from the mind of critic-3/8/18

From the mind of critic: “If we display our higher selves when confronted by darkness, do we display our lower selves when confronted by light? Do we act as the kind, loving and altruistic species we were meant to be, only as a last resort? Does this deeply ingrained dichotomy, cause cynicism and mistrust to devalue positive thoughts and actions? Can saving our sould be more effective and sustaining, when we use it guide our actions, not just our reactions? Rekindling our humanity and stoking the love within our soul happens after natural disasters, terrorist attacks, mass shootings, ethnic cleansing and genocide. After the violence has subsided, love is the only concept that faithfully and dutifully repairs the damage done.However, if we start our emotions, thoughts, perceptions, observations, decisions and actions with love, we’ll find ourselves breaking out of the cycle of all or nothing, black and white living; which might prevent the violence in the first place. Comprehending life’s gray area, allows the kindness that love springs from. Love as a first resort isn’t a revolutionary idea, it’s survival. Doing the right thing late, is better than not at all. Doing the right thing early, prevents the can from being kicked down the road.” 🙂


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