from the mind of critic-4/12/18

From the mind of critic: “When we’re mentally and physically tired, are we aware of how our perceptions change?Does our filter that keeps us from descending into mental darkness, fray when we’re drained? Does this shrinking filter give us a more accurate picture, because our bullshit limit has shrunk? Does a shrinking filter give us a less accurate picture, because our self sabotage has grown? Is physical and mental energy in opposition, or symbiotic? Being drained is never fun, becasuse running on fumes is when things can go horribly wrong. Sometimes adrenaline kicks in which focuses us more, but it can also make us beat ourselves up more, because we have less patience for anything not perfect. If taking care of ourselves is how we succeed, it’s even more important when we’re drained, because self sabotage devolves much quicker. Once we realize how important self kindness is to achieving when we’re upbeat, we’ll see how vital it is when we’re zapped. How kind we are to ourselves, is equal to how well we take care of ourselves. Being drained leads to darkness, only if we’re trying to operate like we aren’t. Filters can shrink, but our self kindness mustn’t. Realizing interconnectedness, defines our path forward.” 🙂


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