from the mind of critic-4/3/18

From the mind of critic:              “If there is no gain without pain, is there loss without love? If we can’t achieve success without stumbling along the way, can we also fail without succeeding along the way? To truly understand and live a definition, do we need to be familiar with its opposite? There are many ways to describe no pain no gain, the concept itself being the important thing, not how we describe its attributes. We can’t truly succeed, without knowing what it means to fail. We also can’t truly fail, without knowing what it means to succeed. Once we realize fear of the unknown is the enemy of balance, we’ll see perceptions are its best friend. Gain without pain, is void of authenticity. Love without loss, is void of reality. Balance, is what gives life meaning. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is success.” 🙂


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