when governments see other governments in themselves, how much less war, genocide and ethnic cleansing there would be, because because governments would feel they were attacking themselves. If looking in the mirror is helpful for self reflection, it’s helpful for governments. Building up instead of tearing down, builds humanity, and even better governments. Low self esteem invites zero critical thinking, so does narcissm. When building a better system, it’s important to look at all variables, not just the familiar.” 🙂


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