from the mind of critic-10/27/16

From the mind of critic: “If manifesting something that we want is how we get it to show up, how does this play out in reality when obsessing and thinking about something to much drives it away? Is there a way to balance manifesting something and not overthinking about something, therefore creating the happy medium, where what we want shows up? Or are we just kidding ourselves when we think this balance can be acheived, because it’s not possible to think about something, and not think about somethingn at the same time? Figuring, deciding, choosing and deciphering what we want can be a challenge in and of itself. Then once we figure it out, the next step is how we bring it in to our lives. Maybe this is a universal challenge that all of us go through. Whether it be love, success in career, or whatever we authentically believe will improve our lives, we have been told to either manifest what we want for it to show up, or not think about something for it to show up. Maybe this is like getting advice from to many people, so we end up doing nothing. Maybe it’s like the natural push and pull of life that we must figure out so we can be fulfilled and successful. Maybe we need to take the good things from both sides to create our own way of being, so we don’t blindly follow anbody or anything. Whether manifesting or letting go gets us what we want faster, we’ll never know. However, if we stay open and let out light shine, we will recieve everything we’re supposed to”

from the mind of critic-10/26/16

From the mind of critic: “If many of us in the last few weeks, months and years have asked ourselves how politicians could possibly say the most biased, outrageous, offensive and vial things, have we asked ourselves the same questions? Do we believe the system has been so skewed from the beginning, that office holders can say anything they want, because as long as they keep throwing crumbs, the people will put up with it? Do we think that this acting out is so far from what a normal person would do, that it leads us to believe these polticians can’t be human? Or do we see politicians acting out in this way, as a natural outcropping of the way we’re been treating eachother for generations, which makes politicians not only humans, but it makes them us? We’re all familiar with the saying that we don’t talk about religion and politics with friends and family. Maybe we’ve grown so used to not talking about it, that we don’t realize that not only have others been talking about it, but after watching all the voluntary heads that have been stuck in the sand, are actively and continously scheming how to control it. Maybe we’ve been doing this so long that we all resort to personal attacks, because we’ve blinded ourselves to what we’re actually saying, and only paying attention to who we’re saying it to. Maybe we think this is conversation, when it’s actually the complete opposite. To stop politicians from saying vial things, we need to stop saying vial things. And to do that, we need to be open and honest about how we feel on any subject. What we think we should never talk about, might be what saves us. The unknown is only scary because we see it that way. If we change our perceptions, we can change the world” 🙂

from the mind of critic-10/25/16

From the mind of critic: “If searching for the truth reaches to the very essence of who we are, does the fact that we may never fully find it, because truth is subjective and can change from person to person, make us question our existence? Does authentically, passionately and consciously looking for what’s real set us up for failure, because we’re looking for something that is practically impossible to find, because truth changes depending on our perception? Or is it all just one big leap into the unknown, where the answers can change because they’re subjective, but since the unknown by definition is unknown, we keep moving forward because we realize we have always had the ability to surprise ourselves? When the world looks so phony because everybody seems to be getting away from what’s real, it’s not surpising that all of us are searching for truth, whether we wanna admit it or not, and I’m not talking just about voters during an election season. All of our truth searches might be for different things, but I’ll bet none of us can fully define what that is, and that fact, that we’re all consciously or unconsciously searching for something that we can’t fully define, should make us all realize that what drives us is basically the same. We’ll see that small and insignificant things that keep us apart, skews what the truth is. Maybe the object of our unique but similar searches for truth, has been right in front of us the whole time” 🙂

from the mind of critic-10/22/16

From the mind of critic: “If we’re lucky enough to have found our passion, and have discovered that this passion involves creating something that provides healthy escape filled with conscious thought, social justice and self-love rippling into colective love, do we shy away from using that same method of escape when somebody else creates it, because we believe that not escaping, but being present here and now is what allowed us to find our passion in the first place? Are we afraid we’ll lose all the ground we gained in our conscious evolution, because we’re giving into the very thing that drives us away from the authentic? Or are we ultra-conscious of our personal journey of discovery, and want to be present for every single beautiful moment of it? I’ve been asking myself these questions for a while, do I shy away from reading books, because I see them as an escape that pulls me away from the present, which is what helped me realize my passion for writing books in the first place, and gives me the positive energy to do so? Maybe it’s all part of a positive-negative balance we all must acheive. Maybe it’s part of the realization of who we are, who we would like to evolve into, and how to make that hapen. Maybe, just maybe it’s all a test to see if we’re finnaly ready to put our full energy toward our passion, so we can put in the full amount of effort required to succeed. Escape can be a healthy thing, as long we’re not using it to escape what brings us pure joy, but using it to refresh our mind, body and soul, so we’re ready to give our passion the full effort it deserves. Once we realize that passion and escape aren’t antithetical to each other but symbiotic, we’ll see how much farther ahead we can get if we allow our soul to feel joy” 🙂

from the mind of critic-10/21/16

From the mind of critic: “Have we finnaly reached a point in our society where everything is breaking down, where common decency, common sense and logic have flown out the window, in favor of hate, ignorance, and unfounded arguments? Have the extremes gotten so extreme, that all the people that aren’t polar opposites, but sandwiched in the middle, are seen as the extremists because they aren’t extreme? Or is everything so raw right now because of major change, that some people retreat to their ignorance to protect themselves, some prosletyze that their way is the best, while the rest use the opportunity as a learning experience, so the change can be positive, conscious and will benefit everybody? Whatever side we’re on, or whatever we belive or don’t belive in, we could all agree major change is afoot. Our society is changing as it does every generation, but we seem to be all feeling it more now. We all have different coping skills, and deal with change differently. However, once we realize that we can never do better until all of us do better, we’ll see that lifting others up instead of tearing them down, is the only real way to build ourselves up. Some of us fear change, and some of us wlecome it. We’ll see that the more rights, freedoms and kindness we show people, the more we’ll realize they’re more like us. The more we realize that, we’ll see that when we tear somebody else down, we’re really tearing ourselves down. We have a chance to usher in the next positive and conscious step in our collective evolution. No matter what, that evolutionary step will happen. The only question is, will it happen in spite of us, or because of us?” 🙂

from the mind of critic-10/20/16

From the mind of critic: “If we’ve reached a point in our lives where we know what we want and we know what we don’t want, does it make it harder to get what we want because we’re more picky? Are the end results we dream of harder to acheive, because our choices are clear as to what’s to our benefit, and what’s to our detriment? Or is it harder to acheive our dreams, because although we know what we want, so many others out there who might be amongst those who help us acheive what we want, don’t know what they want themselves, therefore are unwilling or unable to help anybody else? Or is it a combination of the two? Spending enough time and figuring, finding, discovering, exploring and experiencing what we want, doesn’t mean it will fall in our lap. Maybe we’re being tested by having adversity thrown in our face. Maybe the adversity is self-inflicted because although we know what we want, we haven’t found it yet, and we see all these other people around us who seemingly have found what they want and seem happy, but are just putting up a front because they aren’t happy, haven’t found what they truly want and feel they have to go through the motions, because they think that’s what society wants them to do. We might not have control over getting what we want, but figuring out what we want, is the first step in acheiving it. Will we ever get what we want or what we think we deserve, who knows. Will we be fulfilled and figure out what we want if we stay open, conscious and kind to ourselves so we can take advantage of oppurtunities when they come along, absolutely” 🙂

from the mind of critic-10/19/16

From the mind of critic: “If we constantly rail on the other side for not talking about the issues, saying we want somebody who will bring positive change by immersing themselves in ideas that will benefit us all, but then we turn around and vote for somebody because they tug at our heart strings, completely forgetting what we said we cared about, is it any wonder we get 2 candidates nobody likes? Are we trying to look good in front of our friends by telling them anything they wanna hear, only to do and say whatever we want anyway when they’re not around? Do we have sinister thoughts about trying to take advantage of everybody and everything, because although we say we care about others, when really, we only care about ourselves? Or have we never paid attention or cared about what’s going on in the world, but now that everybody is going nuts, we figure we should too? Politics always has been and always will be a reflection of our society. If politicians or those seeking office are two-faced, are constantly flip-flopping or hold differing opinions depending on who they’re around, is it any wonder that we let it be known that there are things we don’t talk about? Maybe we’re afraid to tell people what we really think, because we’re afraid we’ll be judged, and we can’t stand somebody not liking us. Is it any wonder we’re willing to say anything to anybody? If we ever hope to not have an election where we have to decide between douches and turds that make our skin crawl, we must be authentic, speak from the heart, and not care if somebody doesn’t like us. When we free our minds, we free our souls. And free souls are the only place politicians should come from” 🙂

from the mind of critic-10/18/16

From the mind of critic: “If the secret to a fulfilling life is finding purpose, will we automatically know it when the opportunity arises? Will it smack us in the head like a 2×4, describing in the plainest, black and white language it can, that it’s the answer to our dreams? Or is it something that will sneak in like a whispering wind, where we have to be 100% completely open and conscious to even get a glimpse, let alone to take advantage? We all should breathe a little easier knowing that all of us are searching for purpose, all discovering, decyphering and decoding as we journey. We aren’t alone, we’re just at different points in our similarly unique and unknown expeditions. Great things might happen all at once, and good things might take time, but if we aren’t open to the universe, and aren’t willing to put in the effort when more work is required, we wont be able to get, let alone accept good or great things. And if we can’t accept good or great things, we certainly won’t be ready to accept our purpose when it comes along, whether it’s obvious, or takes a little work to fully define. Nobody can tell us what our purpose is, because it touches the deepest part of our soul. There are many secrets to life, chief among them is feeling like we count, feeling like we matter. Finding purpose can be easy, or it can be the hardest thing we’ve ever done. The reward however is guaranteed to provide us positive energy beyond our wildest dreams” 🙂

from the mind of critic-10/15/16

From the mind of critic: “If life isn’t always as it seems, and things are closer than they appear, how do we know what’s real? Are we just awash in a sea of chaos, where it doesn’t matter where we go or what we do, because we think even if our goals dreams have come true, there is no 100%, guaranteed and fool-proof way to prove their authenticity, and whether we should belive them or not? Or because nothing in life is black and white no matter how much we want it to be, we get glimpses of good moments, bad moments and eveything in between, making us decide what’s real, what’s fake, what we should hold onto, and what we should let go of? Life, and trying to create a joyful routine that can be adjusted when postive opputunities arise, are a group of the most challenging desicions we canmake, but also the most rewarding. If people appear one way, they could be the opposite. Their facial expressions could make them look happy, but they might actually be depressed. Just as there is multiple sides to every situation, there are multiple choices we face with every moment of every day, they could either be to our benefit or our detriment. Even if we don’t choose beause we don’t want to or don’t know how, we still have made a choice. Every single thing in life is fake, but it’s also real at the same time, it just depends on how we percieve it. When we choose to build ourselves up instead of tearing ourselves down, we’ll ensure our souls joy as we journey into the unknown of endless choices and perceptions” 🙂

from the mind of critic-10/14/16

From the mind of critic: “If our political system is based on whoever has the most money gets to decide the rules and who they apply to, is that because they’re the same rules that apply to our personal lives? Is it any wonder that elected officals with the most influence are the ones who have the most rich people in their pockets, when the vast majority of the super rich believe they can live their lives with impunity? Is this because we as a society look up to people with a lot of money as being huge successes, who therefore are above all the little people, and shouldn’t have to be governed by the same rules and justice system? Or do we know the evolutionary setbacks this way of thinking causes, and are trying to fight back against it, but because it has become so ingrained since the beginning of time, that it’s such a long, hard and slow march to progress, that it makes any positive change extremely hard to see? The people with all the gold might make the rules, but it’s only because we’ve allowed them to. Some of us that think if somebody has money and influence, they must know more about what’s wrong and how to fix it, so we relinquish our control. Once we realize that taking back this control entails us standing up and never sitting down again, we’ll see that not only will our generational and ingrained problems will float away, but polticians ebholden to the super rich will cease to exist. Maybe if we stop automatically revering the super rich simply for being super rich, we’ll stop corrupt politcians from being created. To fix our political system we must fix our personal system, and to do that, we must revere whats actually real, not what we think is real” 🙂