from the mind of critic-5/29/18

From the mind of critic: “If finding balance is the key to life, is figuring out the difference between letting go and giving up one aspect of making that key? Has giving up ever brought us what we wanted, where some unseen force bestows what we desire through feeling pity? Has letting go ever been successful, where we want something very badly, and lay the groundwork for making it possible, but don’t obsess over the outcome? Is letting go and giving up the positive and negative side of the same concept? Letting go of outcomes is extremely hard, and can feel like we’re giving up on something we really want. Like we don’t care if it hapens, kind of like looking for love, but knowing we’re not going to find it until we stop looking. Once we realize letting go is not giving up, because although we’re not thinking of the end result, we’re putting in the work to acheive it, we’ll see our hard work might not always pay off, but it does allow us to accept success, because we’re thinking of how to get to the end, instead of wishing we were whisked there. Hard work can equal success, but only if we don’t obsess. If giving up is the easy way out, letting go is the hard way in. Life is a tightrope, which becomes wider the more knowledge we gain. We all want to find the key to life, and we will once we remember our key making abilities.” 🙂
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