from the mind of critic-3/9/18

From the mind of critic: “If the ignorance we spout is birthed from a lack of knowledge, does gaining knowledge guarantee the erasure of ignorance? If we learn about something and all it’s gray area, but still label it as black and white, are we ignorant? If knowledge is power, is ignorance a lack of power? Does this lack of power cause us to steal others’ power, balancing ourselves by making others “less than”? Do we gain true power not by subtracting it from others, but by learning how to create it for ourselves? Ignorance can be a fickle beast, we might not care that we don’t know something. We can also care so much that we don’t know something, it turns to anger. On the same token, we can also care so much, that we go out and learn, which turns into joy. Life continually renews itself, with every lesson we learn. We instantly spring forward, when we realize ignorance is what’s holding us back. The gray area we all live in is constantly evolving, if we adapt instead of resist, we’ll evolve right alongside. Resistance is only futile, when we’re ignorant of the true cause we’re rebelling against.” 🙂


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