from the mind of critic-4/4/18

From the mind of critic: “If the most boring thing in life is watching grass grow, is it because we’re not forcing it to grow? Do we feel empty if we haven’t seeded, weeded and fertilized Do we feel empy if we have seeded, weeded and fertilized, because we have put the work in, and now the grass has to grow by itself? Are we upset we can’t force the grass to grow, or are we uspet because the grass isn’t guaranteed to grow, no matter how much work we put in, Letting go of outcomes might be the hardest thig we’ll ever do, but it beats the broedom of inaction. The uselessness springing from this boredom, makes us put less work in, because we think what’s the point. Once we realize that putting in work is all we can do, because we have to let the process do its work, we’ll see boredom only births from inaction, when we don’t allow the work we’ve done, to work for us. Grass will only grow, if we let it grow. Being accountable, means knowing complete control is an illusion. Forcing us to act, breeds inaction.” 🙂


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