from the mind of critic: 4/4/20


From the mind of critic: “If frustration stems from a feeling of losing control, does control crave critical thought? Does immediate satisfaction, overshadow this critical thought; that everything be perfect right away? Is it possible to stop and take a few deep breaths, when we feel ourselves get riled up, and think about what we’re frustrated at, and if its really worth our time and energy? Will this simple action, help us from blowing things out of proportion? Will it cause us to realize, that frustration isn’t a need to control everything, but an act of forgetting what we do have control over? How many non-productive and violent actions could be prevented, if we simply slowed down long enough, for our eyes and brain, to see and ponder, what’s actually in front of us, instead of what our closed eyes tell our closed mind? The easy answer is, of course we can stop acting without thinking, and thinking without observing. The hard answer is still yes, but it requires the deep inner work, many of us are too scared to tackle. Well guess what, if we want to progress, we must balance feeling, with logic. No matter how hard it seems, we have to think about what we’re doing, and why. In the heat of the moment, it might seem impossible, hell, not in the heat of the moment it ain’t easy; but practice does make better. The more we do it, the more we open up. The more we’re open, the more we’ll perceive frustration in its true form, a self-made roadblock, whose very existence is predicated on us spinning out of control, and not feeling grounded. Listen, we all get frustrated, it’s a normal human emotion; but grounding ourselves in love, truth and humanism, will make it appear less and less, and shorten its life span as well. There are many tests in life, lessons we need to learn, to uplift, and evolve our character. This ain’t school, it’s life, and the more clearly we see, the more easily we’ll overcome, what we previously thought were obstacles.”

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