from the mind of critic-3/22/18

From the mind of critic: “If we answer when nature calls, is it to dispose of waste products? Does nature call us, because we can’t function without ridding ourselves of what we don’t need? Does nature want our physical waste products when it calls, or our emotional waste? Does nature not want our waste at all, but our help in preservation? Going #1 or #2, is usually our action when nature picks up the phone. This relieves us of physical waste our bodies don’t need. When we equate this with the only reason nature would call, we fail to see the emotional and spiritual waste we should also be discarding. Nature can also call us to action, where we’re required to take care of the earth we all walk on. Basically, nature can call us for all sorts of reasons, which are completely subjective, and evolve with each person’s journey. Once we realize that nature calling is only a metaphor for improving our mind, body and soul, which is what nature really wants so we can keep living as a planet, we’ll see nature calling is only a label, which can help some, and inhibit others. Nature calls us to action, we have to figure out for ourselves what that means. Getting hung up on a concepts name, prevents us from doing the actions required. Getting rid of what doesn’t serve us is what counts, not what we label the action. Preserving or relieving ourselves, specifically means preserving and relieving the earth.” 🙂


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