from the mind of critic: 3/29/20


From the mind of critic: What if the authenticity of our anxiety, is nothing more than fear clouding our judgement? Does thinking everyone is out to get us, make humanity seem like a feeling of somebody, with too much time on their hands? Do uncertain times, make us think normal is no longer existent; or does it give us a chance to learn the complete, and unadulterated truth of who we are, what we’re about, and where we want to go? Does feeling gratitude for everything there is, (including ourselves) open a door that’s strange, unknown, uncertain, and uncharacteristically obvious, but pulls us through without knowing why or how it’s working, just that we have an unexplainable phenomena coursing through our veins, to keep moving forward? We’ve always lived in strange times. Our current crisis proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Many people are stuck at home, some are worried about how they’ll make ends meet, and others are so bored out of their minds, they go out of their way to experience interpersonal communication; when before they did the exact opposite. All of this is happening, while I’m trying to get home, to my new home, and my new life. Watching Clear Lake through my bedroom window has taught me, that no matter what life throws at us, it’ll never tear us down, unless we allow it. The beauty I’m currently inhaling proves, that once we open up within gratitude, we’ll see anxiety melt away, replaced by the pure agape that has always been waiting for us. We’re going through all this together. It’s being proven in real time, that we’ve always had the ability to unify, when we let our bullshit fade away. We’re experiencing a major shift, and humanity is our only way out, if we choose to accept it’s ladder, instead of perceiving its naivete. That perception will judge our next step, may we not only choose wisely, but carefully; the future of our species depends on it.”

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