from thee mind of critic: 12/23/19


From the mind of critic:       “If we constantly ask should I stay or should I go, then is the inevitable fight or flight response the damaging, but comfortable rut of not making a decision, the real roadblock holding us back? Do we ache for a clear answer to defog our brain, but revel in the chaotic flow of floating through life, because all our choices are pre-ordained? Does this fear of conflict so overwhelm us, that we surround ourselves with people we never butt heads with? Are we simply strategizing the most effective path by twisting, decoding and analyzing what others have done in the past, so we don’t commit the same mistakes? Does all the planning or non-planning drain so much energy, that we continuously procrastinate when we’ll actually get off our asses, and do the thing we’ve been telling ourselves we would do, until we discovered the concepts of avoidance and rationalization? Deciding what the hell we’re doing, and where the hell we’re going, is enough to drive us insane. We get caught up on all the what ifs’ and what the fucks’, when we should be concentrating on the what nows’, and what fors’. Dealing with what’s in front of our eyes, instead of only what’s behind them allows us to walk across shifting sands, because as we figure out where we want to go, who we are and where we want to be, life will test us to see if we’re worthy of all the hopes and dreams, we’ve been visualizing since our soul started breathing. The key is to keep visualizing, but balanced with passionately driven action, which allows our dream world and our reality world to collide. Nobody likes making tough choices, but we’ll be miles ahead in our enlightenment, the more we follow our heart. Love really is all we need, because it illuminates how beautiful and amazing the world can be, when we replace our iron grip, with a loving hug. Loving ourselves makes the impossible, doable.”

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