from the mind of critic-4/6/18

From the mind of critic: “If there’s more crime than there used to be, has society changed, or just how statistics are defined? Have economics gotten so bad, with less jobs and less opportunity for upward mobility, that people commit crime to survive? Have we changed the definitions of crimes, so as to create the illusion it’s higher or lower? Is there really more or less crime, or is there the same amount there has always been, it’s just the acts that have evolved? Violent crime numbers go up and down, as do other felonies and misdemeanors. Deciphering whether these swings happen because of natural or human factors, we may never know. Once we realize that asking critical questions doesn’t tear down society, just the facade erected to mimic society, we’ll see descriptions for how good or bad things are as a window into humanity, and how willing we are to be challenged. Questioning the status quo, is the first step in real change. Crime staistics can be scary, but only if they reflect a reality we put our faith in. Definitions evolve with society, unless understanding remains stagnant. If we want to lower crime, we must lower what causes one to commit crime. Answering questions, requires discovering motivation.” 🙂


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