from the mind of critic-3/10/18

From the mind of critic: “If we expect the worst and hope for the best, do we ever expect the best and hope for the worst? Do we want to succeed, but utilize self-sabotage to extend the life of a cocoon of inaction? Are we afraid of succeeding not because we desire failure, but are petrified of change? Do routines help us evolve by providing a springboard, or do they drastically reduce our expectations until “making the best of things”, is the only positivity we allow ourselves? Setting goals and aspirations spins up our imagination, turning what’s possible into what’s probable. Expecting the worst or the best sets pre-conditions on what we think is acheivable,and we adjust our actions accordingly. We must ask ourselves do we actually want to succeed, or just make ourselves believe a lie? Change can be scary whether positive or negative, but the lessons learned are invaluable to our souls. The higher our expectations, the higher the wall blocking our progress. Letting go of outcomes is like venturing into the darkness, it’s only scary if we don’t allow our soul to light the way. Hope and love get us started, conscious action moves us forward.” 🙂


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