from the mind of critic-5/30/18

From the mind of critic: “If racism is perpetuated by capitalism, and capitalism is fueled by racism, could either exist without the other? Would people ooze hate toward one another, for stealing the few crumbs they were allowed to have, if capitalism wasn’t hammering the fact that it’s the”other” stealing jobs and benefits, when really the elites are just trying to crank out a few more bucks? Is the illusion of control the magic elixir capitalism needs to survive, because keeping the people fighting eachother is the only sure fire way to prevent an uprising? When two sujective topics can only survive by feeding off each other, they can both be ended by killing one. Obviously the one we’d end is racism, no critically thinking human being would argue a healthy society needs hate of differences to survive. As far as capitalism goes, we don’t need to completely end it, the fact that we as private and unconnected residents can start, run and own a business that we can personally profit from isn’t a bad thing. However, if we insituted rules to level the playing field for all parties involved, rules that were binding and non negotiable, it would change the definition of capitalism, or create a whole new category. We stop hating each other, when we stop killing each other for token scraps. Hate of the other, is really hate of self. Racism might exist without capitalism, but only by people nostalgic for the past. Equality is the anitidote to racism, by changing capitalism’s goals.” 🙂
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