from the mind of critic: 4/3/20


From the mind of critic: “If we can see clearly now cause the rain is gone, are we admitting we can only see things as they are, when no obstacles stand in our way? Do we see the negativity cascading into our perceptions, and think, the only way I can move forward, is if all negativity vanished? Are we picturing a utopia where everything is perfect, and clear thoughts reign, simply because nothing is forcibly trying to cloud judgement? Do we actually believe there will be a time, when the rain will be gone; or are we accepting that there will always be rain, and clarity of perception allows us to see through it, so we can learn the lessons placed before us? Is the key self-empowerment, not for the purpose of strengthening our ego, but confidence in our character, so we can adapt without losing ourselves? Sometimes adversity seems so overwhelming, we cower at its ability to continuously control our experience. This fear not only feeds the adversity, making it exponentially more invasive, but lowers our self confidence to the point, of questioning whether we’re even worthy of moving forward. The thing is, with how quickly adversity imbedded its tentacles, they can also just as quickly be ripped out. We have the power to stand up for the least of us, which means we have the power, to stand up for what we believe, is the least of ourselves. Once this becomes daily practice, instead of a blue moon ritual, we’ll see clear actions start from clear vision, which start from clear thought. This can be achieved when we open up to the beauty of the world, because once we do, we can access it anytime we need an energy boost. This makes us admit that yes, there will always be rain, but clear thoughts have nothing to do with the nonexistent nature of rain, but the recognition that rain cant stop us, because it’s simply a test in the ever growing, knowledge building exercise they call life. Following our heart, deepens our soul’s connection to the universal truth we’re all searching for. May this current crisis teach us, that we’re all human, and can only succeed, when we all succeed. Love is a beacon, illuminating the path we’re supposed to be on.”

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