from the mind of critic 3-26-19


From the mind of critic:
“If life keeps pushing us from to here to there to everywhere, but we never lose who we are because it’s imprinted on our soul, are we ever really lost? Does the confusion that swirls, cause us to realize who we are, because who we are is the constant while everything else evolves, mutates or completely changes form? Is that person which is revealed, the same who started this journey, or have things changed along the way in the pursuit of adaptation? We’re constantly living, experiencing, loving and learning. Just as humans themselves are different while still being the same, who we are is different too, while also staying the same at its root. This is simply because what makes us human, and feel love, empathy and caring, while demanding justice never disappears from when we go from young liberal to old conservative, or rabble rouser to conformer, because even as our opinions twist and shape, the humanity within us never does. Oh, we may silence it, hamper it, make it so it can never escape or utter a word, but it’s still there to be awoken at any moment. When chaotic confusion abounds is a good time to remember this, but is difficult when we’re angry about where life has dropped us off. The good thing is, and what should constantly motivate us, is that love and humanity is simply waiting for us to say the word, and they’ll re-insert themselves into our daily routine. What are we waiting for? We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.” 😊

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