from the mind of critic-1/2/18

From the mind of critic: “If a new year is suppossed to be a fresh start, is it because we forgot everything that happened last year? Do we fail to see the links from year to year, and are surprised when it’s a rerun that’s worse than the original? Do we obsess over the links, and use that evidence to prove this year will be worse? Does our self-sabotage swallow up the light we overlooked, blinding our soul to how good the new year might be? Fresh starts and clean slates, are created by our minds to lift us up, which can be helpful when clearing out last years clutter. While we don’t want to completely ignore the clutter, if we don’t atleast acknowledge it, we’ll never get rid of it, and it will block anything good from coming in. If we want a fresh start, and hope for a joyful, prosperous and fulfilling new year, we must be honest about mistakes made, and lessons that still need to be learned. Once this honesty cascades through us, we’ll see completely fresh starts might not be possible, but new beginings are; the difference being acknowledgement versus ignorance. Recognizing that difference is the first step toward a better us. Isn’t that how each new year should start? To evolve, we must start from somewhere.” 🙂

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