from the mind of critic-4/5/18

From the mind of critic: “If closed minds come with open mouths, and open minds come with closed mouths, do they ever switch? Do closed minds ever shut up about backwards ideals and generalizations, remembering to bite their tongue? Do open minds ever espouse forward and evolutionary thinking, remembering to pass on the knowledge they’ve gained? Is it a balance between the two, where our minds are opening and closing along with our mouths, as we gain life experience and shed and strengthen biases? None of us are perfect, and none of us are dumb. We are simply at different levels of understanding and consciousness, as we journey at different stages. We have the right to say what we think, many problems continously arise because so many aren’t truthful with their speech. Ofcourse if we have the right to say what we think, so does someboyd else, and we may not always agree. This is called conversation, it’s how humans solve problems. Once we realize talking and sharing ideas humanely and thoughtfully, instead of hatefully and ingnorantly is how we evolve, we’ll see the same issues keep repeating themselves, unless we can admit we aren’t always right. If we can’t admit our own close mindedness, we can’t expect somebody else to. Mouths and minds will stay closed, if we don’t believe things will ever get better. Forward thinking is only subjective, if we look back. We shed biases, by allowing ourselves to be proven wrong. Ignorance is the absence of knowledge.” 🙂


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