from the mind of critic-8/3/18

From the mind of critic: “If this is the fall of our discontent, isn’t that a good thing? Does the meaning of the phrase depend on our perceptions, changing from person to person and experience to experience? Labels, like language help us reach new understanding, by describing the indescribable, and explaining the chaotic. They can also drag us to new lows of ignorance, by further entrenching our biases, and confirming our prejudices. How we tell the difference is by being as conscious as our soul allows. When we’re mindful we pay more attention to the concepts, as opposed to the language describing them. This is how we get past the false label dichotomy, by understanding that definitions and descriptions change everybody, but the concept itself doesn’t. Once we realize our discontent and fulfillment levels depend on what we say to ourselves, not what some arbitrary and misleading outside opinion says to us, we’ll see we can be as miserbale or joyful as we want, we just have to figure out what builds us up, and what tears us down. If one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, one man’s discontentment, is anothers fulfillment. Lables and descriptions help explain, but not quantify. Biases crumble, when self-aggrandizement is eliminated. When we utilize mindful thoughts and actions, we help push human evolution forward one more step.” 🙂
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