from the mind of critic: 4/2/20


From the mind of critic: “Does critical thought inherently lead to fear of the unknown, or does the unknown create thoughts and actions, we may not have pondered before, only mutating into fear, because we haven’t allowed ourselves to be open to possibilities? Does expecting the worst produce positive results, or do negative results happen because we expected them? Does walling ourselves off protect us from harm, by preventing some, while exacerbating others? Do we believe giving up some liberty, for the perspective of security, is worth the personal hardship; or do we believe the most important aspect for regularly practicing critical thought, is not to expect everybody is out to hurt or help us, but to take a reasoned account of each situation, and not use blanket rhetoric which only serves the individual, and not the group, something we said we’d never drown into? Look, we’re all a bit scared right now, there’s crazy shit out there that can, and will grab hold of our weary minds; twisting and turning until we don’t know which way is up. Since we know this current crisis, has a much higher probability of happening now, than at any time in history, we have the ability, whether it be political or virus related, to prevent ourselves from being infected, by the 24-7 shitshow commencing in front of our eyes. This is precisely the ability of taking everything on a case by case basis, not turning into people we despise, by intuiting that all “others” are bad, and to protect ourselves, we need to separate. Okay yes, large groups right now might be a good idea, but separating us so fiercely as we are now, might force us to never truly unite, because we’ll never believe its truly over. Once we realize we’re all suffering together, we’ll see the root of our suffering isn’t each other, but the elites who sell us fear of each other, specifically so we never unite. The thing is, we’re seeing through ALL their bullshit right now, but we must allow it to unite us, like it was always designed to do.”

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