from the mind of critic-3/7/18

From the mind of critic: “If we drive around looking for a better view of the world below us, do we believe the world is below us? Does an all encompassing view from above, give us a chance to step outside of ourselves, so we get an objective view of reality on the ground? Do our perceptions change if we’re on the outside looking in, and vice versa? Do we actually know what’s below us, or only what’s not worth our time? Stepping out of our daily routine, can allow us to see how everything is innerconnected. Thoughts lead to actions, like perceptions lead to realities. Always avoiding problems causes them to fester. Dealing with issues by learning lessons, brings solutions. Nothing is below us besides the ground, unless we aren’t willing to get our hands dirty. Looking down only works if we also look up, like looking back only works if we also look forward. Viewing the world without preconception, will lead us to enlightenment.”:)


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