from the mind of critic-4/7/18

From the mind of critic: “Do steps get harder to climb as we get older, because our bodies are so worn out? Do our bodies not work as well after a lifetime of challeneges, because we’re simply too tired? Do our minds lack the ability to learn new paths, after years of chisleing in the ones we currently travel? Whether old dogs can learn new tricks, or new dogs can learn old tricks depends solely on the person. When we’re young we’re eager to fly into the unknown, knowing we’re passionate enough to overcome any challenge. When we’re older we’re as cautious as we are cynical, and don’t bomb into the unknown with wreckless abandon. Ofcourse nothing in life is guaranteed, and generalizations are only true if we put our faith in them. Once we realize, “we’re only as old as we feel” can refer to our mind as well as our body, we’ll see we might not have control over how and when our body breaks down, but we do over our mind. Old people railing against young people protesting, are simply repeating personal experience. Steps don’t get harder to climb, our will to climb them does. New paths are only scary, if we’re unwilling to leave our current one. Keeping our muscles flexible is important as we age, none more so than our mind.” 🙂


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