from the mind of critic-4/14/18

From the mind of critic: “If we put ourselves out there and get little to no response, how do we keep our spirits up? Do we remember why we put ourselves out there and the passion behind it, which instantly reminds us what’s important? Does our good nature take control, overpowering our self sabotage? Do we forget why we put ourselves out there if we get no response, or no attendess at an event, because we’re overcome by emotion that we’re not good enough? Do our joyful or sorrowful feelings depend on outside influence, or inside consciousness? It takes courage to take part of our soul, and share it with the universe. We’re laid bare for all the world to see, and we could recievce positive, negative or nonexistent feedback. This can happen through all mediums of art, as well as interpersonal relationships. We must ask ourselves if we’re laying it out there specifically to get a response, or to give ourselves purpose? If the answer is the later, we still want responses, especially if those responses lead to success with our art and relationships. However, those responses aren’t determinant of a continuance of putting purselves out there, because we started with purpose. Response doesn’t give us purpose, we give ourselves purpose. Self sabotage is born, from believing outside response gives us purpose. Putting ourselves out there doesn’t guarantee success, but it gives us a shot. We can’t win it if we’re not in it, is one of the secrets of life.” 🙂


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