from the mind of critic: 9/23/19


From the mind of critic:  “When all hope is lost, is it really? Are the formations, observations, and calculations that bring us to that conclusion, a false narrative born of ignorantly low self-esteem? Is it not ignorance which deletes positive outcomes from our perceptions, but a survival skill meant to dull chaos? Or do we believe all hope is lost, because walling ourselves off inside a box to deal with its contents, is easier than deleting the box altogether, so we’re open to literally every negative thing in the world; which can overshadow the positive, even though its volume is infinitely bigger? Its not over, until we say its over, we’re going to make it happen, we don’t stand a chance, we can’t stop it; however we slice it, trying to figure out who we are, what we want and where we want to go, is a never ending struggle between us, and well, us. There are outside forces sure, that may or may not have our best interest at heart, when they vomit up advice like bad Chinese food. Don’t get me wrong, having a circle that cares about us, is the key to all future growth, but it’s still us who steers the ship. The first step is admitting this captain status, and truly feeling not only the steering wheel in our hands, but how the tightness of our grip can affect how conscious or unconscious we are. For once we grab hold, we’ll see perceptions can color our thinking. Which can make us believe all hope is lost, because we’re either not looking at the bigger picture, or are closing ourselves off from opportunities that may be exactly have been searching for, but which we’ll never know either way, unless we grab the damn steering wheel, and steer it in the right fucking direction. We may not be successful at first, we may even fail repeatedly, but we’ll see sooner or later that enough of us will trudge forward and reach the mountain top, specifically so our love can run down like waters, and satiate those of us thirsty enough to reach our mountaintop. Once we’re there on our own individual peaks, we’ll see they’ve been part of the same mountain range the whole time, we just needed to find our individual path to the summit.”

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