from the mind of critic: 4/5/20


From the mind of critic: “Is the continuous, trial and error technique of learning, a prerequisite of deeper understanding? Must we fail, try, and try again, to finally succeed in a loving, and unvarnished assessment of a situation, to truly imprint on our brain and soul, the path forward meant specifically for us? Can we put out the universe what we truly want, and get it, but only after deciphering the vast caverns, of what we truly want? Does our intense craving to jump to the end, provide a sliver of fleeting happiness, outweighing the vital lessons we must learn, and the hard, inner work it’ll take, to truly grab hold of what we want, in all its complete, and unadulterated glory? Does sliver after sliver of easy and fast, but faux competition, overshadow hard and slow, but real competition? So many things swirling out there, it’s hard to tell what’s real, what’s fake, what’s meant to tear us down, and what’s meant to build us up. The chaotic stream of nonsense we’re persuaded to buy into, is exactly what we can’t let ourselves be wrapped up in; while at the same, figuring out what truth nuggets the nonsense contains, and figuring out why the nonsense is spewed, who controls it, and what can be done to lesson its grip on our psyche. This is called learning, we do it with every interaction we have, and every thought and action we conjure. The journey is long, but worth it, because in the end, it’s the only thing that’s real.”

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