from the mind of critic-4/11/18

From the mind of critic: “If self hate mutates into hate of others, does self love evolve into love for others with or without personal effort? Can we care for and respect others, without caring for and respecting ourselves? Are we afraid if we take care of ourselves, we won’t have time for others? Does self care feel selfish? If what we say to ourselves determines what we do to ourselves, does the hate or love we express to others, spell out to the letter what we do to ourselves? Looking in the mirror can be scary, especially if it’s been awhile. We can get so used to our routine, that we forget or make ourselves believe we don’t have time for introspection. We must ask ourselves if we really are too busy, or if we’re ignoring our own reality? Loving ourselves can do wonders for our soul, but we have to be careful. If we don’t share the love we’ve built up within, it will eventually ring hollow because it has no purpose. This feeling of no purpose is where self hate, and in turn hate for others springs from. Admission of weaknesses and limitations are hard, but it’s how we build authentic strength. Realizing life’s magnetism, guides our actions in the right direction. Truth isn’t always easy, but it’s righteous. We stop self love from devolving into narcissism, by loving others as we love ourselves.” 🙂


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