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Thank You Mom for always believing in me, my dreams, and my goals of uniting people through their shared humanity. With all the physical and emotional challenges I’ve been through in the past year, (including not believing this book was even a possibility) I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else by my side. I only hope I can continue to make you proud, with all the amazing things that will come to fruition, specifically because of your vigilantly unconditional love. I love you.

Thank you Pop for always being somebody I can count on to tell it like it is, balanced with authentic love even if you don’t always know how to express it. With the new environment I’ve been exploring since last September, life has been scary; but becomes much less so knowing the best “dad” in the world has my back. I love you.

Thank you Grandpa Herman for braving the unbelievable ugliness, hate and violence to escape Nazi occupied Poland, to make a better life in America. You are the prime example of what it takes to crush anti-Semitism, by knowing the humanity that lives in all of us. I only hope I can live up to your example. I love you.

Thank you Grandpa Mel for providing some of my happiest childhood memories any grandchild could ask for. You proved through constant example, that the more grandparents can provide their grandkids with joyful stories they remember for the rest of their life, the better chance they end up well adjusted. I love you.

Thank you Grandma Yona for keeping our Jewish and Israeli culture alive, after making your way out of Israel/Palestine, through the horrors of Ellis Island, and into America, where you worked your ass off for your 4 kids. Because of you, I am extremely proud to be Jewish by culture and religion; part of which includes making latkes on Hanukah, and your famous kugel. I love you.

Thank you Grandma Laurine for being the rock in the Factor family, and for showing your love in a way that was always felt, no matter what formed it appeared in. You taught mom to be the strong independent woman she is today, and me that if I want to be successful in life, I better prepare. I love you.

Thank you Aunt Jean not only for the amazing Key Lime pie and sour cream chocolate cake recipes mom recreates exquisitely, but for being a loving force in my mom’s childhood, when she wasn’t receiving it from the people she was supposed to. You are proof beyond a shadow of a doubt, that love really does conquer all when it unconditionally comes straight from the soul. I love you.

Thank you Aunt Ethel for proving that making it through extremely challenging times, makes us stronger when we come out the other side. The love of cooking that was passed down in our family, has made the recipes we’ve made, and the meals we’ve concocted, even better because of the love that’s behind them; especially the homemade gefilte fish. Our connection is about more than a link to the past, its about authentic love, because we understand how important family really is. I love you.

Thank you Uncle Eugene for the love you show on a constant basis, that doesn’t come with preconditions. I know when you call, you authentically want you know how I’m doing, because you actually give a shit about the answer. Also, the oldies mix tapes you sent, and all the sports conversations about the Lions, Red Wings, and your beloved Buckeyes, made my fandom of sports and music be about much more than just the people involved, but how healthy competition and creativity makes life much brighter. I love you.

Thank you Aunt Susie for always making me feel like I matter, and am loved. The courage you displayed going through the horrors of deaf education in the 50s, and moving forward in a world that saw you as different, has proven to me that it doesn’t matter if we aren’t like the rest of society, because chances are it’s that society that’s jealous because it’s trying to emulate us. I love you.

Thank you Cousin Hillary for always making me laugh and think, because of the always positive, strong willed and intellectually intelligent statements and actions you’ve taken. The fact you’re a bridge between the deaf and hearing world, and interact with both because you understand how humans are humans, and if somebody is a shit head, they’re a shit head, gives me hope in our ever darkening political climate, that positive change can be made because a lot of real human beings are still left, and will unite to rise up, no matter they’re given label. I love you.

Thank you Laurie for being one of the biggest positive forces in my life, through your words, actions, smiles, writing, and practically everything you do. Those MSJC days will always hold positive memories for me, because they started a partnership that not only connected our souls, but was the start of OUR revolution. Our writings and voice will be the main drivers in not overthrow and destruction, but reorganization and creation of the new day we’ve all dreamed of. The fact we constantly and inherently help each other grow intellectually and spiritually, gives me hope for the world. I love you.

Thank you Sean for being my brother since we met that day in Journalism class all those years ago. The intellectual capacity and action you crave to do something, has made me hungry for all the action that’s possible, not only when we get out of our own way, but when we remember what makes us all human is the only thing that’s important. The joy you exude so naturally, has taught me that focusing on the positive, instead of letting ourselves go down the dark rabbit hole, is how we improve conditions for all humans. We will make the spirit of John Brown happy one day. I love you man.

Thank you Tim for showing me how important friendship, laughs, camaraderie, pragmatism, and poking through the fog is since we were little kids. The fact we have been friends almost 30 years might make me feel old, but makes me smile knowing that after all these years, our souls still hunger for upending the status quo, and installing humanity and real talk back into the public discourse. You are the brother I never had, but did have at the same time. I love you man.

Thank you Russ for always making things lighter and more joyful whenever we hang out, which has instilled in me that being a real human being, is what our collective species is lacking. The fact we’ve been friends 25 years, and it still feels like it was yesterday in the Rim High parking lot when we got harassed by cops, lets me know we have many more good times ahead. I’m a much more joyful person, because of the humanity you exude so naturally. I love you man.

Thank you Kate for the love and friendship you exude so naturally, but also for the respect and warmth you’ve always shown me. I love hanging out with you not just because we always seem to have a good time, but because you’re one of the only people I can be around, and am totally comfortable to be myself. You know what’s important in life, and are a prime example of how love and respect, can break down any barriers we place in front of ourselves. I love you.

Thank you Ryan for being there for me through some of the good times and some of the bad. The knowledge you have, and the humanity you exude without any provocation, is something I’ve always emulated. Our fishing trips, beer Saturdays, coffee Sundays your fucking wedding for god sakes, were times I’ll always remember for the simple fact they were some of the happiest moments in my life. I’m a better person not simply because of those times, but because those times chiseled into my brain what’s really important in life, laughing, cavorting, and commiserating with family. I love you man.

Thank you Melody for being the physical manifestation of the magical unicorn you so fondly admire and cherish. You’ve helped me in so many ways with my website, the computer and other things to make my writing and promotion that much better. But it’s the hiller park hangouts, and river hangouts with the Madlibs that I’m most gracious for. I might never have had a sister, but you are surely the sister I was graced with. You’re a beacon of what can happen when we put our full energy into what we want and desire, and how nothing will stop us except ourselves. You are more amazing than any words I can use, so I’ll just end with, I love you.

Thank you Nicole for the gracious and unconditional warmth you’ve shared with me, since the moment we became friends. You’re the prime example of what human beings can accomplish, when they go after what makes them truly joyful, not somebody else. I love all the conversations we fall into that can last for hours, because you care about the world around you. The tenderness, love, and soul lifting company you’ve provided since all my back shit started happening, is a constant reminder that there are good people still in the world, and I’m eternally grateful I have one in my corner. I love you.

Thank you Randy for being the rock, the love, the real man, scratch that, real human being that an amazing human being like Nicole deserves. The conversations we so easily fall into, because you give a shit about the world around you, and refuse to let yourself be blinded to it, means the world to me. Its strong souls like you which remind me collective evolution is possible, because you refuse to give up, reject the status quo, and believe there is a better world out there; which is achievable when we poke through the fog, and unite to overthrow the illusion of power when we unite around not the bullshit, but the massive amount of things we already know we agree on. Not only do you “get it”, but you always treat me like I matter. And after all these years, I’ve realized that’s all that matters. I love you.

Thank you Lisa for being the best example of a human being I’ve ever witnessed, because the loving energy you exuded no matter what was going on, is something I can always think about and smile. You made me feel like I mattered and I counted, but also that if I believed in myself, that I really can do anything. I may never have a real boss again, but the fact I experienced what very few employees have, a boss that treats them like an actual human being, is something I’ll always be thankful for. You will always be family, because no matter how weird I was getting with whatever shit I had going on, you put me in my place with love and respect, even if what I said was way over your head. Somehow, you always knew what I was trying to say. You are an amazing human being. I love you.

Thank You Kayleen for always accepting me for who I am, because you understand what’s really important in life isn’t wealth or possessions, but the human interactions we experience. You are so wise beyond your years, that the world will tremble before you, when they realize the big bad ass that’s coming after it. You always knew what to tell me, when I thought things were worse than they actually were. The younger big sister you were, and are, is something that always makes me smile, because you always knew how to pick me up, while also knowing when I needed a swift kick in the ass. You and Lisa definitely have that in common. Society is surely a better place because people like you exist, and continue to thrive. I love you.

Thank you Northtown Coffee and Mosgos for providing a humanistic, welcoming environment, that naturally exudes loving warmth; making it a great place to work and conversate with people who have actual thoughts.

Thank you Ace High for the honest, fair, and quality work you’ve always done on my car, and for being the best salt of the earth example of what real humans actually are.

Thank you 4th St. market guys for always giving me a smile and a good word, because the respect and camaraderie you naturally express, reminds me of the humanity which still exists in this world.

Thank you Weight Watchers people and leaders for providing me the warm environment, where I can not only make myself healthier and more svelte, but I can still surprise myself with what I can accomplish. All the kind words, advice, jokes and recipes from members and leaders alike, are exactly what has made my journey not only possible, but successful; whether it’s concerning weight loss, or life.

Thank you EPT McKinleyville people for helping not only get my body back in shape, but also my mind because of all the enlightening and humanizing conversations; whether or not they deal with food.

Thank you Dr Angeloff hygienist for not just providing a good story, but for doing a great teeth cleaning every 6 months, while being authentically human; it’s what I most treasure.

Thank you Word Humboldt for not only providing me a great outlet and captive audience for my writing, but for the warm and welcoming community you provide, which raises the consciousness of all who experience its support.

Thank you to the Alibi for being so unpretentious, that I always feel like just one of the guys when I walk in. The fact you’re the only bar without a goon guarding the door because you don’t need one, proves there are still some places that understand it doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re an asshole, you’re an asshole.

Thank you to Westhaven Center for the Arts for allowing me to be their writer in residence for 2019, for providing such a welcoming and beautiful environment to all who enter, and for proving how important community hubs really are; and not just because you’ve provided me a great way to get my name and work out there.

Thank you to Jitterbean coffee on the plaza, for not only putting up with me always parking in the loading zone next to your door, but for providing me with smiles, good vibes and authentic interaction to start my day; and which never fails to make it better.

Thank you to all the ladies at Chase Bank who once again prove that just because somebody works for one of the evilest corporations there is, doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful, respectful, and warm human beings. Thank you for being that, and always bringing me up.

Thank you to the 2 Arcata Safeway cashiers that have worked there for a million and a half years, and always provide me with the respect and human conversation that our society is drastically lacking. You are the salt of the earth example of what real humanity looks like.

Thank you to the Arcata Marsh, Pump stations 1 and 4, the Mad River, all the spots along Hatchery Road, especially the graffiti spot, the Blue Lake bridge swim spot, the Fieldbrook loop, the Maple Creek loop, the Butler Valley bridge river spot, the Arcata bottoms, the one lane farm bridge spot, the slough turnout, the old railroad bridge fishing spot, the Jetty, North and South, the Samoa Peninsula, Fickle Hill, the End of the World, all backroads, all the spots I’ve enjoyed in my 15 years in Humboldt, and the ones I’ve yet to discover. You provide such a refuge from the back and forth, dehumanizing rat race of life, that all humans on earth should be so lucky to have such a place right around the corner; which I’m eternally grateful for, and take advantage of as often as I can. You clear my mind when I’m feeling down, you make me joyful when I’m feeling good, and are a constant reminder of how great the world can be, when we integrate with nature, don’t develop every square inch, and enhance our humanity by taking care of each other.

Thank you Mother Earth for providing us humans with every opportunity to succeed, every opportunity to fail, and the knowledge to know the difference. You’ll be around much longer than us, but if we stop taking you for granted, by not taking each other for granted, we’ll continuously surprise ourselves with how human, loving, and equal society can be. I love you.





If a new day is on the horizon, how do we grab hold? If it’s always just out of reach, how do we bring it into focus? Must a special preparation be made, something directly relating to our life experience, and how and where we were raised?

The way we get where we need and/or want to go, is finding a path, a trail meant specifically for us; but is that the roadblock? If we’re all looking for a unique path, something which appeals to our unique journey, are we all looking for something similar?

Maybe we see ourselves as completely divergent from one another, unique snowflakes as told to us starting at a very early age. We must learn of the world in a way that makes sense to us. How we were raised, and our knowledge or lack thereof, determines what we espouse when we begin to speak.

We start with an opening salvo of information, trying to comprehend in a way which allows forward progress. Although we may not understand at first, we’re attempting to define just what the fuck is going on. This big ball of chaos is exploding all around us, and we look at each other like, what now?

This question is so universal, it’s common amongst all of us, even if it seems like we’d never match up in a million years. Still, here we are, all scratching and struggling to find our personal new day; not looking to our sides, but wearing blinders.

When looking to reduce heartache by analyzing our past, does our mind uncontrollably spin, because literally every other human is simultaneously doing the same?

We might plummet into an existential hole, by trying to disprove every thought we have; which is a universal truth in the art of roadblock construction. These concrete barriers have extreme tinsel strength, and can withstand semi-trucks and bomb blasts, or can they? How can we avoid being constantly held back, by the one person who should know better?

This is when we need to find a new path, a way forward which accounts for all our unique talents and strengths; even if we’ve been telling ourselves for generations, we don’t have any.

The first step in escaping darkness, is turning on the light. This may sound simple, but this hidden passage has been covered in spider webs and dust for eons, but which is yearning for conscious footsteps.

This dank and dirty passage way, might be scary, but might be our way out. Is this passage illuminated by a physical lantern filled with fuel, which can be ignited with a match? Is it a flashlight which must be stocked with rechargeable batteries, bought at the store by spending way too much money, only to end up in a landfill, along with all other human waste deemed unneeded?

This light isn’t physical light, just like this tunnel, or path as I like to call it, isn’t a physical path. It’s simply a tool to explain we may not have all the answers. This is the first step in finding light, admitting to ourselves we’re not perfect, and don’t know everything. Not only might we not have all the knowledge, there might actually be people out there who, God forbid know more than us.

However, once we realize this is the first stage of self-sabotage, we can extinguish it by putting one step in front of the other. This is the wick for the lantern we need to illuminate our path. It’s the admission there’s a lot more we don’t know, than we do. The sooner we conquer this first step, the sooner we figure out just what the hell is going on.

The rub, is thinking it’s THE answer. Believing anything can provide THE answer, is the foundation that darkened our tunnel in the first place. We thought it was a simple A to B equation, where all we needed to do was ford an impossible to ford river; and life would be nothing but sunshine and rainbows.

This is not only foolish thinking, but bars us from reaching the preparation stage. Once we evolve past thinking we’re the perfect specimen, (which I’ll admit is one of our biggest obstacles) we’ll keep stepping forward. That light we’ve been trying to irradiate, will shine because we got out of our own way.

Getting over ourselves can be quite a challenge. Finding light to illuminate our journey comes from within our soul. It can be difficult to ignite if it’s been dormant, but it can be done. We shouldn’t worry if ours is brighter or dimmer than somebody else’s, we need to work with what we have. Who knows, not only could it be enough, it could be much brighter than first perceived.

Now that we have this light, but still see darkness ahead, what do we do? Do we take a step? Do we wait and see what somebody else does by studying their gait and cadence, playing copycat like we’re in kindergarten?

If we wait for somebody, we might then follow their path, instead of locating our own. Theirs might seem right for us, with infinite bright manifestations flashing our name, calling for us to join. This might be a ruse, a method to control our future movement, by stealing our ability and desire to think for ourselves.

This is when we must trust ourselves, and venture into the darkness. This dark place could be gargantuan, because of the terrible experiences we’ve been forced to endure. The darkness could’ve metastasized by generations of friends and family telling us, this is the way the world is; that these people are this way, their DNA will always be that way, and why we should never mix, for fear we’d become them.


Getting over generational hate can be overwhelming, but is part of finding our light. Things aren’t just the way they are, they can be made better. If all of us took advice that situations will never change, and one person can’t change the world, how could we ever help our species evolve amongst an ever-burgeoning population?

This is another part of finding our light, knowing that one person can’t change the world, but many “one persons” can. We get enough people together, there is nothing the “elites” could do. That’s simply a fact. How do we get there? How do we reach a point where critical mass can decipher, decode and work with our better angels to unite us around what makes us human?

Basically, trial and error brings us together. If this was easy, it would’ve been done long ago. Given the shit show climate we’re currently living through, how do we find our light amongst others trying to find theirs, and band together so we combine power? If successful, the ensuing light beam will be so big and bright, it’ll bring sight to anybody who was previously blind.

Unlike other high-powered spotlights, this light doesn’t blind, it enhances vision. It only blinds those already blind. People so set in their ways, they think nothing could or should change, but could it? Is it possible to change minds chiseled in hate, and left to fester for 1000 years?

What I suggest isn’t a magic wand, something we can wave to make everything human again. I’m not a fantasy writer, and don’t promote automatic fixes; although I wouldn’t mind having some of that Harry Potter money. Anyway, this isn’t a magic trick, this is something which requires work, and struggle.

Our path forward to unification is hard, but easy at the same time. How many times have we said that before? It’s easy because it resides in the golden rule, treating others like we’d like to be treated, don’t piss in the sand box, and remember to share. This might sound childish, but if we utilized this same powerful advice as adults, we utilized as kids, we wouldn’t have half the problems we do.

This problem is simple, because the solution is peeled out in easily understandable language; something we can digest without having to ingest a Rolaids or Ex-Lax. It’s also hard, because of ingrained opinions. We’ve been conditioned for years to believe what we believe. We’ve experienced many events during our journey, some good and some bad.

Changing our thinking just because some book told us we’d be happy, isn’t the easiest thing to do. In fact, we may want to tell him to fuck off. The fact he thinks he knows how it is, could completely turn us off, causing us to become more despicable.

However, whether it’s some author, a neighbor, or even the nice homeless guy at the corner we choose to ignore, we must listen. We must pay attention to the words, to determine if they make sense to us. They could be detailed in such a way, we might figure out just what the hell is going on with the person standing next to us.

We’ll never fully figure that out, but that’s not the point. We’ll never fully decipher ourselves, but that shouldn’t stop us from stepping out the door each morning, and trying to figure it out. That’s the point, we have to go out there, and do the best we can. We must talk to the person next to us. We must expand our bubble.

If we begin with easily digestible and relatable language, like how is the weather, or how our kids are a pain in the ass, and witness a normal human response, we won’t be afraid to breach other issues. Once we view this person we assumed was different because of their skin color, orientation, upbringing, religious beliefs and economic means as the same as us, we’ll see each other in ourselves.

I’m not saying we’re all the same. We’re unique by how we’ve experienced the world, and how we perceive those experiences. We’re the same, by virtue of being human. We all want a prosperous and fulfilling life, to take care of our families, and to surround ourselves by good people. However, once we realize this never matching uniqueness, is never the same, we’ll see it’s exactly what makes us the same.

What makes us the same, is what makes us different. We all come from different places, believe in different Gods, love somebody different, and make a different amount of money. This makes us the same because we share those differences. We all struggle with the same human frailties, just from different places.

This is when we realize the path to enlightenment doesn’t matter, just that we’re consciously trying to get there. “There” isn’t a location, but the place of light we all yearn to be. It’s where we’re trying to reach, even if we’ve failed to admit it to ourselves.

The way forward is important, lit by the illumination of our soul; but it’s not the end all be all. Even if we unite around our similarities instead of our differences, success isn’t guaranteed. There’s no finish line, no line to run through, no ticker tape parade to celebrate.

This new day is why we find a find a path forward. We need a destination to work toward, a goal that keeps us motivated to keep grinding, when times get tough. We just can’t get so hung up on outcomes, we ignore signs of a new day. The first step is finding our light, the second is illuminating our path forward by uniting around common humanity.

All members of the working class fight the same battles, whether they’re poor black liberals in the city, poor white conservatives in the hills, or poor Latin farm workers. All are simply trying to make a better life for their family. The people at the top who want to keep us fighting, don’t want us to decipher our commonalities. They know if we did, nothing could stop us from overthrowing their generations of oppression, and instituting the new day we’ve endlessly droned about since we learned to speak.


This overthrow isn’t necessarily a violent one, we the people standing up wouldn’t look at it that way. Of course, the power structure that’s losing its grip, isn’t going down without a fight. They’ll throw everything they have at us. Drones, bombs and the NSA, are but a few of their tools to come after everything that makes us human.

How many times have we observed a glimmer of hope? Every time a politician tells the truth, or when corruption is stopped and evil punished, we might say a new day is on the horizon.

The problem with that, by definition we’ll never see the horizon. We keep moving forward the best we can, and try to be good people, but that horizon keeps getting further and further away. That new day always seems to be slightly out of reach, just past the outstretched tendons of our fingers.

This is when we have to adjust our thinking. We create that new day by not waiting for it around the corner, or over the horizon. Some claim heaven is more important than earth, where we wait till some imaginary person waves a wand. We’re told we’ve been a valuable human, and contributed to furtherance of the species, therefore all our wrongs are forgiven.

This drives us backward, something we must watch out for the second we create our new day. The closer we get to making it a reality, the bigger fight and more pushback we’ll have. Like when a politician gets accused of corruption or other crimes, and at first doesn’t pay attention to the claims, painting them as a waste of time. When the claims start hitting closer to home, anger springs forth, and they’re unable to mask their evil intentions any longer.

This is a sign we’re on the right track. A place marker that we’re on the right road. We mustn’t fear, we must keep pushing forward. We must keep uniting with other human beings around what makes us the same. This is when we ever increasingly grow our numbers, until the powers take notice. They think they’ll steamroll us like they always have. However, this time we’ll be ready because their petty shit won’t affect us. The illusion of their power will completely shatter, and everything that fomented it will fall by the wayside.

What will transpire is a truth so real and good, it could only be described as a new day. When that new day is implemented, new regulations and fairness will be instituted, and a new age of loving, living and respecting each other will commence. The exact details of our dreams will appear before our eyes. We may feel we’ve won the day, and no more work has to be done.

This is when the real work begins. It’s one thing to endlessly talk about a new day, and how great it’ll be when it finally comes into existence. It’s totally different to shepherd it into reality, and out of the dream state, where it’s rambling and incoherent ideas. In this reality, things are actually being changed. We finally have to walk the walk.

Are we all full of shit when we speak of how great things would be, if this or that was different? We’re all guilty, present company included. The difference this time, we as a people are ready; daily life is rawer now than it’s ever been. We as a species are ready for that new day, that next leg of our evolution.

If we’re not ready now, when? Will there come another time when everything is so overt, we have to figure out if we really want a new day, or just endlessly plan?

All this “don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain” stuff, will eventually end. We will throw off the shackles of our collective oppressors. We will unite with people we never thought we would, so we can get to a place we never thought we’d be.

We will destroy all the bad shit that’s kept our people down, for as long as apes have walked upright. We will decipher how to build a society that treats everybody fairly and equally, where humanism and accountability are founding principles.

We must find the light guiding our path forward. Once we’re walking it, we’ll see others walking theirs, and realize we really aren’t that different. Unification will happen. We will rise up.

The things that held us back, won’t anymore. The power structure will crumble at our feet, causing huge celebration and jubilation. Then after the lights have dimmed, and the partying has subsided, the real work begins to build that endlessly sustainable future. We’ll put real actions to ideas, that may have never escaped our brains before. We may not know what to say or think. The enormity of the situation is something we dreamed of, but thought wouldn’t actually happen; at least not during our lifetimes. Our grandchildren will talk about the old timers who paved the way for them.

This could be the answer, or it could be another. One thing is for sure, at some point we’ll be sitting around a table, with others we’ve fought and struggled with to destroy generational dehumanization. We’ll understand everything that happened. We’ll think of what we always told ourselves we’d do, if we got to this point. We’ll see who and what is in front of us.

It’ll be like we’ve awoken from a great sleep, where we experienced good dreams and feel rested. We’ll roll around for a minute, sit up and yawn. We might move slow at first, but then the excitement and importance of the new day rouses us. We get excited for what’s to come, what might come, and all possibilities in between. This is when we see the vital importance of this new day, and making it work as soon as possible. We must start moving easily, but consciously. We need to constantly act within our new days, which constantly recycle themselves, specifically so we can constantly recycle who we thought we were.

After training ourselves to not get caught up in the chaos, (or like Kansas said, “rise above the noise and confusion”) we’ll find our place. We’ll then want to affect lasting change, by taking advantage of all opportunities we’ve been given, so we don’t endlessly spin in circles.

This is when we ask, what now?





The light peaking from a new day can be downright frightening if preparation isn’t made. Since its founding, the United States has been an oasis of free thought, a bastion where anybody can live their life how they choose. If that bubble burst however, and the dark side vital to making capitalism work, is shown for the humanity destroying force it is, many questions appear. Do we rebel? Do we stage a coup? Do we gather so many people it overwhelms the powers that be, who’s only choice is complete, and utter surrender?

When fighting for a free country whose humanity has always been espoused, but never realized, a new journey begins. A new day can be scary when it’s time to actually build, instead of only seeing it over the horizon and saying, one day. Well, that day is today.

The overwhelming noise infecting the Presidential Bunker reached a fever pitch, as the Truth Seekers sat around the war room table. This giant redwood slab, had seen more than a few chaotic planning sessions; and this one would be no different.

“Can somebody please close that door, I can’t hear myself think,” Marty fearfully exclaimed, but tempered with hope from the bottom of his soul. Here he was, planning the new country he had been conjuring for as long as he could remember. His thoughts weren’t rushing in, except to quiet the yelling, screaming, and cajoling going on outside, and around the nation. “This is a special time, but I need to put my thoughts together.”

Jay stood up slowly from the markedly cushy desk chair he had plopped himself into. He casually strolled to the door, before sticking his head out and yelling to his troops; something which would set the tone for the “what the fuck do we do” meeting of the original Truth Seekers.

“Hey Mike,” Jay hollered to one his lieutenants who was standing 20 feet from the door. The Mad People for Good needed all their strength to hold the crowd back, who all wanted to take part in the talks. “Can you help clear these people out? Take them to my main compound, and Marty’s as well. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

Marty heard his name, and wondered what he had to do with anything. “Come on man, what are you getting me into? You’d think we just took down the government of the United States, and now have no idea what to do,” Marty bellowed half-jokingly, and half truthfully. He didn’t know what to do with this next step, and from the distrust blanketing the room, the rest of the Truth Seekers didn’t either. “You’re right Mr. Madman, take as many people to our compounds as we can. Make sure they leave their contact information and availability, before we transport them home. We might need to call them up.”

“What?” Jay queried. He knew this would be a big undertaking, and would take more than their version of “Ellis Island” to build the new country they all dreamed of. “Don’t worry man, I got this.”

As Jay purposefully marched out the door to talk to his and Marty’s troops, Christina peered at her dad with what could only be described as total admiration. Jay had unique ways of raising her, some would call it absentee parenting. One thing was for sure, all of that led to this moment. She was glad at least one of her parents gave a shit about not destroying the world.

Jason looked over at his love with a glance that said, “I’d follow you to the gates of hell; but something tells me we’re headed the other way. That’s why we have to get this just right.”

The language exchanged between souls that were inexplicably connected, wasn’t new. This time however, Jason and Christina were ready to live out their dreams, and to put to the test all the passion which burned within them. Jason threw his arms around Christina, and shared one of their soul reviving kisses. As usual, they received collectively grossed out looks from around the room.

“I’d tell you two to get a room, but this is the one room we should be working from. That is until we figure out just what the hell to do,” Billy Bob passionately expressed. He understood the new country they were building, was the culmination of what Jason described when he helped Billy Bob see the error of his ways. This was a new day. “I know what we need, but we shouldn’t until Jay returns.”

Jason instantly understood, and knew how much it was needed. He looked around the room and Christina, Marty, David, Aaron, Bryan, Billy Bob, Gary and Tim did as well.

Just as Jason was going to repeat a sorry attempt at levity in the most pressure filled of situations, Jay sauntered back in and closed the door; leaving only his most trusted foot soldiers to watch the door.

“What happened dad? Where did you tell them to go?” Christina fearfully inquired of her no longer estranged father. “Are they expecting to come in and plan with us? Chaos would reign because people would fight for power, and we’d complete our return to when my bitch mother ran things. God, I still smell her stink in here.”

Jason attempted to console a happily sobbing, but also sad Christina, because her mother might not ever be seen again. No matter how evil she became, Christina knew Julie Bond was still her mother, still her blood.

“Don’t worry Honey Bear, I took care of it,” Jay proudly announced. He plopped back down beside Marty, thinking of how many times this bunker had been utilized to plan wars, skirmishes, attacks and counter attacks. Except this time, the Truth Seekers were planning how to make sure the country’s darkest back and forth cycle, never happened again. “It’s all taken care of.”

“Care to enlighten us? All of us are on even footing here, none of us have more power than the other. I just want to make sure you and Marty don’t vacuum up power, because you have a plethora of guys with guns behind you,” Billy Bob detailed. He was as down for the cause as any of them. He just needed to ensure he wasn’t being led into another situation, where he was told what to do and think.

As Jay looked into the ever more conscious soul of Billy Bob, he realized he better get to it quick, or they were going to refight all the battles that got them to this point, but against each other.

“Jay isn’t the only one with troops behind him Billy Bob,” David smirkingly stated. “Ever heard of the Mossad?”

Aaron interjected because he didn’t want to be left out, “We all have troops. We all have ways to kill each other, but isn’t not doing that specifically what got us here? We didn’t use our differences to tear each other down, but our similarities to build each other up, and then vis a vie the whole country.”

Jay uneasily adjusted in his leather chair, observing how Truth Seekers around the room were getting in each other’s faces. They were using the same language which divided Americans, and guaranteed the United States received somebody like Julie Bond in the first place.

Segmentation didn’t place the Truth Seekers in the Presidential bunker, neither would it get them past this moment. They needed to walk through this new day, instead of fighting with who helped them, and the rest of the country evolve.

Marty tapped Jay on the shoulder and whispered in his ear, although whispering wasn’t needed. The decibels of yelling and screaming reached such an ear-splitting level, the guards outside of the bunker door wondered what was going on.

“You okay in there boss?” Jesse James wondered, one of Jay’s top lieutenants.

“We’re fine, just ironing out family squabbles,” Jay blasted back.

“Tell your foot soldiers everything in here is not fine. We have no idea what the fuck we’re doing, not one bit. We talked about doing all these grandiose things, and now we’d rather fight each other, than get actual work done. That critical mass sure lasted,” Tim sarcastically added while shaking his head.

“Real smooth asshole, I see where you’re coming from now,” Aaron retorted. The two took up yelling at each other nose to nose, which initially silenced the room. But after a quick breather, the entire room erupted again.

“Alright. Alright. Knock that shit off. Do I need a gavel?” Jay exclaimed to the group. His words were also directed at Marty, who seemed to be the only other person not yelling, and tearing apart the union they spent years building.

“Don’t worry man, I know what will get their attention,” Marty slyly whispered to Jay.

“I was going to wait, but you’re right. I think if we don’t start with that now, they’re going to rip each other’s heads off. Then all our hard work will be for naught,” Jay returned.

Marty sprung up and scampered to the front door, trying not to let anybody see or hear where he was going. Not being the best sneak in the world, Jason easily spotted him.

“Look, there goes the father of the year escaping again. He’s probably going to sell us out to the highest bidder. Since Christina’s bitch mom is no longer in power, he’ll probably run to somebody much worse,” Jason scathingly rebuked. The anger, the years of being ignored flowed back behind his eyeballs, causing the room to clam up. They knew Jason didn’t anger often, and needed to listen.

“Look son, I love you. You’ll always be my son. I’ve pled, and worked for your forgiveness for years. I should have earned your trust by now, but if you still don’t think so, what’s the point?” Marty volleyed back without a second thought. He did love Jason, but the emotion in the room was so high, no rational thoughts existed.

“Look man, just go grab what you were going to grab before we kill each other.” Jay placed his hand on Marty’s shoulder to let him know, “we can do this, but need to get on with it. Not doing, not thinking and playing off emotion is what got us in this mess”. Knowing all his thoughts couldn’t possibly release in one sentence, Jay attempted to anyway. “Just go man.”

As Jay whispered in Marty’s ear, the whole group ogled them with beady eyes, but hungry souls. They were hungry for something more. Way more than they had been given, or had been told was available. Marty pulled open the heavier than normal bank vault door, took a few quick steps out, and closed it behind him. This wasn’t any ordinary door, one that could be quietly closed without anybody hearing. It was a nuclear blast proof wall of strength, which auditorily vibrated every inch of the way.

The creakiness of the door, made Marty’s exit seem like a movie rerun in slow motion. Everybody knew what was coming, but it arrived so slowly, it made them view it in a different light, almost. After an eternity of thought, and a sliver of humanity gleaming in each one of their eyes, the door finally closed behind Marty. Thinking they might actually wait for him to return, Marty heard nothing but silence.

“I guess they made up,” Marty snidely joked to Jay’s lieutenant Jesse. “How long have you worked for Jay anyway. I don’t think I’ve met you before.”

“I’ve been working for him for quite a while, but it doesn’t surprise me we’ve never met. Has Jay met all your men? You might be teammates, colleagues, or whatever stupid title you give yourselves, but there’s a lot we keep from each other; secrets we don’t want revealed.”

“That’s quite honest of you Jesse, but why are you telling me this? Are you trying to sew distrust, just as we’re trying to build something the world didn’t think possible?” Marty questioned the bold, right-hand man of Jay.

“I’m not trying to bolster derision. I’m simply telling the truth. I mean that’s what you guys are about right, seeking the truth? Well I’m here to tell you, there’s way more truth out there, than anybody would like to admit. Anyway, what did you want? I’m sure you didn’t just come out here to shoot the shit?”

Marty was half taken aback, and half filled with respect for Jesse. Here they were standing outside the presidential bunker, as millions of people were directed into buses, bound for either training grounds to take up the cause, or a quick return to their daily life.

The noise was ear splitting, but organized; like a train station at rush hour. Everybody had places to go, and people to see. All of them might have had different ends, and different means to get there, but weren’t much different when the fog dissipated. The fact they couldn’t currently hide their thoughts, (no matter how hard they tried) was definitely the same.

“All these people look confused and unsure, but hopeful,” Marty worriedly noticed.

Hearing the volume crank back up behind the bunker door, Marty knew they were all aboard the same boat on the sea of not just confusion, but of unrealized dreams coming true. The ultimate puzzle was how to live with something which had only appeared as thoughts, not real-world actions.

Observing Marty’s hesitancy and fearful look, Jesse tapped him on the shoulder and uttered something that made Marty understand they finally found the horizon. “Look man, I don’t know what the next day will bring. Hell, I don’t know what the next hour will bring. We’re actually taking people on busses to help build the government we’ve all wanted, since learning to take everything with a grain of salt.

Given that, I don’t envy you. All of you in there have a big job to do. I just hope as you build things better and fairer for all of us, that you remember what got you here. These people aren’t just your soldiers, they’re Americans who want to believe in something real. They’re real people with real lives. They aren’t pawns to be thrown around, because somebody who finally has power, lets it go to their head, when they discover their credit card has no limit,” Jesse espoused without taking a breath.

Marty attempted to gather his thoughts. This Jesse guy was right, they did have a chance to build something great. The last thing they wanted was to become the power they just deposed. Marty lowered his head not in shame, but in a head spinning fashion of a million simultaneous thoughts. As he thought there was so much to do, but who the hell knew where to start, Jesse tapped him on the shoulder.

“We may not have met before you walked out that door a minute ago, but I’ve known Jay for a long time. I trust him, and he trusts you, so believe me when I say this. You have the chance to either push evolution forward, or so far backwards, it takes a millennium to find it again.”

“If this is your version of a pep talk, you need better people skills,” Marty needled. He knew this guy was trying to help, but his comforting skills left much to be desired.

“You’re right, I’ve been around you assholes for way too long, probably why my wife left,” Jesse deprecated to uproarious laughter from Marty. They might have come from opposite sides of the country, but the human frailties of hanging onto a spouse wasn’t beyond either of them. “What I was trying to say, all these people out here believed in you to do the right thing. That’s why they backed you and the Truth Seeker cause, in overthrowing the most virulently violent and corrupt head of state, the United States has ever seen. Anyway, take this and go back inside. Sit amongst our inner circle and devise a plan. The country, and many hopeful populations around the world are counting on you. Not because they believe you can’t succeed, but because they believe you can.”

“Thank you for the vote of confidence. Not sure we deserve it, but thank you.”

“Your modesty won’t help you now. We need unbending and unrelenting truth. That’s what got us here, and what will continue driving us forward.”

Marty grabbed a small cigar box from the lieutenant, with a gaze of wonder on his face. “What is this?”

“It’s what you came out here for, isn’t it?”

Marty flipped open the box, and a skunky essence engulfed his face, like the heavenly scent of jasmine on a windy day. “This is why I came out here, how did you know?”

“Truth Seeker exploits, not to mention how you plan and how you celebrate is no secret. Besides, Jay had me bring this, before we deposed Christina’s mom. He knew you all would need it.”

“Thank you, we do need it. Want to come in and indulge?”

“I wouldn’t want to do anything more, but I was given a job, and I must do it. This is the start of something great. People are needed at all levels, doing all sorts of things. My purpose for now, is to guard this door. Your job, is to calm down those ruffian warriors, while strategically and methodically decoding what this country is. Actually, scratch that. We all know what this country is. We just need your help in bringing forth, the as of yet unrealized American dream. Now hurry up and get your ass in there. I’m not getting any younger, and from the looks of it, neither are you.”

“Ha ha ha Mr. funny man. I’ll make sure you get appointed head joke teller,” Marty razzed. He couldn’t help but wonder though, what did Jesse mean when he said everybody has secrets? “What about these secrets?”

“All humans have secrets, don’t you know?”

“Yeah yeah, take care of yourself Jesse. I’m sure I’ll see you soon,” Marty expressed as he gave Jesse a hearty handshake. This was followed by a hug reserved for soldiers returning victorious from a war, they didn’t think they’d win, only to find out the war was just beginning. “Thanks again man.”

As Marty inched back to the vault door, the volume of the bunker’s occupants began to rise again. He was fearful and excited about what was going to transpire, just like every great thing ever he thought. One thing Marty knew for sure, that whatever happened, at least he’d be around family and others who cared about him; what else could anybody ask for? He pulled the lever, and the door slowly creaked open.

The volume inside was a three before the door opened, which rose to a 10 once it did. They had a lot of work to do Marty thought, could they do it? Of course they could, look how far they had come. None of the Truth Seekers saw Marty open the door, as they were too busy forgetting what brought them there. Marty knew none of them truly disliked each other, their emotions were just so raw; which happens after dreams come true.

Marty tried sneaking in without being seen, so he could slip back to his seat. Reflecting the urgency of the moment, the closing door creaked louder and longer than before.

The screeching vibrations made everybody stop, and beam death stares directly at Marty. “Don’t you all kill me at once.” Marty tried to lighten the moment, even though that was usually Jason’s forte.

“I’m sure it wouldn’t take much, you’re such a pussy,” Jay bantered to laughter from around the room. “Come on man, why would we kill you?”

“I didn’t think you actually would, just that, I don’t know. This is just so crazy.” Marty expressed real exasperation. He didn’t forget Jesse’s advice, but he needed validation from his comrades, not just something he constructed in his head; kind of like America itself.

“Relax man, have a seat,” Jay iterated as he put his arm around a visibly shaken Marty. This caused the rest of the room to pause, and ponder why they were fighting.

Before any of them conjured a clear thought, Jason spotted the cigar box Marty gracefully placed on the table in front of him.

Not wanting his dad to face the brunt of the group’s frustration, because he knew how much Marty was really trying, Jason reassured him. “Why don’t you open that cigar box, and reveal yourself as the latest peacemaker driving us in the right direction.”

“Jay should take credit for this one, he was the one who…”

“Just stop, you’re selling yourself short again,” Jay caringly reassured his bother in arms. He had witnessed Marty endure some impossible situations in the last decade or so, but never saw him this vulnerable. This is when Jay realized, they were onto something authentic.

“Thanks man. Yes, why don’t we enjoy and calm our nerves. I’m sure revolutionary thoughts will birth much clearer,” Marty realized. He took one of the Chong sized doobies out of the cigar box, before passing the box to the person next to him.

After all 10 Truth Seekers had equal sized peace of minds, Jason spoke. “Thanks Dad, Jay. This is exactly what we needed. I know it’s what I needed,” Jason expressed to collectively agreeable looks from his comrades.  “Let’s light up, and inhale the taste of freedom.”

After they lit up, clear cognition started flowing; as well as Black Uhuru from world class speakers. “Jeez, I didn’t know they’d have such a great stereo; but it is for the President,” Bryan responded.

Standing outside the door, Jesse heard the passionate anthem, “Time to Unite”, and smelled the stench of a skunk massacre. “Sounds and smells like their planning session has finally started. It won’t be long before we receive orders on where to go next.”

“These guys are crazy. I’ve never seen people who actually want to get stoned, when they have big decisions to make,” Mike, Jay’s 2nd lieutenant responded.

“Don’t worry man. I’ve been with Jay as long as I can remember, and these guys are the real deal. Look at their resume, look at what they accomplished,” Jesse reassuringly returned.

“You’re absolutely right, their resume is exactly why I’m here. I just wish them the best of luck is all,” Mike added.

Jesse knew luck had nothing do with it, and so did Marty. They had done things they were proud of, and some they weren’t. However, everything they’d been through, brought them to this moment now.

“Thanks Dad, you always know what to do. This tastes like your Cuban stuff,” Christina happily expressed, as she took a long, deep hit off the expertly rolled joint.

“It might be, I’m not sure. I’d like to get back to Cuba one day, but the way we left, I’m not so sure I’d be welcomed back with open arms,” Jay remembered. He took a monster hit before exhaling a cloud of smoke, that made them realize they’d never be fogged over again.

“I think it’s time to deal with the elephant in the room,” Jason pointed out, taking another big hit and cloud-chasing Christina. “I don’t want to turn this into a soap box derby, but we all need a chance to speak. This a partnership, involving all of us.”

“Obviously,” Christina lovingly needled. “What Jason here is trying to say, is now that our nerves are a little more settled, we should calmly discuss our next steps.”

“We’ve come a long way. Remember when we randomly walked on that beach to smoke a joint, and met the old man who helped us take down President Bowman?” Jason queried.

Before Christina replied with of course I do, Marty interrupted, “remember when I killed ex-President Bowman, when he was about to kill you.”

“Remember when I stopped you from being killed by those Palestinian terrorists. They were going to hold you up as an example, of what they do to their enemies. I took you back to Mossad headquarters, where you were safe. You were lucky we swooped in when we did,” David detailed. He never expected Marty to randomly show up, but he didn’t expect half the events he experienced at this point in his life.

“Do you remember when I showed up with this beautiful woman beside me, and we saved all your asses,” Jason piped up. “My people and I stopped a massive arms deal, that would’ve distributed weapons to you and the Palestinians, meant to keep you fighting, continuously, forever. Then we came to see you, because you had my Dad.”

“You remember what helped you crack that case Mr. big shot,” Aaron piped up. “I deciphered the existence, then the location of a thumb drive which informed us where the deal was going down.”

“Think of what would’ve happened if we didn’t randomly go on a ride, just wanting to see Jerusalem,” Christina reminded Aaron. She knew the current pissing contest, wasn’t needed in the bigger scheme. She also knew, if remembering everything they’d been through, goaded their forward vision to return, then so be it.

“That cruise through Palestinian territory, was pretty fucking stupid,” David quickly shot back. He knew the importance of back and forth, but it was getting under his skin. Did they fight all these battles, just to have their movement end with battling each other?

“We might’ve taken that ride, and might’ve gotten caught by terrorists looking for hostages to exploit,” Jason emphatically stated.

“They weren’t scouring for hostages. They were looking to launch a major attack on our headquarters. You just happened to get in their way. What the hell were you thinking?” David liked Jason, he knew his heart was in the right place, but hated Jason’s unsafe tactics.

“I know you’ve fought in some of the nastiest wars any Israeli or Jew has had to fight. You’re in the middle of it, and we have no right to comment. We did take that ride, and we did get caught. However, when we discovered their plot to bomb your base, as a way to slay the beast they’d been chasing, we foiled it. We appealed to their humanity, something either side deemed lost. When we talked to them like human beings, no matter how much awful violence they committed, they saw the error of their ways. They realized when attacking Jews, they were really attacking themselves, propagating a multi-generational war.”

“You did stop that attack, and I greatly admire the humanity it took,” Billy Bob interjected. He might’ve joined the group a little later, but knew he deserved just as much say in what their next steps would be. “That humanity, is exactly what led me to see how people are just people; even though I was raised in Alabama, and influenced by ALL its history.”

“My uncle did go through a big transformation, which only happened because you appealed to his humanity. Even though you were a liberal from California, and he a conservative from Alabama, you saw each other as humans, who simply wanted others to feel the same,” Gary defended his uncle. Not that Billy Bob was getting attacked, he just needed to add to a truthful stroll down memory lane. “That’s what led me to unhood.”

“That was quite a feat. Once you rousted my humanity, you showed them how they could trust mine. Thousands of hooded KKK outcasts then cast off their hoods. They were finally told in plain English, that the people they purported to hate, were going through the exact same shit,” Jason inserted. “We informed them, how the working classes were persuaded to fight each other, by the people at the top who wanted them to keep fighting, so they didn’t initiate an overthrow.”

“Perfect way to bring it full circle baby,” Christina lovingly expressed to the perfect man for her. If they were truly making plans for the future, she needed to bring up marriage and kids at some point. She knew her dad Jay wouldn’t mind that, he’d been teasing her ever since he realized Jason was just the kind of humanistic, peace warrior his daughter deserved. “That’s what brought us here.”

“That’s true,” Tim added. He was always behind the scenes, it’s where he felt most comfortable. He wanted to fight the good fight for humanity, he just didn’t want everybody to know his business. “I helped raise my militia, Jay his, and Marty his, joined by the rest of the population to overthrow Julie Bond and DJ Bannon. They actually moved the capitol to Alabama. I still can’t believe it, Alabama. Anyway, the only thing more unbelievable than that, is that we’re sitting at the same table where those false prophets sat.”

“They weren’t false, just evil and corrupt. I guess that happens when you take pleasure out of shooting families on the street, and governing through portrayed fear,” Christina succinctly articulated. She still wasn’t sure what to think of her mom Julie Bond, and all the horribly despicable acts she committed. She knew the only chance they had to fix all the damage her mom did, was put every minute detail on the table, so it never happened again.

The funny thing about never, it has a funny way of showing up when you least expect. Just when you think you have all the tools to truly move forward, the past remerges to test you. It’s the universe’s way of not only keeping people on their toes, but from thinking they always know why things happen.

“I have to step away to make a call,” Jesse explained to his 2nd in command, who didn’t question and immediately took up Jesse’s post.

Mike was the new guy, but believed Jesse could be trusted. Jesse inserted him into futile battles, just to test Mike’s mettle for the road ahead. Still, something seemed off. Of course, everything was off now. America was starting from zero, so he gave Jesse the benefit of the doubt. “Just hurry up. People have emptied out of the capitol and either returned to their homes, or went with Jay’s or Marty’s groups. We can’t sit on our laurels, everyone who backed this revolution, will need answers soon.”

“Okay okay,” Jesse exasperatingly answered. He scurried into the corner to make his call.

“What’s going on, are you in?” Demanded the forcefully booming voice on the other end of the line.

“Of course, who do you think I am?” Jesse bantered. He knew who signed his paycheck, but he’d never rollover, even to them. That’s why he was hired.

“Shut your trap and listen. We need to know exactly what they’re doing, and ensure their next moves fail horribly. That way people who backed their coup, will abandon them as the phonies they always thought they were, and return to our side, the right side.”

“Yes ma’am sir, or is it sir ma’am? I can’t tell if you’re a man or woman, when you use that voice modulator.”

“Just do your fucking job. I’ll see if I can find you a better one, after this one bears fruit. If it fails, you’ll be going the way of Christina’s mom and DJ Bannon.”

Before Jesse could respond, the line went dead. He knew his mission, and exactly how to make it successful. Still, he questioned his motives. Was it power and influence for him, or somebody else? Did this job he took to be somebody else’s pawn, scream of the same destructive design, as the other side? Did he switch from one master to another, when he should’ve killed his master to become his own man?

As a zillion thoughts whirled in Jesse’s already overstuffed mind, he strolled back to his post, near a waiting and wondering Mike. “You ready to get back to work?” Mike wondered.

“Of course, I just had to speak to my girl. She’s freaked out, like a lot of us in this new environment. I mean the United States hasn’t encountered a revolution since the British. I calmed her, and she calmed me by reminding me why we’re fighting, and how much further we still need to go.”

“You know I’ve never met this girl you speak of, but I like her already. Her thought process will get us focused, and most importantly get you focused,” Mike thoughtfully described.

Mike, Jesse and the rest of Jay’s platoon were ready to stand guard, as a new representation of the Secret Service. Whatever happened, they wished it would just happen already; like it didn’t take them years and years just to get to their current point.

A journey’s length isn’t lost on anybody paying attention, least of all the Truth Seekers regaling their exploits.

“It was always a dream of mine, to blast Twisted Sister when critical mass was finally achieved. We could march on the seat of ultimate power, and explain as loud as a boombox could, we weren’t going to take it anymore,” Jason attested.

“We showed people we’re better off uniting to fight who keeps us fighting, instead of playing right into their hands.” Marty remembered every time he did the right thing, but also when he did the wrong. The murders he committed in the name of freedom, the ones he committed when was Julie Bond’s top enforcer, everything was swirling. He was unsure of what the next days would bring. “I’m so glad to be here.”

“As are we,” Jay added, to raucous applause.

The frantically anxious air which permeated the room a short time earlier, had given way to something different; something better and more beautiful than anything they ever imagined. Jay’s homegrown always did the trick. Everybody seemed less likely to tear out each other’s throats, and more likely to embrace like brothers.

“So, this is crazy right? Are we the new leaders of the United States, where we’re the President, Vice President and cabinet?” Jason stoically wondered.

“Kind of, but we’re not all those things. We could create each of us a title to have the most positive effect. We could each take cabinet positions, or just be advisers behind the scenes,” Marty added.

“I like that idea. My dreams of holding elected office is of no surprise to Jason, but this is pretty cool, we’re starting a new government,” Tim responded.

“All of us will find positions that not only best suit our talents, but also with the greatest probability of success. We need to think of the Senators, Congressman, spies and everybody else that was at that last meeting before it got bombed. We must include everybody, or somebody will feel left out. They will form groups to rebel, and then we’ll be right back where we started,” Christina authoritatively stated.

“What’s wrong with rebels? Sometimes it’s those rebels who stand against what’s wrong, before our kings in their castles decide to get off their ass and do something,” Billy Bob blasted without a breath. “Don’t leave us out. I love you all, and have your backs because you’re the most human humans I’ve ever met. I just need to make sure we don’t get so pompous to think we’re perfect, and that nobody will ever rise up against us. People have thought that before, always to be struck down at the moment they believed they couldn’t be harmed.”

“Billy Bob is right. It’s exactly how my mom went wrong. She thought she held ultimate power, and could do whatever she wanted. This motivated a rag tag group of Truth Seekers to prove not only was she full of shit, her whole way of thinking was,” Christina defended.

As tensions rose, then fell, then rose before falling again, Jason sensed they were ready for the road ahead. “We’re walking through and living a new day. We charted a path forward, which brought us to this point now.”

Loud roars emanated around the room, which gave Jason more ammo to continue. “I’m so glad you’re all here. I just wish we were at my house for another BBQ, man that was fun. Forming the Truth Seekers that day, was the best move we ever made. We surrounded ourselves by conscious people who filled our souls. We made a plan to extend that into the future, and carried it out.” Not wanting to be out done by Jay’s big, powerful and always expertly rolled joints, Marty pulled out some of his own.

“Now that we’ve stopped fighting each other, and decided to direct it toward those who deserve it, let’s celebrate with more joints. Let the permeating smoke float to the heavens, bringing us the answers we seek. We needed to relive the exploits which brought us here, before we could move forward. I know none of us expected to be sitting in this bunker right now.” Marty observed nodding heads, and smiles that would warm any soul. “Let’s use this time to reenergize, to reaffirm our commitments to each other, and to the country as a whole.”

“Are you running for president?” Jason ribbed. He knew his dad as president would be crazy, especially considering who his dad was. Still, he understood the importance of figuring out what to do with different departments, and with Congress. “For this experiment to have long-lasting affect, we should hold a meeting with all our movement’s representatives, in the real seat of power in DC. Not this racist one, which dragged our country back to a time, it had done many, many things to forget.”

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll call my guys and Jay will call his, and we’ll make it a reality. It’ll be like the previous meeting. Except this time, it won’t get bombed. We need everybody who drove our critical mass,” Marty explained.

“Now that we figured that out, let’s light these joints. They aren’t as good as my dad’s, but I’m sure they’re adequate,” Christina bantered to laughs from around the table. An image of two kids explaining to the other, that their dad could beat up the others’ dad, appeared in her mind, Christina laughed at the thought. “Let’s smoke and then head up there. If you call your guys now, they can meet us there by tomorrow.”

“Come on Jay, let’s call our guys and inform them the first official meeting of our new government will be in the old capitol, the real capitol,” Marty boomed.

As Marty and Jay stepped back to make their calls, the skunky essence which filled the room when the cigar box opened, had returned.

They laughed and smoked, and smoked and laughed until they almost forgot where they were and why. Was that why they got further in their journey, when many admirable groups had failed so many times before? Did they succeed, specifically because they didn’t take things too seriously?

“Damn you guys smoke quick. I know my stuff is good, definitely better than Jay’s, but still,” Marty snickered. Jay rolled his eyes at his brother in arms, as they strolled back to the table.

“We were only gone 5 minutes, and you already smoked half your joints,” Jay needled. He loved Marty, and because of that, he had to make sure Marty wasn’t the only one talking.

“My brother here is right,” Marty contended, throwing his arm once again around his comrade. “We made our calls, and our guys are getting the word out. All groups who lent a helping hand, will be sending leaders to Washington, to help design our new country.”

“Don’t you mean a new version of our old country?” Jason interceded. He took another deep puff, adding to the white-out hovering at the top of the room.

“You’re so funny son,” Marty returned with a big smile, exuding his authenticity to Jason. “If we thought this was contentious, try sitting at a table with the plethora of voices who got us here. Let’s enjoy this, we have a lot of work ahead.

The 10 of them continued to smoke, cough and roast each other, like they didn’t have a care in the world. The stoned air in the room, prevented its occupants from hearing the thunderous pounding on the bunker door. All of a sudden it opened, and the creakiness instantly quieted the crowd.

“Sir, this guy really wanted to speak to you. He said you guys could use his help,” Jesse expressed. “I tried knocking, but received no response. I decided to open the door, because of how important and helpful he said he could be.”

“Well, let him in,” Jay ordered. He didn’t want to take away from the fun he was having with his comrades.

Jay turned back around, and continued to carry on; as did the rest of them after the door slowly creaked shut. The clouds of smoke and laughter, made the Truth Seekers forget everything holding them back. Until one of those things slinked back into view to say, hello.











Sometimes when cooking dinner, there are too many cooks in the kitchen. Someone mixes, cuts, chops, sautés, finds recipes and grabs stuff from the pantry, while others yell from the kitchen counter or living room couch, that this or that needs doing. The ensuing chaos, usually breeds stagnation. However, when many points of view aren’t competing but working together, the end product is a tastier meal than any of the chefs imagined, even in their wildest dreams.

The old capitol, where people who love America and what it was supposed to stand for, has always been a symbol. A signal to the world it might be an experiment, but one which will save humanity and the planet; if people nurtured seeds the human species planted, and allowed the garden to fully bloom.

Columbia, Uncle Sam, Sam Walton even Sam Hain would have been proud of the meeting in the Capitol Building. All aspects of the former federal government gathered, even though the dome was still being rebuilt after the missile strike.

“I can’t believe it’s actually happening,” Jason excitedly admitted with fright, his hand tightly gripping Christina’s. He wasn’t sure of anything, except that his next steps were guaranteed to change the course of history forever.

“Look baby, this is everything we’ve been working for. The better government that would exist when 80% of the population vote, is closer to reality than ever before,” Christina forcefully suggested.

“I second that one,” Billy Bob added, as he trailed Jason and Christina up the concrete pathway to the Capitol.

Word spread like wildfire about the meeting, motivating throngs of people to cover every inch of sidewalk. The air was crisp, but concurrently soft. Full volume cheering, sign waving, chanting and singing made it very hard to think.

Once inside, the crowd was even more raucous. The tables, signs and slogans would have made the most hardened politico smile. This wasn’t the start of a revolution. This was the end of the beginning.

“Hey Jason,” Marty called out from the table representing his militia, which played an integral part in displacing the old evil. “We saved seats for you.”

Marty pointed to the seats at the front of the room complete with nameplates, under a banner which read TRUTH SEEKERS in big letters. “I never thought this would be a thing,” Jason jokingly stated. He picked up the name plate, and hit it on the desk just to test if it was real. “This is really happening.”

“That is the biggest thing we have to realize. All the work you’ve done has led to this. When I first witnessed your power to bring people together, I knew I’d follow you anywhere.” Billy Bob reassuringly put his arm around Jason, as if to say, “that change, that shit you’ve always wanted to accomplish, is happening now.

“Come on, we’ve all dreamed about this, let’s sit,” Christina lovingly offered as she pointed to the temporary thrones perched below the Truth Seeker’s banner.

Jason lowered his weary soul down into the plush leather chair, and vocalized a loud aaahhh by allowing his back to relax, while stretching out his feet. He wanted to kick off his shoes, but felt that wasn’t appropriate for a head of state. Holy shit he thought, was that what he was? The leader of the United States, which was formerly controlled by his girlfriend’s evil mom?

Christina took her place next to Jason on one side, flanked by Billy Bob on the other. Jason wished his other comrades were beside him. He also knew they had their own sub groups to lead, and areas of expertise. Wasn’t that the point, that no leader was unaccountable to the people?

“There are a lot of people here, I’m glad this is actually happening,” Billy Bob described. He knew it was possible, that people on opposite ends of the spectrum, could come together around their shared humanity; saving what had been fucked up for so many years. Who was he kidding? He never thought this was possible. That is until he met Jason. “These people are here because they believe in you.”

“Really?” Jason wondered with a look of who me. As he scanned the room where State of the Union speeches were delivered, everyone was represented. The CIA, NSA and all other acronym spy agencies were ready to talk about what they could do to preserve privacy, while keeping the country safe. The Departments of Defense, Health, Education, Energy and many more were chomping at the bit to express their evolutionary ideas.

“Jay and his Mad People for Good are over there, David, Aaron and the Mossad are over there. Near the NSA table, but not too close for fear of being controlled,” Billy Bob described like he was broadcasting a radio show.

“That’s true, Aaron always did go his own way,” Jason remembered as he waved at his old buddy. God damn was Jason glad he and Christina attended that anti-immigrant rally in New York all those years ago, and ran into Aaron. “I wonder where this is going to lead.”

“That’s what we’re all waiting for,” Christina added with a no shit wink. She loved Jason as much as ever, but he did moonlight as captain obvious sometimes.

Before Jason uttered the words all hungry for change people in attendance were thinking, a familiar voice spoke up. “How do we rebuild a government, when the last one was shredded?” Ridell honestly demanded, because sarcasm had become nonexistent.

“I was wondering what happened to you. You all of a sudden showed up at the BBQ, then at the war room after we deposed Christina’s mom. Now you show up here, what’s your angle?” Jason anxiously queried Ridell, the man who screwed them over more times than numbers in math.

“My angle, do we really have to go through this again? I helped you last time, didn’t I? I helped get that bitch out of power, didn’t I? I deserve to be here, don’t I?” Ridell returned with as much conviction as Jason ever witnessed in him, in all the years they interacted.

“Cool your jets man, I’m just busting your balls. I thought you’d be sitting with the former politicians at their table over there?” Jason theorized.

“I was, but they didn’t want me. They said because I repeatedly abandoned them, before thwarting their every move, they couldn’t trust me.”

“Gee, that sounds familiar,” Christina ribbed.

“I just want to do good. I don’t care who believes me, because I believe in me. I want to make this country better, and so do you. If we have to rehash this every time we take a step forward, we’ll get buried when forces rise up against you,” Ridell blurted.

“I knew you were planning something.” Christina wanted nothing more than to toss Ridell out the window right beside them.

“Look, I’m here like you’re here, like everybody is here. We all want our voice to be heard, and for that voice to have a say.”

All of a sudden, an upswell of applause erupted. Chants of “LET HIM SIT. LET HIM SIT. LET HIM SIT” echoed around the room.

“If the politicians really feel that way, they should let Ridell sit with them,” Christina thundered.

“Hey man, you can sit with us at the Truth Seeker’s table. There’s an empty seat on the other side of Billy Bob,” Jason authentically offered.

“Thanks man. We all want to fix things, let’s prove that we can,” Ridell strongly answered back.

Billy Bob slowly pulled out Ridell’s chair, but with a strong desire to watch that slimy bastard fall on his face. Billy Bob’s hands slowly eased the chair out. As Ridell lowered his backside, (which all Truth Seeker’s believed looked better than his face) he felt the chair slide backward, but then correct itself before he plopped all the way down.

“Thanks man, I won’t let you guys down. The American people have seen the horrors committed by their government, and can’t believe they mirror really bad action movies,” Ridell commented to Billy Bob as thanks for not making him fall flat on his mouth hole. As they looked around the room, people were getting antsy.

“When the hell are we going to start?” A voice piped up from the politicians table, that Jason didn’t recognize.

“How about right now?” Jason returned. Was the meeting being stalled, because he himself was stalling? Was he afraid of actually doing, what he always said he would if given the chance?

Sensing his hesitancy, Christina lovingly put her hand on Jason’s arm, expressing in the best non-verbal way she knew how, “I got this”.

“We all gathered here today because we finally got my bitch mom out of power,” Christina powerfully bellowed, to rapturous applause from around the room. “We need to not only rebuild all the institutions she broke, but build them better than they were before; because otherwise what’s the point?”

“She’s right, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my daughter. She’s one of the fiercest freedom fighters we got,” Jay earnestly replied. He gave his Honey Bear a wink, and she winked back, as if to say “I love you, and always will”.

“So, what do we do now? Who is going to lead? Who is going to be department heads? Who is going to do the immediate jobs, to help return us to some semblance of civilized society? We must have the capacity to build things better, just like the American people have always wanted.” It was the same random voice which emerged before, Jason wasn’t sure if it was male or female. That didn’t matter, this person was right.

“For right now, I think people should return to their expertise. The infection Christina’s mom infiltrated the system with was mostly weeded out, but I’ve been around long enough to know, some still exists. A rat can find many hiding places, making itself extremely small to avoid detection,” Jason described.

“You’re saying we’ve got a rat?” Gary interjected. He was perched at the table of former KKK outcasts, who ripped off their hoods in search of a better future. “Did we beat back a dictator, just to install another; albeit on our side. A benevolent dictator, is still a dictator.”

“Are you calling Jason a dictator? You ungrateful son of a bitch,” Billy Bob yelled at his nephew. Gary really did want to fight for the right side of history, but Billy Bob knew Gary loved stirring the pot.

“I want to make sure each of us has a say. We’re in this mess, specifically, because she wanted all the power for herself. To sustain that power, she’d steal it from people who had nothing to lose. She knew this would cause us to fight each other, making her plan successful,” Gary added. His guys knew he spoke the truth, and so did everybody else.

The United States began as an experiment, where all people would have a say and receive a fair shake. However, corruption soon followed when leaders let power go to their head, by subjugating others for fear their power was being nabbed. Julie Bond started the Entities as a way of getting that power back for a select few. She abandoned them, when she realized she didn’t like to share.

The last thing any of the Capitol Building’s occupants wanted, was to drift back to the way things were. People powered revolution had brought them to this point. Whether they were ready to raise their voice or not, they all knew it would lead them through this new day, and into the next.

“People power needs to be our foundation at all times. If there’s a method to do something which subjugates, puts down, or demonizes a person for what they are, what they believe, where they’re from, who they love, who they identify as, or where they want to go in life, then we do the opposite.

Do I know what’s going to happen in the coming weeks, hell no. I don’t even know what’s going to happen tomorrow. We’ll have a better future if we create and live our new day now, instead of waiting for a horizon we’ll never reach,” Jason orated directly from his soul.

“I fully agree, and stand behind you,” Gary emphatically stated. He might have been a pain in the ass, but he was their pain in the ass. All the men behind him cheered, as well as other militia tables sitting near him.

“If we keep people powered revolution firmly planted in our minds, and don’t want to dehumanize people in any way, what about laws? What about the normal functioning of government?” Ridell theorized. He knew he had to reprove himself once again to Jason and the other Truth Seekers. The politicians Ridell abandoned and fucked over to commit his crimes, were presently trying to do the right thing.

“Look who decided to speak again,” Christina harangued. She detested Ridell with every fiber of her being, for all the shit he pulled. One thing she did know, was this former human being who may or may not be regaining his humanity, was right.

“We can make government function how it was supposed to, before it was completely destroyed,” Ridell added. He wanted to help, but he craved action; as did the other 100 antsy people in the room, who all had no idea what they were doing there. They knew, but they didn’t know; just like walking into a new day.

“What about courts and judges?” countered the court table.

“What about the police and military?” repeated the law enforcement table.

“What about the homeless and people in low income housing? What about working-class people who struggle to pay bills, because a few powerful people thought they could crank out a few more dollars. What motherfuckers they are. God damn,” thundered a voice from the back of the room.

Jason and Christina tried to identify the voice, but couldn’t because the people gathered to form a new government, were demanding from others, what they should be demanding from themselves.

“We could ask each other these questions till we’re blue in the face, but it isn’t going to make the answers appear,” Billy Bob answered back.

Gary got boisterous with his group, as were other Truth Seekers with their sub groups. Salt of the earth people were needed to make a country run. They didn’t care what people at the top did, as long as it didn’t destroy them, or pit them against each other. The entire room echoed the same nonverbal cue, WELL???

“We all need to do what we do best, with humanism always in and on our mind; using that to start making needed changes. However, until we rebuild the destruction, and institute what we all agree on, you’ll answer to any original Truth Seeker.

We’ll be sitting in the white house, and basically be the leaders until we get back to a point when elections are a viable possibility,” Jason laid out.

“You’re setting yourself up like a dictator? Isn’t that what we unseated?” The same voice from earlier bellowed out.

“I’m not seating myself, or any Truth Seeker as a dictator. All I’m saying, is we need leadership to return us to normal. Once that happens, then and only then can we move forward.

We cut out the disease which infected our American life, and has for the last few hundred years. Now it’s time to hold that power, so any Julie Bond remnants can’t just steal it back, and undo people’s hard work. Once we’re able to hold control, then we can build.”

“We can get behind that. I like a clear, hold and build strategy. It worked previously, because hearts and minds were actually attempted to be won, instead of endless token gestures,” the military table exclaimed.

“We must ensure you don’t become what we usurped, even if you didn’t set out to do that,” the same unidentified voice added.

“Why don’t you show yourself, and come up to the mic?” Jason offered the still unnamed source of the current line of questioning.

A lone microphone in the center of the room, was encircled by many tables. Everyone was displaying their opinions, by shouting from behind tables, and the safety of “their” side.

Not one soul utilized the personal effort needed, to leave their comfort zone. Of course, a 100 people staring and hanging on to your every word, was nothing compared to the people powered critical mass it took to unseat a violent American dictator, without firing one bullet, or losing one life.

A very uncomfortable silence followed, because nobody answered the leader’s call, by sauntering up to the mic. “The leader” was the last thing Jason wanted to be called, a little too close to North Korea’s “Dear Leader” he thought. A brutal dictator was the last thing America needed, but it might take a benevolent one to undue all the institutionalized hate and violence the people experienced; which caused the rise of Christina’s mom in the first place.

“If that person won’t identify themselves, that’s fine. We have work to do,” Jason described.

“That work is?” Ridell inquired being the ultimate pain in the ass he always was; and probably always would be

“If you’d let me get to it, fuck.” Jason was getting exasperated. He didn’t think bringing everyone together, would make solutions suddenly appear. He expected there to be hard work. He knew what it took to get them to where they were, but didn’t know what direction to currently take. That is until he remembered why he started this journey.

Before Jason could utter the words, Christina beat him to it. “We all want the same thing, for the violent annexation of the poor to end. We stopped fighting each other, when we realized the power causing it, procured massive wealth by promoting endless confrontation. Those are the people we unseated, let’s not play into their hands.”

“She’s right, I vote for her.”

“Okay, enough is enough, show yourself,” Jason immediately exclaimed.

After another two minutes of uncomfortable silence, everybody started to calm down. They didn’t know exactly what to say or do, but they did have a framework. However, a collective feeling permeated the room, that if they wanted to simply make all areas of government more human, then why did they even have a meeting?

While the chaotic nature of forming a new government ratcheted up again, Jay’s lieutenant Jesse tapped him on the shoulder.

“I have to step outside to make a call.”

“What could possibly be more important than the future of our country?” Jay demanded of his right-hand man. He wasn’t 100% sure of Jesse’s aims, or his part in the next revolution. “Just hurry up.”

“No problem man, I’ll be back in a minute,” Jesse answered, before walking 50 feet to the double doors and exiting the huge cluster fuck game of pickle. Was it a planning session to create, destroy or worse, to push forward collective evolution?

“You better have something good to report,” thundered a booming voice from the 1995 flip phone Jesse refused to part with. “We haven’t heard from you in a while, and thought you switched sides to the terrorists who unseated Dear Leader Julie Bond.”

“Excuse me, you’re talking to a US Congressman,” Jesse returned with what he thought was forcefulness. Apparently, he forgot who he hopped in bed with.

“Excuse me you piece of shit? Have you forgotten who put you in that position? We saw the fall of Julie bond coming, and must take back this country for real people with real voices, like us.”

“I haven’t forgotten.”

“Good. And? What did you find out, or do we have to beat it out of you, again?”

Knowing he didn’t want to reenter the torture chamber he barely escaped, Jesse answered in the only way he knew how; the only way which allowed him space to figure things out.

“All the Truth Seekers’ representatives are here, along with countless other groups who helped them. There are also reps from the Police, Military and Spy Agencies, as well as other departments of government who didn’t join Dear Leader’s crusade.”

“I’m glad to hear you finally call her that. Anyway, what else? And don’t waste my time, I have much more important…”

“I know, you have way more important shit to do than talk to me,” Jesse courageously offered. He knew what got him his job, and exactly how he was going to keep it. “They want to institute the so-called humanism and accountability which got people to join them in the first place. They call agree on that direction, but have no idea what steps to take. They’re completely lost.”

“Great, stay on it and them. The more information you provide, the better your position when we retake the power structure. They think Julie Bond was aggressive, wait till we fully take the gloves off. Make sure you sow confusion, and get some stragglers to join you. As soon as they think they have plans, let us know. We’ll be in contact soon.”

“How do I know when?” Jesse wondered, but the line went dead. He wanted things to be normal again, but did he really want violence, especially if it eclipsed what Bond lusted after?

He didn’t want a one-way ticket to be Satan’s golfing buddy, but he also didn’t want to endure the torturous death imposed on him if he didn’t produce results. Jesse didn’t really know what his bosses wanted, but he did at the same time.

Jesse thought about what direction to take, as he strolled back to the door. He could hear inside, that not much changed. They were still arguing over which cause deserved more attention. Before Jesse gripped the double doors to throw them open, Jesse was grabbed on the shoulder.

“Make sure you do what you’ve been told. Those people want to destroy everything that Julie Bond did to make this country great,” voiced a man wearing a black ski mask, like he just left a bank robbery.

Expecting blue dye from the blast pack to stain his shoulder, Jesse became quite unsure himself. “Who are you?”

“Don’t worry about that. You only have to worry about learning Truth Seeker plans, and reporting them back. That’s all you’re good for. You’re a recon person who isn’t supposed to think, only act.”

“That’s what I’m trying to do, but the Truth Seekers don’t know what they want anyway,” Jesse honestly replied.

“Trust me, these people definitely know what they want. Here’s my number, call, me if you need help.” The mystery man handed him a plain white card, featuring a phone number in black writing.

“This doesn’t seem fishy,” Jesse thought out loud. “How do I know who to ask for?”

“My name is Sean.”

As quickly as Sean showed up, he withdrew into a labyrinth of hallways. Jesse was more confused than ever, and was thoroughly convinced his new boss sent this enforcer, to strike fear into him, and make sure he was going in the demanded direction. Jesse also knew anything was possible, and Sean could literally be working for anybody, including the Truth Seekers, to throw Jesse off the scent. Before he allowed himself entrance into an intellectual hole, he quickly shook his head. His cheeks reddened with anticipation. He quickly shook his mouth back and forth as if drinking milk and chocolate syrup, before shaking it up to create chocolate milk.

Jesse quickly grabbed the handle of the door, and tossed it open to find the noise had lessened, but some audible murmurs still remained. He walked back to the main room where the meeting was taking place, and found people exactly where he left them.

“About time you returned. You finish your traitorous call, and stop to take a shit?’ Jay harshly interrogated. He knew Jesse could take a joke, but needed to make sure his trusted lieutenant wasn’t a mole. “Sit down man, I hope the initial shit show is coming to an end.”

“Come on dad,” Christina looked at her dad, like don’t make things worse.

“Okay honey bear, you’re right,” Jay replied.

“Honey bear, that’s sweet,” Jesse winked in Christina’s direction. This caught the eye of Jason who replied by pulling Christina closer to him.

“Let’s not start a holy war amongst our own people. This is what caused things to devolve in the first place, and exactly what we’ll fix by looking out for all of us, not just some,” Jay orated.

“You’re right, you’re right, I’m sorry man.”

“Don’t be sorry, just be human, like us.”

“You guys done yet?” Jason wondered.

“Yeah, Jesse just needed reminding of what’s important.” Jay answered.

“I know you guys are tired, and we’ve been meeting for hours now with no breaks. How about we make these meetings monthly to keep track of progress and direction?” Jason confidently inquired, like the leader he didn’t think he was, or wanted to be.

“I think we could go for that,” the politicians table replied in unison.

“Awesome. This movement started because people became pissed off, and wanted to make things better. It was built on trust of people, and in their inherent goodness. Department heads and group leaders, go back to your posts, and start humanizing all processes.

We’ll trust each other, because that’s what got us here. Then in a month, we’ll meet back up for updates on progress. Keep in mind the Truth Seekers will be observing all aspects, making sure they head in the right direction. This is when we have to love each other so we can live, not the other way around.

We must be vigilant so we don’t slide backwards after all the progress we’ve made. Since this is and always will be a democratic process, (the opposite of what we unseated) let’s take a vote. If you support what I’ve proposed, let’s see a show of hands.”

The weary shied away from having any hierarchy or power structure, because they knew what led to the current mess; they also knew they needed to start somewhere.

Hands slowly started rising around the room. First the politicians, then the cops, spies and militias. Pretty soon every hand was raised, even though each raised hand included trepidation of what was coming.

Jason saw this, and uttered what he hoped would inspire his people to continue to grow and evolve. “Look, if we refuse to fight each other, and instead humanistically work together, what kept us apart all these years, will lose power. Let’s talk in a month, and see where we’re at. All Truth Seeker contact info has been provided to group heads.

We’re human, and so is everybody else. Getting this far has been harder than any of us imagined, but became easier when we allowed the possibility of positively surprising ourselves.”

Deafening applause echoed around the room. Christina put her arm around Jason, while Billy Bob stood even prouder than when he realized Jason was the real deal. Even Ridell was proud to be an American on this day, the new day they all thought.

As the room emptied, and people went back to what they believed was the best use of their energy, Jason still wasn’t sure of his next actions.

“So, all of a sudden we’re going to lead everybody,” Jason whispered to Christina.

“Pretty much, that is until we agree on structure, and making elections more honest by getting money out of politics.”

Thinking the answer came from his beloved Christina, Jason didn’t think twice before placing a soul reviving kiss upon her. Their connection was never as solid as it was at that moment.

Christina loved when Jason was proud to openly display his affection for her, especially when they grossed out their friends; but she wasn’t sure where this current interaction sprouted from.

“What was that for?” Christina lovingly inquired.

“For giving me that great advice of course.”

Thinking Jason spoke of what she said before the meeting ended, Christina didn’t have another thought about it.

Billy Bob looked around the room, and saw the entire place emptied except for the 10 original Truth Seekers. Ridell escaped amongst the crowd, like he always did for possibly nefarious reasons. However, it gave Billy Bob an idea.

“I know I’m not as much of a smoker as you fucking hippies,” Billy Bob offered to brotherly laughter which always filled his soul. “Why don’t we smoke like we always have after a great meeting, or at least after business is taken care of.”

“That’s definitely not the only time we smoke, but I second the idea,” Jason repeated without a second thought.

Billy Bob pulled a cigar box out of the bag he brought in, which mainly held Truth Seeker promotional material.

“I know what’s in there,” Christina noticed. She remembered the calm days in the Humboldt hills, when they’d keep the same kind of cigar box on their coffee table, for when they needed peace of mind.

“Nephew can you help an old man out,” Billy Bob asked of Gary.

“Sure, I always respect my elders,” Gary volleyed. “You need a walker to help push that box around”

“Very funny little boy. Just help me pass them out.” Billy Bob and Gary kept bantering, as each of the ten original Truth Seekers were handed a mammoth joint.

They all pulled lighters out of their pockets, and were about to light up, when Jason spoke. “Thank you all for helping us get here. We’ve all sacrificed a great deal, now is when we make our dream reality. Let’s enjoy this, we have a lot of work to do.”

The sound of 10 lighters simultaneously lighting 10 joints, couldn’t have been matched by the best harmony singers.

As the smoke billowed, and began to fog up the room while simultaneously clearing their minds, Jason felt a presence behind him.

Not sure if it was his paranoia, Jason felt a tap on the shoulder. He looked back but didn’t see anything. Jason took a second deep hit off his doobie, and let out a cloud that would have made Snoop Dogg proud. He again felt a tap on his shoulder.

Jason quickly turned again and didn’t find anything. “You okay baby? You getting too stoned for your own good? I didn’t think that sentence would ever be uttered,” Christina joked.

“I’m starting to relax, but keep feeling this tap on my shoulder.”

Jason and Christina looked all around, but didn’t see anything. After having been locked in the meeting for several hours, nature was beginning to call.

“I’m going to hit the bathroom, I have to race like a piss horse,” Jason uttered as he rose to his feet. Being stoned always made him move slow, but he seemed to be moving slower than usual.

“Alright, go do what you have to do, so you can come back and do what you need to do,” Billy Bob replied holding up his joint, which was noticeably bigger than everybody else’s. Jason chuckled, because he would’ve done the same. “Good days are ahead.”

“Yes sir,” Jason added as exited the main room, hurrying down the hall to the closest bathroom. Just as he was as about to enter and relieve himself, he again felt a tap on his shoulder.

Convinced it was real this time, he turned around so quickly, he nearly fell over. This time there stood a solitary figure.

“You want to make positive changes? I know you do. I can help you get there.”

“You were that person talking in the meeting. How come you didn’t let everybody see you?”

“That’s not my style. I want to help YOU, because you’re the person we’ve all been waiting for. I’ve watched you since the beginning, and could advise you on the correct path.”

“We already walked the path, we’re working on living a new day now, not later.”

“That’s why I want to help.”

“What’s your name?”

“Just call me Aunt B.”






When humans lose direction, forgetting the path they were supposed to take when their soul ignited, something appears if they truly let go. In the way we can’t find something when its lost, we’ll tear our hair out looking. We’ll rip apart our house, throwing things like a dog digging in the sand.

Then after a mind rush through all our possessions and spaces, we give up. We throw up our hands because all is lost. We think it might be gone forever, so we start planning what our life would be like, without our most treasured object. It’s at that moment, the item which so wracked our brain, finally appears.

The thing we most desired shows up right in front of our face, acting as if it’s always been there. Like we put a question to the universe, and it answered, specifically because we let go of the outcome.

“You can help me? How exactly are you going to do that?” Jason fearfully inquired, tinged with hope. All the synchronicities he, Christina and the rest of the Truth Seekers experienced, happened when they least expected them. “How do rebels lead, when they become the power they were rebelling against?”

Adjusting her feet so her stance was more comfortable, Aunt B delivered words Jason heard before. He needed friendly reminders, since he and his friends were not only leading the country down a new path, they were leading the country. “You must remember everything you fought for. The right of all humans to exist. The rights of all people, the views of all people, the loves of all people.”

“That’s what I thought we were doing. That’s how we built critical mass.” Jason wasn’t sure where this was going, but it certainly piqued his interest. However, nature was calling, and the ring quickly became a foghorn. He knew he better say something, before this mysterious stranger disappeared. “How do we build a government based on the people, when it’s been broken for so long? How do we appeal to the masses that this isn’t just a revolution, but a way of existing that will help our species evolve, so we survive as long as the planet allows? That is as long as we don’t fuck it up.”

“Jeez, do you always speak in paragraphs?” Aunt B needled as her thick brown hair, fell halfway down her back. She looked Jason right in the eye, and directly into his soul. “How do you appeal to the masses? You brought forth the biggest critical mass the world has ever seen. You overthrew a dictator, who was the most powerful woman in the world.”

“Can you please hurry this up, I still have to use the facilities?” Jason’s pace quickened, as he started dancing back and forth from foot to foot, as he felt his kidneys about to pop.

“You want to know how to govern? First you have to realize…….” Just as Aunt B was about to give Jason the motivation he yearned for, the door off the main room creaked open, releasing boisterous laughter and stale weed smoke.

Jason turned his head to see who it was. “Are you coming back? Did you fall in?” Billy Bob teased. He loved this bleeding heart, specifically because he didn’t believe in making other hearts bleed. “I wanted to make sure you didn’t get lost, or chicken out because of our job ahead.”

Chuckling at Billy Bob’s joke, Jason dropped the guard he temporarily erected, when Aunt B approached him from the shadows. “I’m okay, dad. I’d ask you to get me ice cream, but we aren’t in the middle of a long car ride?”

The high pitch snicker Jason emitted, made Billy Bob double over from the hijinks which brought them to this point. “We can take a car ride. We might have to talk to the people.”

“That would be a good idea. I was just going to the bathroom, but as I opened the door, somebody very interesting tapped me on the shoulder, informing me she could help our cause.”

“Really, where is she? I don’t see anybody else in this way too hoity toity hallway. Man, we have to do some redecorating when we fully take the throne; I mean seats at the head of the table?”

“Where is she? She was right here.” Jason quickly flipped around, but Aunt B was gone. The Capitol Building hallway was extremely long, featuring plenty of doors she could’ve snuck into. “I swear she was here, and told me how she could help.”

“You must be pretty baked if you’re hallucinating.” Billy Bob should’ve been worried about Jason’s sanity. However, seeing how his mind operated, and what actions he took, Billy Bob knew Jason intrigued everyone, simply with the heat of his soul’s fire. “Are you sure you aren’t seeing things?”

“I’m definitely sure, she was right here. I actually believed solutions would pop out of thin air, instead of from hard work.”

“Don’t you know the solutions we’re instituting, were only possible because of hard work. Hurry up and drain that thing, we need to plan our next move.”

After relieving himself, Jason exited the bathroom by throwing open the door. He expected to find Aunt B, waiting to validate that he wasn’t going crazy. He slowly scanned everything in the capitol hallway. He observed pictures of Presidents, Senators, Congressman, Supreme court justices and all matter of American heroes. He began thinking, would a picture of me hang in here one day? Will I be remembered as a great leader?

Then he remembered to stop worrying about the glory, influence and power stemming from their new positions. Jason remembered that’s what caused the rise of Julie Bond and the Entities. The second this thought escaped his mind, he ambled his jeans covered legs back to where the Truth Seekers were getting stoned without him, but looked down right before he reached the door.

Jason couldn’t explain why he looked down, but something from beyond was tugging. Call it a feeling, energy, something he couldn’t comprehend or translate into human language. Presented before him, was a plain white business card with a phone number, encapsulated by the letter B.

A light bulb went off as Jason grabbed the card, and stuffed it under useless crap in his pants pocket. Hopefully Christina wouldn’t find it, but probably would if she got fresh. Jason always wanted her too, they loved each other to the point of permanent highness. Still, numerous questions remained; like who the hell was Aunt B?

Many times when he didn’t know what to do or where to go, Jason simply put one foot in front of the other. Except this time, he was reentering a room filled with his comrades. He knew through what he called “conscious faith”, that things would work out, because the Truth Seekers were the epitome of what it meant to be human.

“It’s about time you rejoined us. Were you able to find your junk, I know with it being so small, it might be difficult?” Gary bellowed without missing a beat.

“That must be why I saw a magnifying glass in your bag?’ Jason bantered back.

The entire room overflowed with soul reviving laughter. The Truth Seekers were well on their way, to becoming everything they hoped to be; how they’d be remembered, was yet to be determined.

“Okay boys, let’s figure out just what the hell we’re going to do next,” Christina asserted. “I know I’m the only woman here, but maybe we should fill departments and appoint cabinet members.”

“That’s probably true,” Jason agreed. The room was still hazy with stale weed smoke, but Jason was ready to add more when Bryan spoke up.

“Everyone who left here, returned to their departments just to keep order, and prevent chaos. What are our positions?” Bryan inquired with a very serious tone. Jason knew Bryan meant business, because of the tone’s infrequent use.

“I think the 10 of us should lead this country. We all want democracy, and we will restart that democracy. Julie Bond fucked things up so bad though, we need to rebuild, before we can addon,” Jason orated.

“Are you saying you want to be our leader?” Billy Bob questioned of the only liberal he ever admired.

“Maybe, but for now we need to stick together. We can control our groups from here, but we need to provide protection for the population,” Jason announced.

“Where do you get off telling us what to do?” Gary piped up. He craved to be in the middle of everything.

“I don’t, but we need some sort of hierarchy. We work this out by being leaders of our groups and militias. When we want to make laws to push us forward as a people, but haven’t been able because of assholes in Washington, we hold a vote,” Jason returned.

“Basically, we’ll be a board of directors, that makes sense,” Bryan inserted.

“You got it.” Jason was ready to do something, but still was unsure of what. His finger nail deeply gouged the card at the bottom of his crap filled pocket, hoping Aunt B might provide direction.

“I have an idea,” Tim piped up. He had been pretty quiet until now, but like Bryan, Tim was salivating for action.

As all 10 original Truth Seekers shifted uneasily in their chairs, Tim spoke up, because he witnessed the groups confusion reemerge.

“We need to make sure our groups and militias are on board. They need to know we have a plan for what’s next. They need to know we have a way forward in this new day. Because if we don’t inform them, this will all be for naught,” Tim blasted as he outstretched his arms to display the rooms ornateness.

“I agree, we need to commence a clean, hold and build strategy,” David added. He knew his assassin past, would help identify who was on board, and who wasn’t; and his military experience would help them strategize. “Are you all familiar?”

“Of course I’m familiar, but not for building a peace movement; not to mention a humanistic government which takes care of all its people,” Jason blurted without taking a breath. He knew David was one of the most authentic human beings he ever met. Why would anybody turn down the Mossad as an ally?

Before Jason emitted more comments than the situation needed, David continued. “Basically, we’ve cleared out Julie Bond and DJ Bannon, along with most of the infections and sores they melded into the government. Then we have to hold control, so our victories continue pushing us forward. Then we build that better government we all know we want, because it’s exactly what brought our critical mass together.”

To a chorus of nodding heads, the air of confusion started to lift. “I fully agree. I think many peaceful movements have failed, because they didn’t have dedicated leaders. We’ll be those leaders, by making sure this doesn’t fail,” Jason added.

“David and Aaron, why don’t you return to your Mossad soldiers, and make sure they’re doing whatever they can to help us hold control. They need to squelch any uprising. No matter how much darkness we snuff out, it’ll always exist within our human community, because it’s inherent in the human mind. That’s how my mom rose to power.” Christina iterated.

“Jeez Honey Bear, you’ve been hanging around this Jason guy too long, you intellectually expanded just like him,” Jay commented with a smile. “I’m sure your kids will too.”

After another five-minute laugh break, that would’ve united the most hardened enemies, Christina retrieved her train of thought. Before she orated it, Marty gave his piece. “So, David and Aaron will hold with their Mossad guys, Jay and Bryan will hold with the Mad People for Good. Gary will hold with his better side of history converts.”

Gary gave Jay a wink, because Gary knew the truth being spoken. He knew breaking down old attitudes, was key to the Truth Seekers success.

“Tim, can you hold with your militia, and your militia’s militia?” Jason confidently wondered.

“Of course bro, we’ll be ready,” Tim fired back. He had unwavering faith in his oldest of buddies, now was the time to put that faith to the test. Tim knew Jason wasn’t responsible for the whole thing, he was the reason it went viral.

“Marty, can your militias help us hold?” Jason inquired with glee. “Can they, dad?’

“Of course, they can, but only because you called me dad. Hearing that never gets old,” Marty admitted with deep soul joy.

Jay winked at Marty, both very happy they fathered the amazing kids they did; and both imagining what crazy family reunions they’d have in the future.

“Billy Bob, you’ve proven yourself time and time again. Can you stay back with Christina and I to help hold down our end?” Jason asked of one of his most respected comrades.

“Of course, but what do you mean hold down our end?” Billy Bob wanted more detail, even though he knew Jason wasn’t able to provide that information; at least not yet.

David grabbed a couple of duffle bags he always seemed to have with him, and dropped them on the hand carved oak desk which stood before them. “Once again, here are some untraceable satellite phones.”

“Great, we need to keep in close contact. The next few days will be critical. We don’t want to end up where all revolutions have in the past. This time, we will succeed. We will become a better country, because we’ll have become better people. The population will see that the policies we introduce, will be solely geared toward helping the most people possible. This will eliminate not only the two tiered justice system, but also the Grand Canyon size rift between rich and poor,” Jason detailed.

“You sound like you’re running again son,” Marty needled. He needed to get one more in before they separated.

“Maybe, but probably not,” Jason chuckled.

“You do sound like a politician.”

“You’re so funny Dad, hahahaha.”

Christina always backed the true love of her life, while also asserting herself, and her leadership qualities. “Let’s meet back up in a couple weeks, just to see where we’re at.”

“Sounds good to me,” Tim sounded off with excitement for change.

Each Truth Seeker grabbed a satellite phone, and one by one gave each other hugs. They were on top now, but they weren’t so naïve to think nothing bad would happen. They knew if they did, it was the exact moment shit went sideways.

The door of the conference room flew open with the fiery purpose of John Brown, Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and all other revolutionaries who’s love for people never waned, even if they failed. Now was the Truth Seekers turn to prove, they would succeed.

After the chaos dissipated and quietness returned, Jason slowly stood. The card burning a hole in his pocket, made Jason rub his fingers across it once more.

Christina immediately saw the anguish on her love’s face. “What’s wrong? We finally have direction. You should be happy.”

“Direction, what direction? We’re going to hold, but have no real plans to introduce changes the American people have always wanted, but have never had the power to achieve. Now that WE have that power, I’m afraid we’re losing our chance to succeed,” Jason fearfully described.

“Do you think I’d have come to your side as quickly as I did, if I believed you wouldn’t succeed? You’re an authentic human being Jason, and this amazing woman by your side, is the most fearless person I have ever met. You’re more than a power couple, you’re the reason we’ll succeed, specifically because of how non-fake you are.” Billy Bob wasn’t tired of confronting Jason’s lack of confidence, but he surely wanted Jason’s self-sabotage to cease.

“That’s true. If it wasn’t, do you think I’d have seen the error of my ways?” Ridell added. He always had a way of hiding his true intent. A guy you could always trust to do you wrong, until he did you right.

“Where the hell did you come from?” Jason blurted without a thought. Ridell was like the police, always showing when you didn’t want them to. Jason also knew they needed all the help they could get. “Wait I know the answer.”

“Hahahaha Mr. funny man.”

“Ridell, you obviously don’t run a militia. Why don’t you talk to politicians, and persuade them to our side with humanity. Things have been so messed up, we need them to pass laws, just to get us back to normal.”

“I think you’d admit the goalposts of what was considered normal, have dramatically moved over the last few years. We should hold order, then institute everything you’ve always said people agree on. It’s exactly what helped you build critical mass in the first place.”

“I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with Ridell,” Christina cautiously admitted with an acquiescing smirk.

“Me neither babe, me neither,” Jason mirrored.

As Jason and Christina shared a soul reviving kiss, Billy Bob turned away, and didn’t see Ridell slip out the door. After the grope fest was over, Jason peered around the now empty room and didn’t see Ridell.

“Man, Ridell is slippery. How are we going to ever keep track of him?” Jason theorized.

“Keep track of him? I thought you’d have figured out by now, that we can never keep track of him. We just need verifiable trust. Basically, make sure our aims are the same, so we can assure we won’t kill each other,” Christina joked as she leaned back in her chair.

“You sure you don’t want an epic fight to the death when this is over?” Billy Bob was half joking, and half not. He knew Ridell could never be trusted, even if his last few actions were selflessly committed in the name of Truth Seekers.

“Okay boys, enough is enough,” Christina elaborated in the best mom voice she could muster. Christina was about to release another joke about how Jason and Billy Bob were little boys, but observed Jason’s face racked with nervousness. “What’s wrong baby? I’ve seen that look before. It means either something big is about to happen, or you’re about to destroy something which might happen.”

Knowing Christina was very adept at identifying his self-sabotage, Jason understood she always had his best intentions at heart. Still, he was debating whether to tell his most trusted people, about Aunt B. “That person I met by the bathroom, what could she possibly help with?”

“That again? I thought you were hallucinating because Jay’s weed was just that good,” Billy Bob needled.

“My dads’ stuff is always good, it’s better when we’re laying on the beach in Cuba, but still pretty damn good,” Christina added. She loved that her dad grew the best weed anybody ever tasted, but began to wonder what was up. “Wait, what? You met somebody by the bathroom?”

“Yeah, I met this lady who said she could help us. Then Billy Bob opened the conference room door to see if I needed help, and I told him I met somebody. The minute I turned around she was gone.”

“Tell us something we don’t know.” Billy Bob knew that if he could do anything, he could help Jason illiterate his true thoughts. If Jason could, he’d be the leader everybody saw him as. “Did somebody else show up?”

“No, she was the only one. However, when I came out of the bathroom, I saw this lying on the ground.” Jason handed the card to Christina, and then to Billy Bob. “I think we should contact her. It couldn’t hurt. I mean how many synchronicities have brought us here?” Jason purposefully stated as he grabbed one of the satellite phones, and backed away from the table to make the call.


“Yes, this is Jason, I met you like an hour ago.”

“I wondered if you were going to call, but as long as we’ve been watching, I knew you eventually would,” Aunt B replied with utter authenticity.

“We?” Jason queried.

“Plenty of time to explain that later. Meet us at 745 Adams St., we’ll lay it all out.”

“Wait, who are you guys?” Jason hastily questioned, but the line went dead.

Jason turned back to the table, and was immediately bombarded by passionate wonderment from the love of his life. “What happened? Come on tell us.”

“She wants us to meet her. She also said WE, so she’s with some group. What do we have to lose? We must chase this clue, it might lead in the right direction,” Jason answered with veracity.

“Awesome, finally some action. Let’s get the fuck out of here, it’s getting kind of stuffy,” Billy Bob sarcastically remarked, because he knew they needed to maintain order. “Marty made sure the security protecting this building and all other buildings, were being handled the same as they used to be; except with our people. He also handed me these.”

Billy Bob jangled some keys in front of Jason, which he immediately grabbed, thinking it was too good to be true.

“That son of a bitch, or should I say daughter of a bitch?” Jason exclaimed. Christina was used to his stupid jokes. She knew his intent was good, but usually fell way short of what would be considered comedy.

“Come on, we have a meeting,” Jason explained as he hurried out the conference room door.

“What’s the rush?” Christina uttered. She and Billy Bob were out of breath trying to keep up with a very determined Jason, as they made their way to the street.

There was no crowd, no protestors, no more throngs of people shouting and screaming. The cars passed, the busses bussed and the trucks trucked. Everything seemed the same as before Bond and Bannon, or even Bowman; like nothing changed, like the government wasn’t just overthrown.

The only thing on the curb in front of the old, but once again new Capitol, was the black 61 Lincoln convertible with suicide doors, Jason loved from all those years ago.

“I can’t believe it’s here. That son of a bitch, how did he get it here?” Jason yelled with glee, not realizing his volume was much higher than needed with Christina right next to him.

“Thanks for that right in my ear,” Christina replied. Jason didn’t respond, because he hopped into the driver’s seat.

“Damn I missed this car,” Jason proudly exclaimed. He ran his fingers down the white dash, passed the oversized gauges, past the cd player, and down to the pistol grip shifter. “Fuck man, this has to be a sign.”

“I think so,” Christina agreed.

“Let’s roll,” Billy Bob added. A blind man could see the joy on Jason’s face, but he knew the Lincoln didn’t guarantee success. He also knew Jason and his people had been successful, not because of attempted perfection, but because they were open to opportunistic new experiences, with a filter. They never looked a gift horse in the mouth, and always relied on humanity to get them through anything.

“I don’t need any more signals,” Jason answered. He fired up the big V8, producing a powerful roar; one that would make any car nut fall in love, but would also drive terror into the heart of all enemies of humanity. “I’m more than ready.”

“That’s good, you’ll need to be. This is a pretty sweet car, even for a commy pinko,” Billy Bob jived. He knew how important friendly banter was, and wasn’t about to miss an opportunity; no matter how stressful the current situation. “Drive hippy.”

Less than a split second after Billy Bob closed his door, Jason mashed the gas, making the tires squeal, and emit huge clouds of smoke. Billy Bob was hammered back in his seat, not ready for the burnout and jack rabbit take off. “I love the smell of burning rubber in the morning,” Jason explained at full volume.

As the Black Lincoln tooled through the city, the streets weren’t eerily quiet, they were eerily normal. It was as if nobody knew or cared about what was happening to the United States. People strolled down the street, went shopping and talked to their neighbors. All the normal community stuff they’d do, if they hadn’t just been ruled by a dictator. Maybe that was it though, they were waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“What did Jesse learn from that meeting? Where did he end up going?” A voice boomed through a loud speaker.

“He hasn’t reported back yet,” Jimmy objectively replied. He was sitting at his desk, preparing his normal boring reports. What did he know about some guy with information? “Don’t you have other people for that?”

“Excuse me? I have you, Unless you want me to not have you anymore? Maybe you don’t believe in our cause, or the great work Dear Leader Julie Bond started, but wasn’t able to finish.”

“I believe in it, I just…….” Just as Jimmy uttered all the excuses his feeble mind could conjure, the door behind him swung open. “He’s here sir, Jesse is back.”

“Good, send him to my office immediately.”

The words penetrated Jesse’s heart, as he walked past the front desk of an obscure and unmarked commercial building. Once Jesse exited the elevator on the fifth floor, he sauntered down a 100-foot hallway.

Jesse strolled into an empty, half-darkened office, and into the shadows where the voice was emanating. “Why don’t you show yourself? You bark all these orders, and I don’t even know what you look like?”

“I know you, but you don’t know me. You will respect me, or I’ll hand you over to the Mad People for Good. You can tell them all about your spying activities,” the voice demanded.

“I do the work, you should respect me. Anyway, everybody is returning to their departments to keep chaos from breaking out. No exact plans were agreed upon, just that they don’t want their power to slip into the hands of Bond disciples,” Jesse explained. He knew he was spying, but he also was a human being. He loved money, but loved humanity. It was a tough balance, one that provided constant challenges.

“If anybody else said that, they’d be vaporized,” the voice annunciated very slowly. “I don’t have another infiltrator. Just stay on it. We must mount an attack, once we figure out what they’re goals are.”

“Yes sir,” Jesse replied with acquiescence. He adored humanity, and maybe his enlightenment was only possible through the darkness; but maybe it was through the light.  He still wasn’t sure what side he wanted to end up on, but figured it’d spring up, like the opportunity to run for Congress.

Jesse worked for Bond, but saw her for the complete hypocrite she was. He wanted to make sure that never happened to him, vowing to never let power go to his head. As he left the office building, Jesse procured his cell from his pocket. Before he could make a call, an overly confident former Congressman leaned against his car.

“I was just calling you,” Jesse realized. He knew Ridell worked for the Truth Seekers, but also knew Ridell had an Independent streak just like him; which brought them together in the first place.

“Don’t you know by now, I know you better than you know you? Anyway, hop in, we have a lot of work to do.”

“Alright alright,” Jesse hopped into the mid-nineties Camry. “I didn’t know such powerful people drove such shit-boxes.”

“Not like the one your mom lets me plow every night,” Ridell returned without missing a beat. As they sped away, the sky frighteningly darkened with storm clouds.

It was cold, but not so cold humans couldn’t survive. It was actually something people could thrive in, when they realized the fire burning within them, would keep them as warm as they needed to be.

The American people needed perfect conditions to rise and demand change. It’s one thing Ridell helped Jesse realize, and one thing Jason needed constant reminders of.

“Are we there yet dad, I want food,” Billy Bob joked. He couldn’t help messing with Jason, considering the countless times he was the butt of that particular joke.

“Shut up, you’ll get nothing and like it,” Jason bellowed in his best dad voice. He knew keeping things light, was the key not only to their success, but to humans’ success.

“Okay okay little boys,” Christina added, reassuming her role as the restorer of order. She was very adept at balancing energy, so they could keep their voices travelling in the right direction.

Just as Billy Bob was about to voice another banter filled diatribe, Jason interrupted. With his game face on, Jason stopped the car in front of a modest suburban home. “Looks like we’re here.” Jason double checked the address, and it matched what appeared on the yellow plank to the right of the front door.

“What is this place? I feel like singing “little boxes on the hillside,” Christina deduced.

As she and Billy Bob stepped out of the car, Jason was already halfway up the concrete steps filled with anticipation. He was like the little boy who discovered how nice people were, when you’re nice to them.

“Hold on man, I’m not as young as I used to be,” Billy Bob explained. He and Christina were out of breath by the time Jason’s finger hit the doorbell.

“What do you think they’re going to say, or do?” Christina wondered out loud.

“I don’t know baby, but we’re about to find out. We opened up to help, from as many corners as humans reside. That’s what helped us be successful, and what brought us to our current point.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” Aunt B replied, because she heard Jason’s entire explanation.

“How long were you listening? We’ve always had to worry about people watching us, who convince others that we’re destroying humanity, when they’re simply projecting their own insecurities. You don’t seem to be on that side, but we need to know more, the entire country needs to know more.”

“Hurry up and get your ass in here. I don’t need my neighbors to think this isn’t a normal residence, with normal people, totally not trying to redesign the government,” Aunt B countered with witty sarcasm.

“You’re so funny,” Jason replied.

Aunt B held the door open for Christina, Jason and Billy Bob, as they walked over the threshold, and heard a steel plated door close behind them.

“What was that?” Jason curiously wondered, starting to comprehend this wasn’t a normal tract home.

“We have to protect ourselves against any kind of attack. This place is a fortress, as well as hiding in plain sight. Don’t you know, that’s always the best place to hide anything?”

Before Jason uttered another syllable to keep this useless volley going, Aunt B interrupted once again. She knew how important keeping things on track were. Christina looked at her and smiled, she could learn a lot from Aunt B.

“Have a seat, we have a lot to discuss.” Aunt B pointed to the leather couches surrounding a coffee table, filled with pre rolled joints.

“I love the set up,” Jason admitted. If this lady loved weed as much as they did, he knew their problem-solving skills would jive.

Aunt B whistled, and three people shuffled in from the other room. “I want you to meet my comrades, this is Kate, Russ and Sean. They will help me help you, help the people. Haven’t you always believed in success, with a little help from your friends?”

“Of course, but how do I know they’re friends, let alone you?” Jason fired back.

“The world is an untrustworthy place, and will let you down every chance it gets. Of course, it’ll also build you up every chance it gets. Don’t you want to build the country better, not destroy conscious opportunity like all hippies before you?”

























The cliché of “life was simpler when we were younger”, has been appropriated by every generation, since we realized the next one wanted to make changes. The idea that life has become too complicated, is an illusion. There is a way to become more personal, even if life is becoming inherently impersonal. It’s called understanding that the more we learn, the more we realize, we don’t know a God damn thing.

Simpler isn’t always better, but complex isn’t either. The case by case basis of life shook up Jason and Christina so intensely, Billy Bob couldn’t help but stay with them. He felt like their protector, the one who would always be at their side in case shit went down. Ever since new Jerusalem, Billy Bob knew shit always went down with the OG truth seekers.

“This is quite the place you have here,” Jason uneasily expressed as he shifted his weight around the perfectly designed leather sofa. The more he moved, the more it incorrectly adjusted to his position. It was almost as if he couldn’t be made comfortable. Aunt B realized this, and knew she had made the right move.

“I know this is a huge thing. Nothing eclipses taking down the government, and trying to redesign an almost 250-year old experiment,” Aunt B orated. Her thick brown hair wrapped in a pony tail, laid halfway down her back. She didn’t believe in shampooing every day like everybody else. She did her own thing, and knew that’s why the Truth Seekers entered her path. “We have a lot to discuss, why don’t we start this off right.”

Aunt B motioned for Russ, Kate and Sean, as well as Jason, Christina and Billy Bob to grab one of the expertly rolled doobies off the coffee table, along with one of the many lighters engulfing the mason jar right beside them.

“What did you want to tell us? We could use some help,” Christina piped up. She knew Jason was still searching for words, and was just trying to break the ice. “Who are you with? I hope you’re not Julie Bond remnants. Of course, if you were, we walked right into a trap.”

Without missing a beat, Aunt B set their minds at ease. “Great minds need great energy to function. That energy is received through realization, laughter, camaraderie and many good joints. This forms authentic critical thought, not nervously vomited words.”

“That’s always been a problem for Jason,” Billy Bob ribbed. He loved this bleeding heart, he just wanted to make sure Jason actually didn’t become one physically. “He’s a crack up.”

“You should have seen him in high school, we did some crazy shit together,” Russ commented out of the blue.

“In high school, I don’t remember you,” Jason surprisingly reacted. He wanted to remember Russ, he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Have you smoked too many joints since then?” Kate sarcastically replied. She was always by Russ’s side, except for when she did her own thing. That’s what Russ found most attractive about her, but also what could eventually drive them apart. Not wanting to open a can of worms, before they opened a can of worms, Kate remembered how much love Russ expressed, when talking about Jason. “I know you’re nervous, but many goals can be accomplished with old friends, new friends and lots of amazing doobies.”

“Well don’t twist my arm,” Jason emphatically stated, as he kissed the lighter to the joint. Jason didn’t want to start a cult. He wanted people to think for themselves, because it helped them comprehend what really mattered. Still, he couldn’t help but notice as soon as he lit his joint, everybody else lit theirs.

Jason took a mammoth hit, trying to inhale and exhale before anybody else. This plan would have worked, but Jason’s lungs quickly reached capacity. He let out such a massive cough, his face immediately hued bright red.

“That’s what I wanted to see, now we can get down to business,” Aunt B described. Once Jason was done hacking, he formed syllables which eventually became words.

“Man, this stuff is good. Wow, I needed that,” Jason admitted.

“Me too, we haven’t had many stress-free days lately,” Christina added with a grin.

“Do you guys even remember me,” Sean wondered. He was silent until then, but couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Yeah, I remember you. I just didn’t want to explain my disgust and worry when you disappeared. I didn’t want to upset Aunt B here, she could be the leader of some secret organization meant to spy on people,” Jason detailed, unaware of Sean’s undercover activities.

Before Aunt B exhaled her soul’s peace of mind, she smiled. She knew Jason was very humble, but that’s what made him so good. “Maybe, but right now, let’s enjoy this.”

“I agree. You have music, I could really go for some blues?” Jason affirmatively asked.

“I surely do, you and I have the same taste in music; although I like a little more county. Hey Russ, can you put on my “get down to business” mix?” Aunt B requested as she pointedly put her bare feet up on the mahogany stained coffee table.

“Your get down to business mix? Is that different from your let’s fuck shit up mix?” Russ teased. He believed in Aunt B and everything she stood for, but he craved a healthy amount of banter. That’s one of the reasons Aunt B first picked him up. Since he and Kate had been together so long, they were a packaged deal. However, Kate had proved her worthiness on more than one occasion. “What about your, I don’t give a shit mix?”

“Very funny, just put on something good you asshole,” Aunt B volleyed back.

“I like you guys, you sound like every Sunday afternoon down south,” Billy Bob remembered. How he missed fish frys, bug zappers and PBR, but his life had bigger purpose now. Every time he thought it didn’t, something came along to slap him in the face. To avoid that uncomfortable confrontation, Billy Bob consciously went along, while staying eternally vigilant. “When we make it through this, we’ll do a crawfish boil, like when Gary brought you guys to meet me.”

“I’d love that,” Jason proudly admitted.

“I would too. I lived in Memphis when I was younger after all,” Aunt B added, as she took another long toke from her joint.

The air was permeated with good vibes, family and effortless comfortability. Sensing this, Aunt B stood up as quickly as her creaky body would allow, and spoke with authority. “I brought you here, because all of you have committed a multitude of selflessly revolutionary acts. The evil you removed from leadership, reminded regular folks they have power, they just had to take it back.”

“That was the goal, but now the 7 other Truth Seekers are helping their militias keep order, until we attack. Well not attack, just until we have a plan to move forward,” Jason honestly uttered.

“I completely understand the dilemma you’re in.”

“You do?” Jason wondered. How could this person he just met, know exactly what he was thinking? He wanted to yell out that this woman was crazy, and storm out of the house. Instead Jason tried standing up, practically toppling over from the weight of responsibility, or was it the weed? Or was it because every time something got close to being dealt with, Jason would throw a fit because he wasn’t afraid of failure, but of everything going right?

Finally rising to his feet, Jason looked around the room and saw some folks were friends, and some were, he didn’t know what. All of a sudden, the trust in humanity he realized to found the Truth Seekers, was fading away. He walked toward the door, each step like 1000-pound anvils. The stares and head shakes he received, bounced off his forcefield.

As Jason reached the door, he returned to the “what the hell is going on” feeling he had when he walked in. Aunt B grabbed him by the shoulder.

“Where are you going? I thought you needed help?” Aunt B surprisingly asked. She knew Jason needed to have his “why” so black and white, that his soul would inhale it. This needed to be established before Jason could move forward. “Don’t make me drag you back by your hair, that I may or may not braid.”

Aunt B’s surprising statement made Jason pause his forward motion. He stared at Christina and Billy Bob who stared back with such intensity, Jason could feel equal parts love, support, and energy that this whole thing could be done. Aunt B wanted Jason to know, he wouldn’t have to go it alone.

“I just,” Jason paused. His mind reeled like a half ton Marlin bit his hook. “I just, I’ve spent my whole life rebelling against the power structure. Conversing about injustices and forming a coalition, before moving forward to propel positive change. Then I met my people, formed an inner circle, and they helped undo more evil then I ever thought possible.”

“Thanks baby,” Christina added.

Hearing Christina’s lovingly sweet words, didn’t mean Jason would stop mentally vomiting. He loved her, but he needed to get this out, or it would bring the Truth Seekers progress to a grinding halt.

“What do you do when you spend your whole life rebelling, and then discover nothing left to rebel against? What does the rebel do when they become the power?” Jason demanded at full volume. He started to worry about the rising volume of his voice. The last thing he wanted was to blow Aunt B’s cover, before she helped dislodge the current stalemate.

Aunt B took a deep breath, and started what would be the beginning of many pep talks; to provide motivation to strive further, than the soul thought possible. “Look, you’re all here for a reason, as there have been reasons for everything you’ve done so far.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.”

“Okay. What does the rebel do when they become the power? They realize that no matter how good, honest, and truthful they are to the people, there will always be an uprising. When there’s a power, there will always be rebels.”

Jason thought for a minute, then everything became clear. “So, we’re the power, crazy. I never thought I’d be the power, it was always fight the power.”

“You’re just now realizing you’re the power? You helped organize a people powered rebellion, and overthrew the government.  You had a meeting with all possible areas of this new government you’re building, as well as with your friends who want to help run the country. You’ve done all that, and still think you’re not the power??”

It looked like Aunt B and Jason might be a few minutes, so Christina turned to Billy Bob. “What do you think they’re talking about? It’s like they’re talking, and nobody else is around, only them.”

“I don’t know, but I have a good feeling. Jason taught me to trust positivity, until it proves otherwise. We should let this play out. Besides, we’re smoking great joints, in a comfortable place, with what I hope are new comrades,” Billy Bob answered back without missing a beat.

“I couldn’t agree with you more. You don’t seem like shit heads too me. I think we can get along,” Russ commented, to laughter from his newest friends this side of truth seeking.

“How do you think everyone is making out? How do you think my dad and Marty are doing? What about Aaron and David?” Christina questioned. She knew Jason and her had a gargantuan task ahead, and wanted to ensure their dads were in the physical place they appeared to be. Of course, in the past when they became lost, something always came along to remind them they need not worry; they just needed to be good people, do their thing and trust the process.

Billy Bob was about to answer, but felt his pocket vibrating. “Before you say anything, I am happy to see you, but that’s a phone in my pocket.” Once again, riotous laughter exploded like an H bomb, blanketing the room with joy filled vibes; which always translated into positive action. “I love you guys.”

“I love you too, Pooky,” Jay sarcastically replied.

“Oh, sorry. I must’ve answered it without knowing. I’m here with, oh that’s not important. How are you doing? How are things out there?” Billy Bob wondered.

“Better than expected I suppose. Of course, I didn’t know what to expect after a people powered uprising, nobody did. Things are moving along as well as they could be, considering we’re operating without major parts of the government. From all the contacts I’ve made, I can’t sense anything building against us. Most people appear to be on our side. The situation appears copasetic for now.”

Before Billy Bob answered back, Christina shot up like a garden sprout. She snatched the phone from Billy Bob’s hand, with the ferocity of a Madwoman for Good. “Dad, I love you. How are things going?”

“Hi honey bear, how are you guys doing? Planning something big I’m sure, how’s my son in law?” Jay wondered with a wink in his voice.

“He’s good, he’s talking to this lady we met after the meeting. We’re at her safe house right now.”

“It’s about time she tracked you down. I know her spies were watching you for a while. Don’t worry though, she’s good people. She’ll definitely steer you in the right direction.”

“You know her? You knew somebody was spying on us, and didn’t say anything? Is she somebody we should watch out for?”

As Christina’s questioning droned on, Billy Bob was hanging on to her every word. Jason was still having his heart to heart with Aunt B by the door. While Russ, Kate and Sean puffed away on their joints, which quickly became roaches. They had seen a lot while working for Aunt B, many close calls, making them question why they they were still breathing because of how much trouble they got her in.

However, if she believed in Jason, they would too. Maybe that’s why they didn’t freak out because of the mini conferences taking pace. Sometimes it took a while to realize passion’s full capacity, which is what Christina was exerting toward her dad, Jay. “Well?”

“I met her down in Cuba years ago. I was mentally lost, and she helped me find my way. She was the reason I became the Madman for Good. Well, not the reason, but she helped me take on the persona, because of how driven I was to make change. Long story short, she helped illuminate the right path, and helped me design forward motion into my new day. I know she can lead you into yours.”

“If you trust her that much trust, I guess we will too.”

“Relax, Aunt B is good people. She rolls a hell of a joint right?”

“Nary a run in sight.”

“Definitely, everything is good here. I’ve talked to Marty and David. Their sides are holding ground, while making sure everything runs in an orderly fashion. It’s as if we’re in a holding pattern, like we’re waiting for word from up top. The people are on your side, but won’t be if you don’t build the something better, that this movement was based upon. I love you Honey Bear. I have to go. Tell that crazy man, I’m chill now, but a shotgun wedding isn’t out of the question, if he doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do.”

“Hahahaha you’re so funny. I love you,” Christina lovingly returned as she ended the call.

“Damn, that took long enough,” Billy Bob described with a smile. “How’s he doing? How are the guys getting along?”

“You were standing one foot away, I’m sure you heard every word,” Christina noticed.

“I heard people are basically in a holding pattern until they get word from us,” Billy Bob passionately repeated.

“That’s the big reason I had you come meet me,” Aunt B answered. She and Jason rejoined the group, planting themselves back on the fine leather.

“I thought it was my rugged good looks?” Billy Bob inquired, with a wink to Aunt B.

“If I wanted that, I’d tear you up. That’s not important right now, how we move forward is,” Aunt B volleyed back.

“How do we do that?” Jason hastily responded. “It’s what I’ve been wondering since you mysteriously found me at the meeting.”

“Here, let’s light up again first. You know the old saying, I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints,” Aunt B iterated.

“I knew we’d get along.” Jason didn’t need any goading. He grabbed another of the fat joints sitting before him, and exhaled a thick cloud of smoke. Jason immediately got down to business. “You were right. I do feel like doing stuff now.”

“Wow, you talk good English, Rim High sure learned you good,” Russ piped up.

“They learned you well too, you mother fucker,” Jason snickered back.

“Come on little boys,” Christina emphatically stated like a mom warning unruly teenagers. Kate and Aunt B simultaneously gave her a look, like “we like you”.

Before conscious action could be conjured for Christina, as well as for other women who needed to be inserted into leadership positions, Aunt B started things off. “Look, you cleared and held, now it’s time to build. All your people are preventing chaos from breaking out, and are holding firm; the people are tagging along. Repeated espousals prove you’re not only on their side, but are going to make things better. Hell, that’s why they came to your side in the first place.”

“All I ever wanted to do was unite people where we agree. Now that most of us do, and are designing a government based on that principle, I’m stuck,” Jason admitted.

“Once again, take another puff off that joint, calm down, and become the laid-back amazing human being I, and the whole country knows you are.”

Jason took Aunt B’s word to heart, and took three successive pulls of his joint; sucking down half its length in one breath. To his surprise, when Jason’s lungs released the fog bank no human could hold, his thoughts cleared, and his nervousness faded away like a rockstar past his prime.

“I see you’re taking her advice, she knows her shit,” Sean piped up from the back.

“I knew I recognized you. You were that random guy in Mexico before the bombing,” Christina apprehensively stated.

Noticing this, Jason stepped in. “We must find out how long this lady has been spying on us. Right now, we have more important matters.”

“He’s right, I’ll fully explain myself, or I won’t, who knows? In the bigger scheme, honestly who cares. Like I was saying, the population and your people are in a holding pattern waiting for orders.

You should give a speech to the country. Tell them love, equality, humanism, and accountability will now reign. Also, in the coming days they’ll see many changes, but all of them positive. You and the other nine Truth Seekers must lead this country back from the brink. The people need to know that what they fought for, is currently under construction,” Aunt B orated before taking a deep hit, and fogging over the circle.

“Where and what exactly should I say?” Jason theorized. He wasn’t sure where this was leading, but Aunt B acted as the top advisor Jason needed. There was an instant connection between them. They not only wanted the same thing, but were chasing the same thing as well.

“The particulars will come. I’ve seen how you feed off the moment. When you don’t know what to say don’t worry, it’ll come to you.”

“Thank you for having faith in me, because sometimes I don’t,” Jason admitted as Christina immediately put her arm around him. She helped Jason navigate extensively rough terrain, but has also brightened many smooth situations as well. Things were always looking up around Jason, as long as he kept his mind focused in the right direction. This was something Christina discovered as part of her earthly purpose, as well as fighting for what she believed in. In that way, Christina saw her and Aunt B’s role as one in the same. They weren’t in competition for Jason’s ear, they worked in tandem to help him continuously and sustainably evolve.

Billy Bob just relaxed and enjoyed the show. He knew events would eventually amble forward, so he relished the rare down time. He knew Jason needed an extra shove to not only get off his ass and do something, but once he did, Jason wouldn’t stop until positive change was a reality. Maybe that’s why they found themselves redesigning the American government.

“This speech should include specifics. You must be the guy people have faith in. They must know exactly what you’re about, where you stand and what the next few months and years will look like. There are immediate things you should do, and others that will take time,” Aunt B passionately described.

“Oh wise advisor please tell me what I should say in my speech,” Jason ribbed. His half sarcastic, half serious tone, was leading exactly where Aunt B wanted to go.

“You’re hilarious. Anyway, let the population know we’ll be rebuilding every facet of government. We’ll halt the endless war machine, by ending war privatization, and not having a standing army when not in war. We’ll stop attacking poor people abroad, because we’ll have stopped attacking them at home. We’ll have free public education up to bachelor level. Then make it extremely affordable past that, so we have the educated and informed populace that would’ve prevented Julie Bond’s rise in the first place.

We’ll fund this by increasing taxes on top earners, permanently ending tax havens and loopholes, and stopping the revolving door between business and politics. This has robbed the American Treasury of countless trillions of dollars, that could’ve fully funded numerous public programs; which always claimed to be out of money. Healthcare will be free for all people, as we join the rest of the industrialized world in not allowing somebody to go bankrupt, just for seeing a doctor.

Prisons will still exist, but will no longer be privately owned. We’ll end the two-tiered justice system, which allows the rich to get off scot-free, while the poor suffer through vastly overworked public defenders; who force them to take plea deals 90% of the time. We’ll still be a capitalistic society, but private ownership will be banned in several areas; military, prisons, hospitals and schools among them. Then comes the big task of writing a new constitution, a legal document that’s fair for all people, not simply white protestant males.

The worst parts will be removed, and better parts will be inserted, all done with full legality, and based on many of our founding principles; clearly and unequivocally stating how things are equal by virtue of being human. We’ll have public financing of elections. We’ll have a commission elected from every segment of society, to regulate and certify those elections; taking that task away from secretaries of state.”

As all of them sat stunned by how powerful and passionate Aunt B delivered her words, Jason vocalized first. Maybe that’s why people liked him. He stood up when others wanted to, but wanted somebody else to stand first, just to see if it was safe.

“That was a great speech, why don’t you go on TV and tell it to the American people?” Jason sincerely wondered.

“I’m not the public person you are. I put people in your path to help along your journey. I noticed something special about you years ago. You’re the one people followed, you’re the one people got behind. I might be part of the brains behind the operation, but you’re the face. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can leave, and get this whole thing started.”

“What do you think baby?” Christina lovingly stared into Jason’s eyes, and directly into his soul. She loved him with all of hers, and wanted him to know with the kiss she so comfortingly placed on his lips, this was the end of the beginning. This was a new day. “You ready for this?”

“What do you think Billy Bob?” Jason inquired of the ultimate example of a real human being.

“A speech would be perfect, it’d be good to get that show on the road. I love smoking and bull-shitting don’t get me wrong, but there’s a country waiting for us, especially you,” Billy Bob passionately explained.

“If I’m the president, are you my chief of staff?” Jason quipped.

Before Billy Bob offered a proper response, Aunt B filled the void. “You’re not president, and he’s not chief of staff. You may hold positions similar to those, but without titles. Once you and your people build the foundation over the next couple years, you can step back after the first election, and let what you worked for, work for you.”

“How do we do that?” Jason curiously pondered.

“You realize your purpose was to reset paradigms, to re-engage people while setting them on the road toward positive evolution. For it to be sustainable, and become better than we could imagine, you have to let it go; and let the people you serve, do with it what they will. Hopefully when that moment finally arrives, the population will understand how good every aspect of their government can be. They will not only witness, but live through everything they’ve dreamt about for years. They’ll then be granted a choice, do they want to continue forward motion, or be shoved backward?”

“It always comes down to choice, doesn’t it?” Christina questioned.

“Most certainly. She’s perceptive, hang onto her.”

“Don’t worry, I will,” Jason responded, and planted a soul reviving kiss on Christina’s angelic lips. This warmed souls, and grossed them out at the same time.

“I can’t thank you enough for your help. I’ll probably need it again in the coming days, weeks, hell for a while,” Jason sarcastically remarked. Billy Bob sprinted as fast as his wrinkled and broke down body would get him out the door, and started the Lincoln. The roar of the V8, the sleekness of its exterior, the comfort of its interior, would once again serve as a prime chariot for the new “new” leader of the free world. “How do I contact you? Can I offer you a position as we rebuild?”

“I’ve always been in the shadows, and will always upset paradigms, its literally what I was put on his earth to do. Now go out and talk to the people. You have my number. I may be in this safe house, or one not on anybody’s radar. I’m always here for you, I want you to know that. Call me anytime, and I’ll be there. You can do this, it’s what you were born to do.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Jason earnestly responded.

“Well from the impatience of that mother fucker beeping outside, you better go. With Billy Bob on one side, and Christina on the other, you literally can do anything. You already have. It led you here, and is now leading you away.”

“Take care man, we’ll be working behind the scenes to help however we can,” uttered a very compartmentalized Sean, with nodding heads from Russ and Kate.

“How do I ever repay you?” Jason honestly asked.

“Simple, go out there and walk the walk you always have. Today is a new day. The American people need to hear that from somebody who authentically has their best interest at heart.”

Christina grabbed Jason’s hand and led him out the door. He looked back at the four conscious souls who steered him in the right direction; well one in particular.

“I can’t believe I met her randomly,” Jason expressed as he and Christina made their way down the concrete steps toward the beeping black Lincoln.

“You did, but look at all the positive that’s happened to us, specifically because we put ourselves in the right place at the right time without knowing it.”

“Come on, hurry up,” Bill Bob yelled out the side of the Lincoln even though Jason and Christina were a foot from the front suicide door.

“We’re coming, why such the hurry?” Jason wondered. He and Christina climbed in the front, and shared the extremely big and comfortable, white leather bench seat.

“Are you really asking me that? Come on man. You need to give this speech like yesterday. The people need reassurance, clarity and authentic humanity.”

“I agree,” Christina added, before Billy Bob peeled out of the suburban hideout, leaving behind storm clouds of burnt rubber. Whether from the inside or the outside, the billowing smoke Jason and his crew emitted, always had positive effect.

“Where are we going? You have something in mind?” Jason theorized. As Billy Bob raced down the street, Jason observed out the window that everything appeared normal. People weren’t fighting and killing all others who were different, leaving random body parts for feral wolves to eat at night anymore. They were having real conversations, going to work, shopping, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. It’s as if an American dictator wasn’t usurped because of her passion for something better. “You have a plan?”

“I do,” Billy Bob answered before taking a sharp right, three lefts and two more rights, before bombing down a straightaway so he could wind out the engine.

“Care to elaborate? Why the intensity?” Christina queried.

“This speech needs to be delivered from the Oval Office.”

“Like THE Oval Office?” Jason repeated.

“Are you a parrot? Yes, the Oval Office. People will see that as official, and a good place to start rebuilding and reorganizing,” Billy Bob emphatically stated. “We’re almost there, I called ahead; they’re expecting us.”

“They’re expecting us at the White House? I never thought I’d be saying that. Never thought I’d be giving a speech to the American population, from the most powerful office in the world,” Jason honestly admitted.

“That might be true, but come on; with everything we’ve done in the past, this ain’t shit,” Christina justified.

As Jason formulated a correct response, Billy Bob screeched to a stop right at the front door.

“We’re here,” Billy Bob laughed. The abruptness with which he slammed the brakes, made Jason almost smash his face on the dashboard.

“God damn, you’re my permanent wheel man from now on. Think you’re funny huh?” Jason harangued.

“I know I’m funny, and so are you, and so is this amazing woman. However, this isn’t about that. It’s about giving the people something to go on. How many people have randomly given you what you needed, when you’ve needed it?” Billy Bob replied. He leaped out of the car like a man on a mission, and was met by secret service retained by the Truth Seekers, until something better could be put in place.

“This way Mr. Jason.” The lead agent ushered Jason, Christina and Billy Bob through the front door, and down a long hallway toward the Oval.

“I can’t believe where we are, I don’t know if I can do this,” Jason theorized. He knew having a chance to change things, instead of endlessly dreaming about them, is something he always wanted. He also knew he had a self-sabotage streak when looking for sympathy, guidance, and a polite kick in the ass.

Of course, that’s what Billy Bob was for. “Look man, as you guys leisurely strolled out of Aunt B’s, I called and had everything set up, ready to be filmed. We’ll be live on every TV network, all available live streaming social network applications, as well as countless radio stations and internet sites.”

“You did all that, for me?” Jason humbly wondered.

“Your humility sickens me, but yes. This is all for you, but not because of you, because of the people. You need to reassure them like only you can, that you have their back. You’ve proven that over and over. They will believe you. That’s why we’re here.”

“You’re right,” Jason responded.

“No, I mean, we’re here.” Billy Bob, Christina and Jason reached the door of the Oval.

Jason slowly turned the knob, expecting booby traps and men to appear out of the walls to stop them; but this wasn’t James Bond, or Julie Bond. This was the Truth Seekers.

“Right over here Mr. Jason,” the head camera man ushered. Jason located the seat usually occupied by Presidents, now home to his weary bones. An easy and chill vibe washed over him, causing his worry, anxiousness and apprehension to melt away; but it quickly returned.

“We’ll be right here, you can do this,” Billy Bob lovingly agreed. He and Christina stood anxiously next to the camera man, excited to see what a true leader looked like.










When the rebel becomes the power, a loss of purpose sets in. The long aimed at target is gone, replaced by an unfamiliar call to tell people what to do, instead of where they went wrong.

A journey is never over, until the American people say it is. All the revolutions, all the fights, all the battles that led to the current situation the Truth Seekers found themselves in, made them sure they were doing the right thing, but not sure at the same time.

The emptiness Jason felt before Christina met him under a Japanese maple that day years ago, was all encompassing. Like a suffocating warm air, the more he chose to breathe in, the more his breaths became fewer and far between.

This is what Jason felt when he stepped behind the cameras, in the most powerful office in the world. “What’s he doing?” Billy Bob exclaimed with surprise. “Looks he’s afraid to speak. He’s been waiting his whole life to lay it out for the American people. All his struggles have led to enemies uniting through their humanity. Now he has a chance to put that into overdrive, what’s he waiting for?”

“I think you answered your own question?” Christina politely answered back. She observed Jason at a loss for words before, but knew what usually happened next, at least she hoped so. They had one shot. They had to get it right. “He often has a look about him when something big is about to pour from his mind, through his soul and out his mouth. Come on baby, you can do this.”

As Christina and Billy Bob sat on leather director chairs behind the camera, they shifted uneasily. Jason had been staring into the camera for two excruciatingly uncomfortable minutes, not uttering a word. He knew what he was doing, or did he? Back when Jason wrote short stories before getting a job at the newspaper, he’d get blocked. This is when he’d stare into space, and open his mind. More often than not what came, was vastly better than if he hadn’t taken the time.

“What’s he doing? You said to start the live feed the second he sat in the chair. Now he looks like a deer in the headlights, if that deer became President of the United States by default,” Keith the camera man mentioned to Billy Bob. They knew each other since childhood, somebody Billy Bob could trust, ever since Keith backed him in a fight on the eighth-grade playground. “I was all in when you said you needed my help. But this guy, you sure about him? I want to make change just like everybody else, but when push comes to shove, it appears Jason isn’t up to the task.”

Billy Bob started rubbing his thickly goateed chin he knew he should shave, but had more important things that needed tending. He gave Jason an encouraging look, and hoped all the hard work they put in wasn’t going to swirl down the drain. Now was their chance to upend generationally ingrained paradigms, and make positive change for the people.

However, that didn’t take away from the fact Jason was still staring blankly into space. The average person wouldn’t understand his astral projecting, let alone Billy Bob and Christina. Maybe that’s what was hanging him up, he didn’t believe others could comprehend.

“I’m giving him another 30 seconds, then I’m cutting the feed. This broadcast is on all major networks, most cable networks, and many streaming internet sites,” Keith blurted. He thirsted for change as much as they did. The fact he had been fucked over with low wages for years, while the people around him worked way less, and were always further ahead was beside the point. Keith’s anxiousness was getting to him, which filtered down to the rest of the camera crew, as well as aides and staffers. “I don’t think he can do it.”

“Give him a little more time. Come on baby, this is everything we’ve been working for.” Christina whispered because the live feed was quieter than the earth after humanity was wiped out. What a weird image to conjure she thought, but there it is. When one opens the mind, what appears is often of unknown origin. “Come on baby, I believe in you.”

Jason agonizingly shifted in his chair, and smoothed back his long black hair with his wrinkled hand, like he didn’t have a care in the world. He saw everyone staring like they were waiting for a rare orchid to bloom. He noticed them, but it felt like peering at them through a window. He had taken residence in his own little world, and was searching for the right words. He knew once he did, he’d never be able to stop. Of course, wasn’t that what started his truth-seeking journey in the first place? An unrelenting need to better the planet, by persuading everybody to be more human to each other?

“Wait, I think he’s about to speak,” Billy Bob noticed.

Jason took a small sip of water, inhaled deep three times, and opened his mouth. “Here it comes, this is going to be epic,” Christina hopefully uttered. She blew a kiss at Jason, which he caught with his left hand, and put in his pocket.

“Are the cameras still rolling, did they catch that?” Billy Bob wondered.

“Yeah, these things have been rolling for almost three minutes now. People are tuning in to see Jason look straight ahead and not say anything. Hopefully catching and pocketing Christina’s kiss, will make the public give him a break,” Keith described.

“Oh wait, here it comes, baby you can do it, we all believe in you,” Christina earnestly expressed.

That was all Jason needed to hear. The syllables finally poured over his lips, out of his mouth and into the world in what he hoped would be a humanistic, accountable and truthful way for the American people to move forward.

“My fellow Americans, I know these are trying times. Well, trying is an understatement. These are times like we’ve never seen. We, the Truth Seekers, countless militias and vast swaths of people led a popular uprising against the systemized dehumanization orchestrated by the American government. Now, we the people, can actually build something for, we the people,” Jason described. He didn’t know where the words were coming from, he just knew he better speak them before they swallowed him whole. Some people were getting antsy, thinking they got behind somebody who couldn’t orate.

“Good start, let’s see where it leads,” Christina commented. She loved Jason with all her heart and soul, wanting nothing more than to walk through this new day with him. She couldn’t be prouder to be human, than at any point in her entire life.

“The damage Julie Bond wrought on not only the systems we built, but the basic nature of what makes us human, is deep and long lasting. However, we found a way to rise up. Why? We believed in something greater than ourselves. We let our petty differences go, and came together like never before. This not only alleviated generationally ingrained issues, but showed us (with black and white 2x4s, what makes us different, is, what makes us the same.

I know what defined this government before Bond took over, squashing the poor in favor of the rich, by pitting races and genders against each other. Through this division, they were able to chip away at our rights, and every other aspect that makes life worth living. We might’ve been walking down the street on a sunny day, but worried about getting beaten or accosted by somebody of another race or creed, who didn’t approve of what we looked like, so they got 15 of their friends to do a number on our head.

That day is over. The days of killing people on the streets because they weren’t white Christian males is over. The days of killing of unarmed black men and boys by police, because of overt and covert violent racism are over. The days of paying women half as much as men, for doing twice the work is over.”

“I like what he’s laying out so far, sounds like he’s illustrating what’s held us back for so long. But don’t the people already know that? Aren’t they already well versed in these problems? Isn’t that why they joined the Truth Seeker cause in the first place?” Billy Bob queried Christina. Having information repeated to him he already knew, felt condescending; that was part of the problem he thought. People got sick and tired of hearing the same shit over and over, while getting the same results. Which is why people stopped believing politicians, and began relying on emotions, instead of critical thought.

This was the beginning of the division, they all hoped to stop; especially Billy Bob when he abandoned New Jerusalem, simply for the hope of walking into a new day. “I just hope he’s building toward something. What do you think our other people will say? Since we’re a board of directors, I hope he doesn’t promise something everyone isn’t okay with.”

Christina put her weary but confident arm around Billy Bob. “Listen old man.”

“Old man, I can still put you over my knee,” Billy Bob quipped.

“Okay good, I have your attention. Jason will get better at not beating around the bush. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. I mean he’s led us this far hasn’t he?”

“He led us here, don’t you mean we helped each other get here? Isn’t that what a people powered revolution is about?”

“Yes, it is. We all played a part, and fought for every nook and cranny that makes life worth living. We’ve formed a board of directors, but doesn’t every board need a CEO? Doesn’t every big business and organization need somebody to be the face?”

“You’re totally right, it’s just weird to think of ourselves as a big business. Seems like we’re only here right now, because we fought against those things.” Billy Bob admitted.

“That’s true, but we need to think of ourselves that way. We need to delegate to the people we trust to bring real change. I’m not simply talking about the original Truth Seekers, but about everyone who joined our cause.”

“You know, you’re right. In fact, remember Colin Schmidt? I think he’s going to be integral as well.”

As Billy Bob and Christina conversed back and forth, the high beam lit Oval Office, still featured Jason behind the ornate Presidential desk, and the camera.

“The days of school to prison pipelines where for profit charter schools, degrade public schools in black and brown neighborhoods is over. The days of privately-owned hospitals where insurance companies and doctors, garner huge profits off American people, who go bankrupt when they get sick is over. The days of the popular voice not determining the outcomes of elections, but instead the electoral college is over. The days of Billion-dollar campaigns ran by nameless and faceless dark money Super PACs are over. The illusion of power has been shattered and all that shit holding us back, no longer will; unless we allow it.”

“Did he just say shit on national TV?” Christina chuckled.

“He did, but the people will be fine with it, because it makes him sound more human,” Billy Bob returned.

Jason continued. “The emboldened materialism, militarism and racism holding us back as a nation is over. The systems which propped them up are over. I’m not going to sit here and claim racism and hate are over, just because a friendly is in the white house. I won’t take anything for granted. I’m sure you won’t either.

We’ve reached this point, because we believed in something real. Something so human it lacked definition, something we felt in our hearts we must do. In the coming days and months there will be many changes. They won’t be so severe as to make you wish for the return of Bond, but very different than not only what she transformed this place into, but the as of yet unrealized collective American dream.”

“He’s about to bring this home,” Christina noticed.

“I hope so, I need a joint,” Billy Bob admitted.

“So, these old hippies are wearing off on an old redneck from Alabama huh?” Christina needled.

Billy Bob gave Christina a hug, before they both returned their attention to Jason. They wanted him to become the person he always wanted to be. Just a human being, using his heart and soul to usher the positive change all human beings seek from the time they’re born, till the day they die. Christina knew Jason and the rest of the Truth Seekers, were helping everybody realize that as well, and that’s what got her so excited.

“By now, you know the Truth Seekers and I have garnered a lot of help from the Mad People for Good, the Mossad and countless groups aiding the people’s rise to power. That’s how you all should think about this. This is the people’s rise to power. True, it’s me sitting here talking to you, but you made this new day possible.

In this office, I’m replacing the desk, with a roundtable. At that table will sit the original Truth Seekers, who will serve as a board of directors, instead of a president. We’ll have elections in a couple years, where we’ll elect a new President, which will return a sense of normalcy.

Until then, Christina, Billy Bob, Gary, Marty, Bryan, Jay, David, Aaron, Tim and I will serve as board members.

To prove we’re truthful about changing how things have always been done, we want states to hold elections within a month to reelect US Congressman, US Senators and Governors. There will be term limits of no more than six, two year terms equaling 12 years for Congressmen, and two, six year terms or 12 years for Senators.  Governors will serve no more than two, four-year terms, for a total of eight years. This will be a uniform rule amongst all states.

This will be done because the malignant dehumanization of Julie Bond, filtered into all officials and all departments. We need states’ rights, not a tyrannical federal government; that’s what got us in the mess we’re in. The difference now, people in Washington will be much more answerable, accountable, truthful and human. Your elected officials will be much more approachable, and receptive to needs, because they understand how powerful the people are.

Once we start having regular board meetings, the first one being next week, we’ll discuss setting up a constitutional convention after the election. The fact the United States started as fair to some, and so unfair to others it didn’t consider them human, is non-existent in this new day. We’ll ensure this new document is representative of all us, and the extremely intricate and interwoven nature of humanity; which will drive us to a better future. The convention will be held in Philadelphia, staying true to our founders.

We’ll be rewriting history, by living what we were truly designed to be. This unrealized dream we’ve all yearned for, will become real, but only if we put in the work.

In future discussions, we’ll also talk about reorganizing the departments of State, Defense, Veterans Affairs, Education, Energy, Treasury, Commerce, HUD and Labor; as well as the EPA. This is our opportunity to finally make things better. We don’t want to tear everything down, clean slate thinking gave rise to Bond and Bannon. Do we want to reestablish a belief, that life would be better if we destroyed everything? That starting with a blank slate gives us the ability to create what we’ve been trained to want since childhood?

We aren’t destroying, we’re creating, we’re helping life evolve. Yes, we’ll be making wholesale changes, but we’re improving what exists, not starting from scratch. It was Bond who tried blowing up the Capitol, specifically to eviscerate rationally thinking people from government.

Now is the time to reengage with regular life, real humanity, and just not act like assholes to each other. I’ll return to you every week in this capacity, directly after our board meeting. I’ll relay any and all board proposals, which newly elected Congressman and Senators will choose to sign or not sign off on. We’ll be ruling from the top, but people from all sides have an authentic chance to create the changes they seek. Our social media will always be available and completely public, so any of you out there, can suggest anything you’d like to see. These suggestions will be brought up at our board meetings. We’ll promote any which benefit all of us, not just a select few.

I know I’ve been droning on for some time now, and you’re probably getting bored. I don’t want to keep you any longer than you already have been. I want you to enjoy life like all us humans not only hope to do, but are able to do, now that evil has been toppled.”

“Sounds like he’s wrapping it up, but with him, you never know. He can go on and on, before he realizes the glaze which overcame his audience,” Christina expressed. She loved Jason, but knew he better bring it home soon. Doing this kind of speech once a week was a good idea. What wasn’t, was to speak so long, the people tuned out. The world’s autocrats gave talks only once a year, and talked for an entire day. They believed the people deserved to be informed, but only when it was skewed to their advantage. Christina knew Jason would never let it get to that point. “He needs to finish strong, something which ingrains in the people that this guy is representative of them, because he is them.”

“You really are Jason’s significant other, you sound like a married couple,” Billy Bob teased.

“Hahahahaha Mr. funny man, but I do agree with you,” Christina replied with glee. Her and Billy Bob shared a very welcome laugh and a warm hug, because this was something neither of them ever expected. What happened next was also something they didn’t expect, but did at the same time; because that’s just who Jason was.

“I just need a few more minutes of your time. I know I said that a few minutes ago, but please indulge me.” Jason didn’t know why, but something within him said to reach in the desk drawer, just to see if anything was left from previous presidents; from Bond, or just anything at all. This was the fucking Oval Office he thought, who knows.

When Jason pulled open one of the storied wooden drawers, he found a joint, a lighter and a note.

“Dear Jason. I know Billy Bob is having you give this speech, and I couldn’t be prouder. I believe in you, and your ability to relate to all people, because of your unmatched, authentic humanity. Anyway, I know you’re probably in the middle of your speech right now, so I’ll make this brief. We will make it through. This is the chance we’ve all been dreaming of. If you’re human, and show your love which comes so naturally, there’s nothing you can’t make happen. Love Ridell.”

“What’s he doing? He’s been looking in the desk for 30 seconds now. He was rolling along, about to wrap things up, and now seems to be losing it,” Christina described.

“On the contrary, he’s about to prove to the American people, just how real he is,” Billy Bob pointed out.

Before Christina uttered another snarky comment, about how awesome Jason would be if he got out of his own way, Jason set the tone by just being himself.

“Sorry about that, I was reading a note from somebody who I thought was an enemy, but continues to prove on a regular basis, that people can not only change, but become better than they ever imagined,” Jason orated.

Billy Bob knew he didn’t leave a note in the desk. How could he have? He rushed from Aunt B’s straight to the Oval after setting up the speech. Although Jason’s description did fit him, he also knew Jason had the magical ability to bring people together; one of the reasons Billy Bob had so much faith in him. He hoped the American people would for the same reason.

“One of the major changes…” Jason took a pause as he lifted up an expertly rolled doobie for the cameras to see, as well as the random green lighter. “This is for you America.”

Jason proceeded to put fire to the joint, and inhaled as deep as his lungs allowed. The billows of smoke calmly emitted from his lips, and fogged over the camera; granting all those within close proximity a contact high.

Jason took one more toke before he started speaking again. “Awww, this is good stuff. Like I was saying, there will be many changes coming, one of them being the federal legalization of marijuana. It will be taken completely off federal scheduling. All prisoners serving time for nonviolent marijuana offenses will be released, and all past and present non violent marijuana criminal records, will be expunged. We’ll also be working on a regulatory system which works for everybody, gives people extremely affordable access, while allowing others to profit.

Corporate farms will be not be rewarded by pushing out small farmers. This will be discussed at our first board meeting. We’ll change the paradigm so family farms won’t be pushed out and squeezed, like they were back when my grandpa wore short pants.

I’m smoking this fine doobie to prove a point. Yes, I smoke, I inhale, and love the feeling it gives me.  It never stops me from getting done what I need to get done, and neither does it for any Truth Seeker. Anybody who becomes a sloth because of this wonderful plant, would have done so anyway.

I’ll let you get back. Maybe smoke a doobie or 2 for yourselves. I love Christina. I love the Truth Seekers, and I love everybody who helped us get this far. We’re three quarters of the way there, but there’s much still left to do. We keep going, if we remember why we’re headed in a certain direction, and what makes life worth living.”

Jason took one more toke, blew out a monster hit before his final words. “I love you all, I love that we have an actual shot at this thing; and love the fact that WE did this. The days ahead are going to be strange, stranger than anybody has ever experienced. But if we stick together, there’s nothing we can’t do. United we stand divided we fall isn’t simply a Pink Floyd lyric, it’s a way of life. Thank you for watching, we’ll talk again soon.”

As the cameras shut off, Jason took two more successive hits, completing the hot box thanks to the joint hidden in the President’s desk. “I can’t believe you smoked a joint on TV from the Oval Office. It’ll bring a lot of people to the Truth Seeker side, who might have been on the fence. You appeared so normal, just like everybody else. It’s why people joined humanity, to take Bond down,” Billy Bob passionately deduced.

“For some reason I wanted to look in the drawer. Something was calling, Jason, open the drawer.”

“How high are you?” Bill Bob joked.

“I’m not high, just extremely buzzed,” Jason volleyed back.

“I love you baby, that was great.” Christina gave Jason one of her famous soul reviving kisses, which always raised his energy.

“I love you too baby,” Jason replied.

“I’m surprised people weren’t more shocked. Some of them overtook the capitol with us, some are staffers, whose bosses got removed with Bond. I have to know, who left the joint and note?” Billy Bob wondered. His comfortable stance was infectious, as people broke down their cameras.

“It was Ridell. He said he knew I’d be halfway through my speech, and thought I could use a joint. He said it would help the American people see that I’m just like them, because I am them.”

“Did you really mean what you said? That Ridell has proven himself worthy time after time?” Billy Bob curiously inquired.

“I did. He’s the ultimate example of an evolved person,” Jason quickly answered.

“I’m going to warm up the Lincoln, then call the others to convene for the first of many Truth Seeker board meetings. What day and time?” Billy Bob knew he’d follow Jason through the gates of Hell. If the Truth Seekers stayed true to humanity however, Hell would be the opposite of the direction they’d be going. They simply wanted to create that reality now. “Where should we hold it?”

Jason thought for a minute, and it came to him. “We should hold it right here. I told the people, our board of directors would sit at a roundtable, instead of a president at his or her desk. Call Jay and tell him we’ll need some of his great Cuban joints.”

“You want to ask Ridell to the meeting? He helped you usher a human moment, which will motivate people to come around even more.” Billy Bob wondered.

“Sure,” Jason replied as he gave Christina another kiss. “Go warm up the car. I want to be rolling down the street, smoking endo and sipping on gin and juice.”

“You got it brother,” Billy Bob quickly answered as he scampered out of the powerful office in the world.

Jason observed the place empty quickly, except for the hungry souls behind TV cameras, hanging onto his every word. “How do you think I did? Will our people have a problem with the proposals I made, or the board of directors’ thing? We didn’t find a consensus. We didn’t vote or even talk about it. I felt like I had to say something to revive normalcy, as well as concrete steps we must travel in our journey forward.”

Knowing Jason had a penchant for long winded explanations, (which were more succinct if he received the love and support, he yearned for) Christina helped him realize his former anxiousness and low self-esteem, led to this moment; specifically, because he recognized his short comings, and let them go. He was becoming the person he was always meant to be. “Don’t cut this experience short, by letting your self-sabotage get the better of you. We have many tough days ahead, but this was a great first step. Think about it, if before we got involved, we saw a President speak directly to the people from his heart and soul, while smoking a joint on live TV, how much would we have supported them? We can do this.”

“You’re so right. Let’s go baby, we need to let this experience wash over us,” Jason exclaimed. He gave Christina one more kiss, before they slithered through the massive hallways, and back to where Billy Bob parked the Lincoln.

White house staff roamed amongst faces of dead Presidents as they always had, but when Jason and Christina appeared lost, they decided to take a right turn.

“Jason you were great,” Colin Schmidt expressed as he peeked out of an office Jason and Christina unknowingly passed.

“Thanks man. What are you doing here? Did you have anything to do with Ridell leaving that joint?” Jason queried of humanity’s ultimate physical manifestation. Somebody who looked past the conservative liberal divide, and clearly saw the full volume of authenticity. That was Colin Schmidt.

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. Who am I kidding, of course I did. We thought it would help you relate to the people. Your ideas for the congress and senate were very interesting, and something people have been craving for quite some time,” Colin described.

“It literally came off the top of my head. Do you think the people will get on board?”

“Of course they will. After uniting millions to overthrow a tyrannical government, you’re asking if people are behind you? Come on Jason, nothing could stop you, except your own self-importance. “

“You’re right, you’re right. Anyway, Billy Bob left to warm up the Lincoln, and Christina and I are locating our way out. How do we exit?”

“Go down to the 3rd pine tree and turn right,” Colin joked, with a poor attempt Jason knew was eerily familiar.

“You really have been hanging out with Ridell too long.”

The three of them shared a hearty laugh, one their souls desperately needed. “Follow me, I’ll show you the way.”

Jason and Christina followed Colin down an institutionally plain white hallway, through a few more doors and then out to a foyer. Just before Jason and Christina stepped outside, they saw clouds forming amidst crystal blue persuasion. They weren’t storm clouds informing them of coming darkness. They just overthrew that. These clouds were something else, something Jason pondered, but never vocalized.

“You think you can just step in and rule by fiat, making every wholesale change people don’t want. We’ll prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we must tear everything down and start again. You stopped Bond, but we’ll ensure that you never convince people, that critical thinking is the way forward. We might be the outsiders, but we WILL rule the day, and you WILL lose,” a black suited, bearded man shouted at Jason, as he and Christina stepped out a side door.

“Who the hell said that?” Jason wondered, as he looked around.

“I did you mother fucker. You better watch out. You call us extremists, but we are the future, not you and your kind,” the bearded man uttered before he confidently strolled back inside.

“Who was that? He threatened our power, then sauntered back in the White House like he owned the place.” Jason blasted.

Without missing a beat, Colin’s experience with power hungry politicians put Jason at ease.

“That’s Jerry. He’s just a staffer who has worked here for years. You have to realize, the moment you think you’re infallible because everybody supports you, is the moment you become what you destroyed. You might have been the rebel before, but now you’re the power; by definition people will rise up against you. That’s the natural ebb of these things.”

Billy Bob witnessed the exchange from the rumbling Lincoln, and was growing increasingly impatient. “Come on guys, we have to go. We have places to be.”

“Okay, we were, it doesn’t matter. Hey Colin, can you come to the first board meeting, and bring that Ridell character. I really hate him, but part of me really likes him,” Jason admitted to a snarky, but authentic smile from Christina.

“Definitely. We’ll see you soon. Remember, we can do this.” Colin gave Jason a hug, before embracing Christina. They stared at each other with equal passionate intensity. Something told Jason they weren’t done with clandestine air strips, or secret hideouts.

“Damn, took you guys long enough,” Billy Bob jokingly remarked, as Jason and Christina slipped into the luxurious front bench seat of the Lincoln. Billy Bob put the electronic top down, (one of the only modifications) so they all could feel the breeze in their hair. As Billy Bob hit the gas pedal to steer them away from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., something occurred to him.

Before Billy Bob voiced his thought, it immediately appeared. His mind created what he didn’t think possible, and it slapped him in the face. “Oh my God, that’s awesome. Look guys, we have an escort.”

A string of 100 Ford Broncos, (akin to the caravan which brought them to Alabama and helped overthrow Bond) all of a sudden appeared around them.

“Looks like the redneck parade which brought us to power is here to help,” Jason laughingly observed. He felt immediately comfortable, but knew it was inconceivable to always feel that way.

“You’re so funny man. But yeah, we rednecks and you liberals, will show those extremists who the fuck they’re messing with,” Bill Bob proudly bellowed.

While the 100-Bronco caravan surrounded the Lincoln, Jason, Christina and Billy Bob cruised down the street with their endo, and their gin and juice. An air of confidence surrounded them.

“I called our people, and the meeting is on for next week; everybody will be there. Marty said we could crash at one of his safe houses, and plan exactly what we want to say; but there’s one stop we have to make first. It’ll give you closure, and maybe a clue as to what that maniac was spewing when we left the White House,” Billy Bob earnestly stated.

“You heard that? That guy was crazy, wasn’t he?” Jason wondered out loud.

“I’ll be the first one to admit that. However, the uprising that will happen because you’re in power, was complete truth. We need to make sure our opposition isn’t being organized by somebody we thought we already took care of.”

Billy Bob pulled up to not the abandoned warehouse Jason was expecting, but a fully functioning and lit up hippie coffeeshop.

“How many of these are in the city? It’s funny you want to stop for a coffee, seems like we’re plenty energized,” Jason blurted out.

“You really have no idea where we are?” Billy Bob inquired of the two people he’d protect for as long as he lived.

“Yeah, it’s a place where you can get coffee, and hot milkshakes, otherwise known as intricate coffee costumes,” Jason joked.

“So funny man, but no we aren’t here for coffee; although you can get one, on the house of course. Just follow me.”

The 100 Bronco caravan dispersed, as Jason and Christina followed Billy Bob behind the counter, and through the kitchen used to make a vast array of tasty treats; as well as great breakfast and lunch.

At the end of the kitchen was a hallway, followed by a staircase which led down two floors. Jason and Christina had a hard time keeping up. Billy Bob strongly wanted them to see something, making them wonder what he did behind their back.

“What is this man?” Jason mused as they came to the basement, or what he assumed was the basement. There was one door, which featured a complex keypad only found on nuclear bunkers. Billy Bob punched a 20-digit code, provided eye and fingerprint scans, before the door creaked open like ten bank vaults simultaneously.

Jason, Christina and Billy Bob walked through, only to come to another door where the same routine had to be repeated with different codes.

‘Okay okay I’ll bite, what the hell is this? Who the fuck are you taking us too?” Christina wasn’t worried, Billy Bob always had their best interest at heart. However, she was starting to question that hypothesis.

“You really have no idea who we have down here? After the takeover, there was a lot of confusion. Lots of people roamed all over, not having a clue as to what was what. With the help of your dad Jay, and your dad Marty,” Billy Bob described. He wanted them to know this wasn’t a secret off the grid mission, but a strategically planned operation.

“What’s your point?” Jason impatiently repeated.

“My point is, we took care of this so you two didn’t have to. We knew you’d have way more important shit to worry about. We also knew this would come in handy at some point, and it looks like it finally has.”

Before Jason and Christina spouted another what the fuck are you talking about, Billy Bob punched in the final codes and opened the third door. There stood a Plexiglas 10 foot by 10-foot box, with another heavily coded door. It featured a small bed, a toilet, and a small showerhead in one of the corners.

“Looks like somebody is in there, but the Plexiglas is all fogged up. Who are we holding?” Christina inquired, still not putting two and two together.

Billy Bob hit a few buttons on the key pad by the floor of the Plexiglas box, and the fog immediately cleared.