Search For Truth: A Path Forward





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Thank you Mom for the constant energy lifts, and reminders I have the power to overcome the entirety of my self-sabotage. I just hope the world can see my light shine, because you helped me flip the switch. Thank you Dad for not only great conversations every time we talk, but also your encouragement to follow my heart, and to always ask why. You make me extremely proud to call you Pop.

Thank you Grandma Yona for being the key to my past, and always showing me the love every grandchild should feel. Thank you Grandma Laurine for being the ultimate example of why it’s not important how love is shown, just that it is. Thank you Grandpa Mel for the fishing and warm sodas when I was a kid, you put a smile on my face every time you were around. Thank you Grandpa Herman for you unearthly courage in coming to America, and proving that risking life and limb to achieve a better life, is the utter definition of being American.

Thank you Uncle Eugene for genuinely caring about me when you ask how I’m doing, and for never failing to provide an amazing story. Thank you Uncle Garry for never being afraid to be who you are, it’s a great example of how I never should be either. Thank you Aunt Lisa for always encouraging me with my writing, I only hope I can share some with you in person some day. Thank you Aunt Susie for the warmth and love that oozes out of your pores, and your light that shines so naturally.

Thank you Cousin Shawna for following your dreams and bringing yourself joy, I hope one day we can hang out. Thank you Cousin Hillary for the world problem solving talks, and for making me realize we can make any change, if we really want to. Thank you Aunt Jean for always showing my mom love, and for making her feel like she mattered. Thank you Aunt Ethel for not only the great recipes, but also being a great example of how expressing love with people who love us, keeps us going.

Thank you Laurie for helping me become the conscious, loving and joyful person I am today. When we’re famous writers and making tons of money, we will certainly have each other to thank. Thank you Tim for not only being my oldest buddy, brother, comrade and favorite shit talker, but making me feel like I matter whenever we’re interacting. May we change the world for the better, so people “get it” like we do. Thank you Sean for always knowing what’s important, and for the always conscious way you think. You are my brother, and always make me feel like I count. Thank you Ryan for walking the walk, and showing me I can do the same. You are my brother, and always help put a smile on my face.

Thank you Pablo for the always enlightening talks, you’ve stretched my conscious mind more times than I can remember. Thank you Lisa for being the greatest boss anybody could ever hope for, but also for being the most genuine person I know. Thank you Kayleen for being not only my younger big sister, but for always being a kind and warm friend. Thank you Leanna for being a great reminder of how great things used to be, but also how great things will be if we remember what really matters.

Thank you Sue and Mike for being the conscious, and action driven, wild and crazy hippies that you are, you never fail to remind me to let my freak flag fly. Thank you Melody for being not only a great friend, but for being somebody I can bounce ideas off of, and can be my wild silly self around. Thank you for believing in me, like I have always believed in you. Thank you Chris for the conscious questions you so easily share, and for being a prime example of how somebody can be salt of the earth, and still have a critically thinking brain. Thank you Jared for all the great conversations, and for being somebody who not only “gets it”, but understands how much cannabis can help N.F.L. players.

Thank you Aaron for always caring how I’m doing, you are one of the least pretentious people I know. Thank you Amber for letting me know you, I only hope you can allow me to know more of your beautiful soul. Thank you Jen for being an amazing neighbor, and for being so genuine I can’t help but smile being around you. Thank you Andrea for not only coming into Jen’s life and giving her the true love she so deserves, but for never being afraid to get your hands dirty; the world needs more people like you.

Thank you B.J. for being part of some of the most poignant memories I have, I hope one day we get to make some more. You are the ultimate example of how going after what you want, brings joy. Thank you Chad for being the world’s 2nd greatest chili maker, and for always having my back. Thank you Ed for all the help editing and support in the production of the book, and for understanding the importance of the material. I hope this book makes you proud. Thank you Michael for being such an honest and hardworking man, you’ve proved to my mom that the concept still exists. Thanks for the deep talks, they always lift my soul.

Thank you Victoria for coming into my brother Tim’s life, you are an amazing woman, and he is lucky to have such a strong, independent and forward thinking woman. I’m glad I had the chance to meet you. Thank you Mackey for being a great example of how getting one’s priorities straight, leads straight to the fulfillment of dreams. Thank you Mary for all the happy memories when you were still in Humboldt, and although it didn’t work out between us, I hope one day I can find a woman just like you. Thank you Olivier for using that press, and being one Humboldt character I’ll never forget.

Thank you Tadd for all the conversations we used to have, I hope one day we get a chance to save the world from its ignorance. Thank you Tripp for being the exact person you are, and being somebody who never failed to open my eyes, or raise my consciousness. The positivity you so willingly exuded will vibrate in my soul for as long as I live. Thank you Molly for being the warmest human being I’ve met in some time. When I’m feeling blue, all I have to do is think of your smile, and it illuminates my soul. Thank you Noah for always being true to who you are, and for proving to me I can be the same. Critically thinking minds like yours will save us.

Thank you Scott for helping me not only achieve success at Weight Watchers through your always stimulating meetings every Thursday, but also success in life. The roadblocks you’ve helped me smash through, have made me realize my dreams are possible; I am eternally grateful. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies and gentleman at the WW meetings as well, your tips, honesty, recipes and most importantly words of encouragement, are a constant reminder unpretentious, authentic human beings do exist.

Thank you to all the 4th st Market guys for your kind hearts, and for letting me bend your ears. The characters we see flood in never make for a dull moment, and always provide me writing material which you always provide me encouragement for. Thank you to the amazing ladies and guy at the bank, you’re a constant reminder of how important community is, and how much it can brighten somebody’s day when you know them by first name and ask how they’re doing, and actually care about the answer.

Thank you to HPRC for being a constant positive presence in the community, and for standing up for what’s right. You’ve proven a business can last and succeed if they keep true to their mission, making the community around them brighter and more informed. Thank you North Town Coffee for providing an always welcoming vibe for creating and editing each and every one of my books, but also for proving organic, hippie coffeshops feature people who walk the walk. I’ve had so many intellectually stimulating interactions with random people sipping on a triple red eye, that I’m extremely grateful for the invaluable community resource you are every time you open your doors.

Thank you to Pump 4, Pump 1, the Fieldbrook loop, the Maple Creek loop, the Fickel Hill loop, the Arcata bottoms farm roads, Humboldt back roads, College Cove, Luffenholz Point and Beach, Baker Beach, the Old Mailbox trail, the Hatchery, every amazing spot I’ve discovered in my 14 years here, and the new ones I’m constantly discovering. You’ve proven time and time and time again, how important it is to not only spend time doing what builds me up, but for being the bluntest reminder of what really matters in life. I’m so grateful I can visit you as often as I want, and know I’ll always leave with a content soul. You have amazing beauty that rivals anywhere in the world. It’s because of your always overt inspiration, that I have a chance to help the world positively and consciously evolve.

Thank you to the world for always giving me the opportunity to surprise myself, if I allow my eyeballs, ears, mind, body and soul to inhale your beauty. You’ve proven time and time again, that no matter how dark you appear, you’re always as light, loving, caring and joyful as perceptions will allow. There is so much going on now, as we as human beings are at a crossroads. All the craziness bottled up for years and pushed in the corner, is boiling over for us all to deal with, proving that we can no longer kick the can down the road. We have a choice, we can follow universal human truths, or half baked, halfcocked fascist liars.

Thank you for giving us the choice to follow the path toward enlightenment, or collective destruction, and the freedom to know which is more helpful for collective evolution. Thank you once again for the chance to walk the earth, and experience everything I have so far. I hope for success in career, with my books and to find my Christina, as it seems like I’m not complete if I don’t. However, I’m eternally grateful you’ve instilled in me through amazing experience after amazing experience, that it will happen if I believe it will. Thank for the knowledge that unification is possible, once we collectively realize what’s important; which isn’t the color of our skin, the God we choose or choose not to pray too, and who we decide to love. Thank you for making me excited about the future, I know it will be brighter than we ever imagined. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you :):):)


If Christina Sherman is the epitome of all that’s good and just, then her mother is the opposite. If one were to look up evil and soulless in the dictionary, there would surely be a picture of Julie Bond smiling back. The fact she didn’t take Jay’s last name when they got married wasn’t beyond comprehension. Why should she do what everybody did, why shouldn’t she create something better?

That something better was not only subjective, but would remake the formerly free United States of America. It would remake the entire world, if the wildfire of her hate caught on like a dry, windy summer in California.

Was she the cigarette carelessly thrown out the window when nobody was looking? Had she started an out of control burn no fire department on earth could extinguish? Did this fire need to be doused with water, or love? Was Julie the mystery women of all mystery women, ready to take her rightful place as the high priestess of the planet?

These aspirations infected her brain since she first wanted to make things better. She knew there was a lot of ugliness in the world. Wars, bombings, ethnic cleansing and murderous rampages in the streets were becoming usual. Some white people even resorted to animal instincts when responding to “scary brown and black people” wanting to breathe free.

Was the oxygen every human longed for, the one thing Julie Bond could vacuum from the air? Would she constitute chemical gas to overtake critical thinking skills of the people? Could she behave like a normal person, until all her ducks were in a row and she carried out her master plan?

Moving the nation’s capital to the South was her first step in rebuilding the old confederacy, but with one glaring difference. People of all races were against people of all races, everybody killing whomever they viewed as threateningly different.

Was this Julie Bond’s dream since she gave birth to a child named Christina? When exactly did Julie lose her humanity? Was it when she viewed shooting people in the street as perfectly acceptable, specifically so they started killing each other? When did she start believing she was better than everybody else, and only an infallible position would suffice?

When a river is swollen from winter rains, and on the verge of breaching the road, humans have choices. They can move out of the way, or they can haul ass in the other direction. They can swim, floating with the tides wherever they lead, or rely on emergency backup.

Julie was designing a fifth option. What if people saw the incoming flood, but were told if they damn the river, the water would flow in the opposite direction? The water would no longer be threatening them, and they could continue being oblivious to the destruction careening toward them.

Julie’s calling was to get people to ignore the river threatening their livelihood, making them think people up or downstream were responsible.

When the people discovered this water diversion, they might get upset at their complicity in destroying others, just so they could survive. They might not support the person who told them to dam the river.

They might take materials and re-divert it, guiding it toward whoever showed them the wrong path. This is when Julie spoke the awful truth, or at least the truth she constructed since her soul vanished. This void within Julie Bond was the scariest place on earth, nothing was safe; not her handpicked president DJ Bannon, nor any of the countless lackeys who did her bidding.

If people scooped their last of bit of goodness to say, “you just can’t kill people whenever you want”. Julie would reply, “They were the ones causing you problems. They caused the river to flood, and diverted it toward you. Not only does this end up teaching them a lesson, it shows with blunt certainty they can’t do whatever they want. You’re safe and they’re not. That’s all you need to know.”

Did Julie believe the words exiting her mouth? Did she think about the syllables passing over her tongue? Did she ponder all the variables within her actions, but thought the population was too dumb and scared to unite?

Once the blame for the flood was firmly pegged on the “others”, those “others” would be flooded out. Julie then argued the people at fault must be confronted. They were told the river diverted toward them because people on the other side wanted to take what little they had for themselves, because they’re lazy.

This caused classes of people to fight, losing sight of who really caused the flood. Not to mention various communities along the river would vigilantly lookout for random crazies. People everywhere were told they could have everything, if their neighbor had less.

The master plan was to play lower classes of people off each other, so they didn’t comprehend what was keeping them all down. Races battled each other, religions, even man against woman; anything opposite or different required destruction.

Julie’s new society was predicated on people being forever stuck in survival mode, unable to see anything but the bread and circuses they were force fed. The river feeding them was diverted away, but killing them at the same time. Some would die more slowly than others, but in the end they would all drown, suffocate or be trampled for their last food scraps by starving heathens.

If the super free market, Laissez Faire dream of Milton Freidman was never fully realized, because Americans didn’t want their rights taken away, then Julie Bond was ready to make it work by any means necessary. She figured once the entire world’s population was filled with hate and violence toward each other, she could institute the extreme measures even the most hardened crazies thought was crazy.

To call Christina’s mom insane was an understatement, infantile descriptions didn’t do her justice. To call her an evil genius, gave her too much credit.

Was there an end game, a place she’d be happy and wouldn’t ask for more? Would Julie Bond forever chase the dragon, always needing one more population under her wing, one more sub group of people to do her bidding?

Julie hated that humans’ possessed free will, and undeletable creative positive thought processes; not to mention were as resilient as they desired to be. That river, the spot of her metaphorical planning was receding, the people on either side understood they were being played. They realized that maybe, just maybe it wasn’t the scary brown, black or white people. Did she tell them the “other people” were the problem, but also tell those “other people” they were the problem? Was she playing both sides?

This dynamic was more than ready to flip, but Julie wasn’t. She wasn’t ready for plan b, in the back of her mind it was only for emergencies. She knew she had to hit back harder than ever before. Beyond committing mass murder in the streets, what more could she do?

After moving the capitol to Alabama, she concentrated her power to bring more hate into the light of day. When Jason and Christina showed people not only was there a better way, but it was the only way to survive, the paradigm switched. There were bends in the moral arc of the universe, but progress was slow.

People were trying to come around, but some needed monumental effort. Some had been so ingrained it was like smashing through a brick wall. Not only was that brick wall 10 feet thick, but it also was laden with guns, bombs and grenades. Defenders of the second amendment were proud to voice their support for guns, which were needed to deal with over-reach by a tyrannical government. They believed the tyrants from Washington were going to take all their guns, all their rights, turn them gay and make them love black and brown people.

What Jason and Christina were telling folks, and what Julie was trying to get them to ignore, was that Julie was the tyrant. Their ultimate nightmare of a tyrannical government, was taking over everything they thought they knew about being free. The stockpile they caught shit for amassing, would finally come in handy. The tyrannical government of their nightmares was taking everything away, but instead of taking guns, they stole critically thinking minds. Making them turn defense against tyrants, into defense against neighbors.

When tyrants are painted as heroes, and freedom fighters as terrorists, nobody wins. Nobody can grab onto what’s human, unless they see each other in themselves. They must realize poor black people in the cities, are going through the same economic shit as poor white hillbillies in the south, as are poor brown farmworkers in the central valley and fields throughout the country.

Once people saw their enemy wasn’t other poor people, but those keeping them all poor, the next step could begin. A path forward would illuminate from the white light, where people would treat others how they’d like to be treated.

This was something Christina’s mom Julie was trying to prevent, and something Jason, Christina and their merry band of truth seekers wanted to not only promote, but propagate.

The ultimate conflict wasn’t good vs. evil, or right vs. wrong, it was being human vs. being not human. Julie Bond might have escaped the Jefferson Davis building she co-opted as the capitol of the United Entities of America, but she wasn’t finished. She retained control of the FBI, CIA, NSA, and countless black sites and dark holes to disappear her enemies. Even though she was confronted by the beginnings of critical mass, she didn’t care that a hundred thousand people forced her from the Davis Building. As she put it, redneck white people were coming together with gangster black people and vato Mexican people to say enough is enough.

The stereotypes being played up, would have to be played down if Jason and Christina were going sustain positive change. How could they re-educate people whose thoughts were stuck in the past? If the population didn’t rush to help after witnessing innocent people shot in the street, what hope did Jason and Christina have? Was the population a lost cause? Were they simply looking for the right answer, but too scared to ask questions?

The Truth seekers were in a good space when they formed at Jason’s BBQ, but knew it wasn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows. There would be no glory from the heavens, recognition from newspapers or unfathomable riches. No, this was a dogfight where anything goes, and nothing is left on the table.

Who had the stronger will? Who had the ability to outlast the other? The answer lied in numbers, how the population of the best country on the planet, was finally ready to live out the dreams that brought it into existence. It was something John Brown and every revolutionary dreamed of, ever since they couldn’t live with how things were. The status quo had to change.

The Truth Seekers were growing, and so were the armies of Christina’s mom, Julie Bond. This battle of wills was more than a staring contest to see who would blink. It was about the definition of being human. Was the population designed to tear each other down, or build each other up? Was more education the answer, or more weapons and hate?

It was early morning when Jason and Christina walked out of their peaceful Humboldt cabin with their crew of consciousness bringers. The lazy sunrise shone vivid blues, reds, purples and oranges. The beauty of a new day was there, more beautiful than any of them imagined.

Once they all exited the old growth redwood front door, the most unneeded voice in history spoke up. They were all stoned and full throughout the night, and didn’t know if Ridell was actually there, or if it was a nightmare. They were so stoked to be around each other, they didn’t notice he was there, or had they? Was the true meaning of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, as obvious as a five year old having a beer at the bar?

While the whirlwind of thought blew in, Ridell spoke; he thought his words could ease their collective thought jumble. Given the extreme death stare he received, he knew he better say something before he was burned at the stake. “Look, I know you guys are nervous about me being here. You have no reason to trust me. I’ve screwed you over time and time and time again.”

Jason chuckled, not so much under his breath, but completely out loud. “You aren’t laying out the best defense, get to the point. We have a lot of work to do. If we want to destroy whatever your former boss, or for all we know current boss has planned, we have to hurry the fuck up.”

The rage dripping from Jason’s mind soaked through the group’s psyche. Christina’s conflict resolution wasn’t displayed, neither was Billy Bob’s and Gary’s humanity. Everyone continued their death stare, unsure what to say or think about an enemy not so secretly worming his way in.

Ridell witnessed this, and spoke with the courage of a Tiananmen Square protestor, standing in front of a tank. “Look, you guys have no reason to trust me.”

“You said that already asshole, why shouldn’t we just bury you in the woods right now?” Billy Bob fired off with rage reserved for people Ridell used to send him after.

“Not only do I know the ins and outs of Julie Bond’s plan, but I finally understand what you guys have said for years,” Ridell authentically stated.

“This ought to be good,” Christina sarcastically bellowed. She didn’t trust her mom any further than she could throw her, let alone her mom’s top lackey.

“I could say I’ve seen the light and the error of my ways, but it’s so much more. I see what you’ve been doing, showing poor people their problems aren’t each other, but who is keeping them poor. It’s the real world example of we all do better, when we all do better.” Ridell took a breath to finish his explanation, but Marty got antsy.

“What the fuck man, what’s your point? We don’t have time for this. We need to get the fuck out of here before that bitch nukes us,” Marty expressed with fear spewing from his normally cool demeanor.

“I realize none of us can do better, until we all do better. That includes me, and all the actions I take. I realized I couldn’t beat you no matter what I did, so I better join you. That is if you’re true as you say,” Ridell sincerely returned.

“If we’re true? This coming from the guy who has fucked us over from the moment he took his first breathe. You’ve killed to stop us, why should we believe anything you say?” Jason fearlessly yelled. There weren’t any neighbors for a mile in either direction, but the quietness of the morning did make his voice echo.

“Just like that echo bouncing off these beautiful hills, let my voice bounce off your minds. Yes, you have no reason to trust me. However, if you’re as authentic as you say, and want to pull people together using what it means to be human, you have to welcome me. If you’re trying to show people a better way of thinking, I can help. I’m a living example of how people can change.

I mean look at Billy Bob and Gary. They changed, and I’m sure all you have too since you started this journey for a better society. I want to live a true and fulfilling life, that doesn’t tear anybody down, but builds them up. I finally realize by tearing others down, it tears me down. If I want joy, I have to help others find it, not hide it from them.”

“Maybe this is a path forward,” Christina hesitatingly admitted. She knew many events transpired they didn’t expect. Maybe this was the synchronicity they yearned for. Maybe it was their missing link.

“Follow me to my place it’s only a few miles away. I want to tell you everything I know. I want to earn your trust, by showing you I’ve finally located the right side of history,” Ridell honestly orated.

“How do we know it’s not a trap, you’ve feigned trust before,” Jason quickly bounced back.

“You see the beauty of that amazing sunrise?” Ridell pointed at the hills in the background radiating more color, then words tumbling from his lips. “That’s the start of not any path forward, but a beautiful one. I’m ready, are you?”



Are good and evil subjective? Is one person’s definition of good, exactly what somebody else thinks is evil and vice versa? Is the battle over what’s right and wrong undefinable, because problems mutate over and over and over again?

“They might have gotten the drop on me, but they have no idea what’s coming. One could say it’s the calm before the storm,” Julie Bond passionately sounded off. She stared intense darkness through her corneas, and onto the 15 inch screen buzzing in front of her.

“Could you be any more cliché?” Bannon volleyed. He was sick of being a lap dog to the most powerful women in the world. Bannon didn’t realize when you sign up to be a puppet, you can’t complain when the strings become too long and tight. You have to roll with the punches. “When one doesn’t think, they end up a non-thinker.”

The thickness of stupidity flowing through the air of the Tuscaloosa Jefferson Davis office building was epic. Julie didn’t know what to expect from her daughter’s consciousness or the Truth Seekers’. They could have called themselves the bad asses for all she cared. She needed to stop their revolution. “I’ll bet Ridell is with Christina right now. That guy is such a dumb ass. I can’t believe I ever used him, even if he was easy to use.”

A quick comeback was a split second from spilling off Bannon’s teleprompter motivated lips. If somebody didn’t tell him what to say, he’d forget the English language. “Listen, they have a lot more people on their side now. They turned some folks, we thought were die hards in our corner.”

The fact Nazis, racists and all matter of white-hooded troglodytes removed their hoods to follow the path Julie so fervently fought against, didn’t surprise her. Her name was Bond, and she had a penchant for surprises. “We should follow them. We need to attack before they counter.”

Getting tired of the nonsensensical back and forth, a young upstart Congressman spoke up. He might have never held political office, but he was a graduate of the school of hard knocks. He carried a big stick, but didn’t walk softly; he beat the shit out of people every chance he got.

“Listen shitheads, I might be the new comer here,” the candidate expressed with cool confidence, to collective shrugs from around the room. Julie, the leader of the formerly free world, her puppet and what they called a cabinet, were all ejected from their comfort zone. They didn’t expect the pushback Jason and Christina produced. Which is why Jessie James, hoped to be the world’s newest Congressman. While orating his newest ideas, Julie rudely interrupted. For her, it was a normal response to those she viewed as inferior.

“Are you applying to be the new Ridell? Are you going to get elected, then screw over as many people who got you there as possible?” Julie Bond raged. This young punk questioning her wasn’t the problem. She was ready for people to be aflame from the temperature of their emotions. She was the one who unleashed a mind control drug, before shooting innocent people walking down the street on a whim. Still, she figured she might as well listen to what the new guy had to say, before she threw him to the nastiest political junk yard dogs since yellow journalism. “If it bleeds it leads” was the concept she needed to rule with, if she was to retain control.

Noticing the inner battle in their infallible leader, the upstart young congressman spoke again. There was something different about him, which was obvious to the ten lackeys inside Julie’s ornately decorated office. Did they think of it as just Julie’s office, instead of the United States capitol? Did they believe a country would exist when they finished, or just a run of the mill fire sale? Would Julie grab as much as she could before fleeing out the proverbial door, trampling anybody who got in her way?

“I know you aren’t used to commentary, but try to listen. I joined you because I believe in your cause. People are basically dumb, and will do whatever you tell them,” the hopeful congressman sneered, causing Julie to casually rap him in the shoulder. If he was successful at spitting unvarnished truth, maybe Julie had a chance to strike down the people’s rebellion.

“Look how fast people joined your daughter. All they had to do was enunciate humanity and compassion, making people realize the causes to human problems speak to the nature of the human spirit. People want the freedom to make their own decisions. Some care for others while others only for themselves.” The crowd became restless because this young gun was beating around the bush. Isn’t that what made him a good politician, the ability to speak paragraph after paragraph without speaking a word?

“Do you have a point? I need some coffee, a good joint and some heads to roll in the direction of money into my bank account,” Julie detailed. She didn’t care if she made sense, because her leadership was based on fear. If people questioned her, she ended them, no muss no fuss. However, if they led her toward success, they could say anything they wanted. “I’m getting antsy. Maybe I should make Bannon enact another crazy law, forcing more people to our side.”

“What happened to you? People will come to our side when we steer them, why would you grant them a choice? You used to take what you want, not react when people do things. Are you just lazy, or do you not care about the master plan anymore?” Bannon lividly hammered. He didn’t possess many human skills, but when it came to money and control, he was an expert. He knew rule one wasn’t abdicating to the enemy, it was cutting off their supply lines. “Giving people the chance to fulfill their dreams was and is a terrible idea. People aren’t inherently good or bad, they’re sheep who will do whatever they’re told. It just so happens your daughter and her friends are better shepherds.”

Enduring a death stare that would have turned Medusa to stone, Bannon didn’t flinch. He continued talking because stupid people get stupider when they spot opportunities. Hoping to prove his metal in the world of political conspiracies and international crime, Jesse James postulated like he was being inaugurated.

“I was a football fan when I was younger,” Jessie expressed before Julie interrupted. She spun around in her custom leather chair before getting up, and flipping her perfectly curled, black shoulder length hair. Her brown eyes pierced Jessie’s soul, letting him know her passion’s current intensity.

“Another football metaphor? Jesus, my daughter and her dumb ass group of rebels are plotting their next move, and you’re doing some stupid sports thing. Try this on for size, tell me what the fuck you’re trying to say, or I’ll have six 350 pound guys tackle you at full speed.” The spittle flying from Julie’s mouth landed further than a gold medal shotput throw.

Seeing the distance, Jessie didn’t want the next loogie to land on his forehead. “All I’m trying to say is, you can have the best defense in the world, but if you never go on offense, you’re guaranteed to lose. Since your defense was run out of the first capitol building, I figured offense is the only way we succeed. By we, I mean you,” the nation’s newest corruption practioner described. Jessie didn’t want to enter politics, but with this new President and his string puller, he had the opportunity to change the world. “We need to hit them hard and fast, like when I went over Bannon’s moms’ house last night. We have to bang them so hard they can’t walk, and don’t have the slightest idea what happened.”

The laughter that roared around this white glove tested, yet surreal office had not rumbled since the last earthquake. There weren’t earthquakes in Alabama before fracking, now they were popping up like whack-a-mole.

Trying to contain herself, the snickering Julie emitted sounded like a school girl in the body of a super villain. Even though it could mean certain death, the rest of the room laughed as well. Only reacting to Julie, the room of lackeys knew they were lackeys; they were using her as a vehicle for their own agenda.

The only problem was sooner or later the cracks which brought them together, would become fissures that would swallow them all; including their sorry excuse for a master plan.

After a five minute laugh break, the speech continued. “We need to hit them hard and fast. Then we need to continue hitting them, until they give up. Hell, if we torture just right, they might beg us to kill them, which would also get them out of our way. Who are “them” you ask? They’re the dissident commies following the likes of your daughter. Those who haven’t been corrupted or killed, will help us.”

“How do you expect them to help? We unleashed the drug, which didn’t do anything, people are more divided than ever,” Bannon wondered with a straight face. He knew his purpose, but needed to know where the snowball was headed, so it would roll right into his bank account.

Wanting to answer with another “what the fuck” and “why did I hire you”, Julie Bond seethed. The ire dripping from her furrowed brow, pooled at the feet of whomever she wanted to make slip. Before the great slide began, Jessie James wanted to prove himself. Maybe he saw himself in Bannon’s job, or eventually the evil mastermind himself. The future gets brighter the closer it gets, so he fervently urged the room to heed his words.

“The purpose of the drug was to divide people. The more they’re apart, the less they’re together. I know that sounds dumb, but I had to put it in a way you could understand,” Jessie volleyed to a wink from Julie, urging him to continue. “They’re uniting, because the power they gain is taken from us. We have to keep dividing them. It’s how we take our power back. It isn’t about unification around what makes people the same. It’s about tearing them apart by what makes them different. We just have to keep dividing people until cohesive units are a distance memory. They must believe the world revolves around them, and nobody has anything in common.

This will release base emotions, basically what your drug attempted. Except this time, we’ll be successful because we’ll do the dividing directly. We won’t rely on doctors in laboratories, but animal instincts.”

“Tell us something we don’t know,” Julie urged. She admired where this young guy was headed, but wanted him to get to his point.

“Look, they have ten percent of the country on their side. Which I admit is a fair amount of people,” Jessie quickly returned.

“You’re right, 30 million is a big number. You must have graduated from the 5th grade,” Bannon volleyed in a puny attempt to regain his manhood, which withered when Jessie layed his plan for the future.

“Yes 30 million is huge. However, that leaves 90% of the country. We can go after that vast majority, or just appeal to our own 10%, and gather our own group of 30 million people. We can have 30 million man wars, where bodies are stacked as far as the eye can see. Would that make you happy?” Jessie knew what he was trying to say, so he spelled it out. “If we want people working the factories, and not shoveling bodies off the landscape from now until eternity, we must take a different tact.”

“What tact might that be genius boy?” Julie anxiously needled, tired of Jessie beating around the bush. She knew if this young stud could fluently and succinctly hurry the fuck up and get to his point, she would let him beat around her bush, and repeatedly.

“We tell the people the same thing Jason and Christina tell their people. They want equality, fairness and justice, but certain “others” prevent that from happening. If they got those “others” out of the way, the dream world they always imagined would happen. They’re telling people the ultimate truth. We have to tell them the same thing, but with different focus. We’ll tell them a truth they always thought they knew, while we know it’s a fabrication to further our control. We control people by making them think we don’t.”

“I’ve heard this before, from somebody I really admire too. I just can’t put my finger on it,” Bannon eluded. His words made sense, but not the metaphor he inserted himself into.

“Let me help you. The devil described the greatest trick he ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist. People know we exist though, especially after Julie had her sadistic fun on the street,” Jessie described to a warm smile from Julie. She liked asserting her power whenever she could. Just thinking about it reminded her of the ecstasy produced from being the arbiter of life and death.

Witnessing his path headed in the right direction, Jessie James drove his point home. “People know we exist physically, but they don’t truly know who we are. We must display an aura that everything is fine, and we can be trusted. However, behind the scenes our sinister actions will be cranked to 11. We can be as malevolent as we want, because there will be less people to stop us.”

“Do you know how to say stuff in English, or did you miss the train?” Bannon joked, in his sorry attempt to steal the young guys thunder. He could tell he was ceding ground. “I could describe what I want to do, but why would I stop a car accident?”

“You’re funny, no wonder Julie knew she could tell you what to do,” Jessie volleyed. “Should we fight out back? I could pound you in the face, but that would solve nothing. We need to focus our efforts on discrediting Christina and Jason, and point out the Truth Seekers are the opposite of what their name entails. We’ll prove they’re hypocrites, who need to be destroyed. Things can’t stay the same, they must change, but in our direction. It’s not simply playing races off each other. It’s about playing people off each other. They’re all sheep, we’re the shepherds, and it’s time to do some herding.”

A nation of sheep had long been used to describe the United States, because the population generally followed the easiest and least intellectual path. People didn’t like to think for themselves, if they didn’t have to. Maybe that’s the difference between Christina and her mom Julie, Christina wanted people to think, and her mom didn’t. Was that how the battle should be framed? Not as a contest between leaders and followers, but between thinkers, know nothings and those who deny truth? One thing was for sure, the Truth Seekers had to find their way and fast; especially since Ridell offered to help. The Humboldt Redwoods were exquisitely beautiful when speeding down a dirt road.

“How far is your lair, you know the place you’re leading us that’s not a trap?” Jason sarcastically sniped to Ridell. He couldn’t automatically trust his arch enemy. Jason knew if he taught somebody to truly think about others, after only thinking of themselves, the rest of the world had a shot. “You going to have your gang of wannabe terrorist fuck sticks jump us a mile up the road?”

“That’s why I always liked you Jason, beautifully colorful language,” Ridell passionately responded. He liked being with Jason and their crew, but was he ready to join the right side of history? Even he didn’t know the answer. “It’s not much further, just a few more corners. I have some people there. I’m turning over a new leaf, just like Billy Bob and Gary here.”

Two Jeeps heading toward the newest synchronicity, wasn’t imposing like a 100 Bronco caravan unseating Julie in Birmingham. They all felt something big though, the closer they got to where they were going. “I’m glad everyone is here,” Jason sincerely expressed. He was very heartened by all the powerful energy. Combined with Christina, Bryan, Aaron, Tim, Marty, Jay, David, Billy Bob and Gary, they’d make sure the country was never the same; that was called evolution, and it happened everywhere.

“There in the distance, that cabin over there.” Ridell pointed in the direction of a winding and overgrown dirt road, behind a fence. “I just have to punch in a code.”

As the Jeeps inched closer, the beautiful sunrise which persuaded them to follow Ridell, gave way to dark storm clouds. It was a metaphorical synchronicity Jason and Christina knew could only go one of two ways. It could work or not, just like life. Whatever happened, they needed a place to design the unifying reeducation of humanity.

The dirt and dust kicked up by the Jeeps, obscured the view all around them. As they skidded to a stop in front of the peeling yellow and rusted farm gate, a thought burned through Jason’s cortex, and out his larynx.

“My mom always told me when looking for something, never put all my eggs in one basket. Ridell has possibly led us to the exact thing we’ve been looking for. However, in interest of implementing the multi-pronged attack the Entities, Christina’s mom and the country require, we need to split up.” Jason wasn’t sure how the group would react, since the Truth Seekers were designed to stay cohesive. They couldn’t let Ridell win.

“What made you think that sweetheart?” Christina lovingly queried. The man she loved with all her soul never failed to remind her why on a daily basis. She trusted him, as this was the beginning of the end. What end that would be, depended upon what began.

There they all were standing outside the yellow gate, wondering what was up the road. Seeing his son struggle for words that burned deep, Marty spoke. Even though he usually acted in interest of his own agenda, this time he knew the urgency of their next move.

“I have a secret hideout a few miles from here,” Marty supportively stated.

“Of course you do. Is there any place you don’t have a hideout, or secret goons to call?” Bryan ribbed, because he and Marty were in the process of overcoming their personal issues. Bryan knew if Jason got past what Marty put him through, so could he. “What is it? I might as well listen, because I trust you a lot more than this motherfucker.”

Breathing harder than an obese man struggling up the stairs, Ridell decided not to say anything. He knew what was over the hill. If he didn’t want to die a regretful man, he had to let this play out; one never wanted to get in-between family squabbles, even if one was the instigator.

“Go ahead, what were you going to say dad?” Jason sincerely urged. He wanted to get the show on the road, because his anxiety was overflowing like melted ice caps.

“Thank you son, my soul fills up when I call you that. Anyway, Jay, David, Aaron and Bryan should come with me to my place. Christina, Billy Bob, Gary, Tim and you should go with Ridell. I have satellite walkie-talkies, so we know if anything goes wrong. It’s a secret technology I hijacked from somebody I can’t remember. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. If we don’t hear from you every in a timely fasion, all my weapons and planes will make a parking lot of Ridell and everything he loves.”

“Not that I expected less, but damn you’re worried about your son,” Ridell wondered.

“Of course I am. If you kill or disappear him, I’ll have nothing to lose and I’ll end you,” Marty ragingly fired off. He injected the vortex of Ridell’s soul, with an intensity reserved for societys’ most hated.

“Why am I not surprised you have guns, planes and bombs? I’m surprised you haven’t used them before,” Ridell commented with a chuckle.

“You’d love to find that out, wouldn’t you motherfucker? Anyway, keep in contact. Our reeducation needed to start yesterday. Let’s move.”

None of them liked taking orders, which is why the Truth Seekers had no hierarchy. In interest of moving the ball forward however, Marty ushered Jay, Bryan, David and Aaron into a waiting Jeep.

No sooner had Marty started his trusted OHV, than Ridell walked 30 feet to the yellow gate and punched in the code. Noticing Ridell entering codes for 4 different locks, Jason had a minute before they split up. He strolled over to find Marty firmly planted in the driver seat, a position he always felt at home.

“Don’t let this goober get to you. We’ve never been able to trust him, not even close. However, if we’re really about uniting people, we must give him the benefit of the doubt,” Marty whispered, as to not let his audible vibrations float to the others.

“I’d call not throwing Ridell off my deck, us giving him the benefit of the doubt. Why didn’t we do that, when he deserves it more than anyone we’ve met, even more than your brother, or Christina’s bitch mom,” Jason snickered.

The dig made Marty smile. He knew dating the same woman as Jay, brought insights to save the world. Sometimes the cookie didn’t crumble, it mutated into a different confection.

“Are you done making out yet, we should get to the cabin before somebody sees us,” Ridell demanded.

“I thought you said this place was secret,” Jason interrogated from 30 feet away.’

As Ridell slowly climbed back in the Jeep, his words were vague. “This place is secret, but you know.”

“Actually I don’t know, what the hell do you mean?” Jason bellowed. The rest of the group turned around to look, and wonder if this was the beginning of the end they envisioned.

“We all have secret enemies, and never know who is hiding behind the next rock,” Ridell added. He slammed the door of the Jeep to prevent any response, other than a hand motion to push forward.

“What a piece of shit, he’ll screw us over with that attitude. If he’s trying to join our side, he has a funny way of earning our trust,” Jason sarcastically admitted.

“It’s like Reagan said,” Marty quickly uttered.

“What’s like Reagan, why the hell would you use him as an example for anything?” Jason furiously demanded.

“He had a phrase, trust, but verify. We can’t trust Ridell, but we must verify all his assertions. I have drones staged at my place. Once we get there, I’ll fly them this way and patrol the area around this so called “secret” cabin. If he tries anything, we’ll see. I have a few local militias on standby. All it takes is a phone call, and he’ll be blown out of the water, and his whole identity erased; nobody will be able to prove he ever existed. This battle is for the heart of humanity, time we act the part.”

“I couldn’t agree more. Christina’s mom faithfully caused a lot of damage we must fix.  She has a lady boner for making Christina miserable.”

“A lady boner that’s funny, I’m going to remember that one. Julie won’t know what hit her.”

“Who the hell is Julie?” Jason wondered. Was Marty making shit up again, or remembering past glories? If they were going to succeed, his dad needed to be on the up and up.

“Julie you ask, that’s the name of Christina’s mom. Julie Bond is her name.”

“She could make a demand, and when people asked who was demanding, she could respond, Bond, Julie Bond? That’s too rich, but makes perfect sense. Anyway, take the guys to your place, and we’ll call you when we get settled. We could do a teleconference, which makes me laugh because that’s what happens in big business. If we want to succeed we have to think big,” Jason orated. Big business was part of the problem Americans lived with since the industrial revolution, but Jason knew they’d defeat their enemy, by tracing what worked and what didn’t.

“Just do me a favor, remember the big organization we’re helping isn’t a for profit business, its humanity. There are many people to teach, more to learn from, and even more who don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on. If we want to get out from under Julie’s boot we must create a political system to save humanity. A system which includes everything we’ve always agreed on, but have been too afraid or divided to defend.

However, before we rebuild politics, we have to remind people how to critically think. If we rebuild politics first, we’ll end up exactly where we are now, but with vastly fewer resources. We have a lot of work to do, but my soul is forming an authentic smile, which makes me realize we’re on the correct path. We might not know exactly where it’s headed, but it’s winding in the right direction.”

After his dad’s heartfelt oration, Jason didn’t know Marty had it in him. Marty wasn’t around much when Jason was a kid, and was not the definition of a good dad. This time, and in this place, was a path forward. It was the calm before the storm, the severity and its type, was up to them.

“I couldn’t have put it better myself. We’ll talk soon.” Jason gave Marty a bear hug, an example of what the world needed to heal itself. Maybe that was the goal, to make sure their actions were a metaphor for how they could fix the collective ills of the human race.

Ridell’s loud honking from the Jeep was like a flock of pain in the ass geese, devouring Jason’s ear drums. He gave Marty one more hug, and returned to the Jeep, insisting on the driver’s seat.

“You don’t trust me to drive, even if I’m helping you? Jeez, you’d think we don’t trust each other,” Ridell joked.

“Like we’d let you drive us off a cliff,” Christina sarcastically replied. She had been quiet, analyzing before articulating solutions. This time, even she didn’t know what to expect. Ridell showing up uninvited to their BBQ was the ultimate synchronicity. It led them to his secret hideout, where a thousand troops might be waiting to skin them alive. What if it was the opposite? What if Ridell really was ready to turn over a new leaf? If Marty had armed drones what did they have to lose? “Jason, just drive this thing to the stupid cabin. Ridell better have some joints waiting for us, after this I really need one or five.”

“I do, and we don’t even have to smoke in a parking lot either. Unless you want to pretend it’s outside of Mary’s Alibi. Hit it Jason,” Ridell ordered.

He utterly despised taking orders from the shit stain of humanity known as Ridell, but he remembered his mom reminding him, “you do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do”. With that thought Jason pulled the Jeep in and stopped, Ridell hopped out to lock the gate behind them. Once he did, Ridell attempted to hop back in the Jeep. Wanting to lighten the moment, Jason inched the jeep forward. When Ridell tried to jump in, Jason again inched the Jeep forward. This continued five more times until Christina interjected.

“Come on Jason, the sooner we get there, the sooner we can use Ridell, like he’s using us,” Christina pointedly blasted as she eyed Ridell.

Taking his love’s advice, Jason allowed Ridell to climb aboard.

“Thank you sir, so kind of you,” Ridell bantered. He always liked going back and forth with Jason, but if he was to benefit from their partnership, he had to control the Truth Seekers. He must never let them know his true aims.

As Jason piloted the battle worn Jeep down a dirt road toward Ridell’s alleged trap, Marty pointed his Jeep toward his own hideout. “What’s the plan, why are we allowing this?” Jay curiously wondered.

“We’re allowing this because Ridell has insight we don’t. I was an assassin for Julie, but he was in the inner core of the inner circle. We have to see how this plays out, remember, trust, but verify.”

“He was in the inner core of an elephant’s asshole,” Jay added to laughter of conscious proportion.

As the Jeeps headed in opposite directions, a storm gathered. Like cartoon rain clouds following somebody no matter where they walked, black clouds tailed each of the Jeeps. The sun’s strength amidst the darkness, was the humanity people needed to inhale if they had any hope for survival. That was the point of the whole mission, and the Truth Seekers were well versed.

“Are we there yet daddy, I have to pee,” Jason jokingly stated as the Jeep bounced over countless bumps, ruts and potholes.

“Be good little boy, and I might give you some ice cream when we get there, weed flavored of course,” Ridell returned without taking a breath. Were his comebacks improving?

Jason knew practice made perfect, or at least better. Before he could test his theory, Ridell motioned for him to slow as they approached the cabin.

“When we pull up let me do the talking, or my security won’t understand,” Ridell sincerely ordered.

“Your security? I knew this was a bad idea. You must be proud of the trap you’ve led us into,” Jason ejected as he crept to a stop. Ridell immediately jumped out of the Jeep, and walked with confidence toward five heavily armed men directing traffic. The fact these foot soldiers had twice the body mass than Julie Bond’s security, paled in comparison to the size of the banana clips hanging next to their itchy trigger fingers.

As soon as Ridell started talking, the guards raised their weapons, directing Ridell to get on the ground via a barrel in his back.

“I knew I knew it, why did we trust this asshole? It hasn’t been enough time for Marty to send his drones, by then we might all be dead,” Christina theorized with authentic fear behind her hazel eyes.

Jason looked at Tim, Billy Bob and Gary, who looked back with equal fury. They knew a fight was coming, the mass unhooding they ushered, was only the beginning. The forces losing their grip after thousands of years, weren’t going down without a fight. Before foot soldiers of the unconscious reached the Jeep, the five of them came to an understanding without words.

“I’d say get out of the car, or don’t talk back and we won’t hurt you, but I’ve said that so many times I’m a broken record,” the masked agent of death admitted. As a warm gun barrel pressed against the window, motivation refused to melt.

Knowing this was one more synchronicity which might turn out the opposite, Jason motioned for the group to exit. Once all five of them were out of the jeep, Jason noticed his shoe was untied. Bending down to tie it, Jason noticed a familiar dog trailing the lead guy.

“How come old men always find a way to fuck over young people?” Jason couldn’t believe they were screwed over by the same old man once again. “How did you get free after the unhooding?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” the old man winked. His soldiers ordered the five Truth Seekers out of the Jeep, and into yet one more eerie cabin in the woods.

“You can’t tell me you didn’t plan this Ridell,” Jason passionately insinuated.

Raising his arms to show Jason the circulation cutting handcuffs affixed to his wrists, Ridell vocalized the words none of them would soon forget.

“I didn’t lead you into a trap, and I didn’t know they’d be here. I’ve always heard it’s darkest before dawn, well this is the darkest and coldest it has ever been. Light is always around the corner, the severity of our current predicament proves that,” Ridell described.

“Wow, society must really be going to hell if we’re accepting optimistic advice from a dumbass like Ridell. Jesus, what the hell is the world coming to?” Christina succintly admitted.

“The world is proving that for the human race to survive they can’t fight evolution, they must walk into it head on. It’s not that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, it’s that’s we’ve been friends all along; the ultimate microcosm we must teach people,” Ridell expressed from the bottom of his soul.

“Microcosms, metaphors, synchronicities, if all that’s coming out of Ridell, maybe the world can change for the better,” Jason added.

As several gun barrels jabbed Ridell, he stumbled up the Cedar cabin stairs, continuing an oration none of the Truth Seekers thought possible.

“The world has always changed, and always will. That’s what evolution is about. Enemies stop being enemies when they realize they’ve been brothers the whole time.

Let me prove in real time, that we can agree on a lot more than we can’t. If you’re ready to push conscious humanity to its collective next step, follow me. If not, I’m sure these nice young men have a nicely prepared hole in the woods to put you in. Follow me if you want to live.”



Whether the enemy of an enemy is a friend, or a friend of a friend is an enemy, when lines are blurred, everything is up for grabs. Was that what the population needed? Since the argument could be made America has never fully lived up to it’s creed, did the cliché of kicking the can down the road start at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? Was that can the American dream?

Julie Bond and The Entities have proven an intense need for money. The one thing they craved more than food and water was power and influence, ensured by the obedience of a small circle of lackeys. The situation became strained when spread amongst many theatres. Did Julie view the country’s remake as a theatre of war? Jason thought it was about time for an intermission.

As the old man pushed a half rusted ak-47 barrel in Jason’s back, Jason sneered back, showing his fierceness to overcome one more stumbling block.

“You’ve captured us before. Maybe you haven’t tortured us yet, but I know you want to,” Jason passionately ejected because his soul’s fire burned stronger than 1000 suns.

“You’ve always been a pain in my ass,” the old man quickly replied. The Truth Seekers were led into a cabin the same as the last 20. Cobwebs enveloped the corners of every window sill and wall. Brown cigarette stains blanketed the drywall, and the familiar, yet unwelcome nose tickle of dust covering every surface.

Jason felt a flashback coming on. This time however, Christina, Billy Bob, Gary and Tim were with him; and no way Marty would let them be taken out, let alone Jay. One nagging suspicion kept leaking through Jason’s brain. Were they the bait on one more hook, to catch somebody who thought they’d never get captured?

“What’s your plan this time, we’ve been here before. Each time I might add, we’ve won. So again, what’s up?” Jason demanded in a tone reserved for an unkempt teenager.

“You’re so demanding, how do you put up with him?” the old man bantered to Christina. Not that he believed he could drive a wedge into the prime example of two people who loved each other, but it was worth a shot.

Before the old man could answer another half assed question Ridell was known for, the actual Ridell vocalized in a familiar, yet unfamiliar tone.

“This old man is just trying to hang on to past glories. That’s why he’s tasked with being a grunt, instead of a member of the federal government,” Ridell needled. He had his own motives for joining the Truth Seekers, all part of living his life with no regrets.

“What about you man, you’ve been silent this whole time?” Ridell honestly stated to Tim. There was something to be said for somebody who didn’t open their mouth, and vomit the first thing that popped into a swirly head. This was when Tim spoke.

“I’m here to support my friends, my allies, and most of all my countrymen. America has been taken over by too many folks who want to destroy, because they think it’ll bring them short term gain. Little do they know, we’ll see them all soon,” Tim orated like he was standing on a podium.

“Am I a constituent, are you running for something?” the old man questioned. His guards were getting restless because of the pointless back and forth. Was this a reunion of a secret group talking in secret language? The lead guard stood up because he couldn’t take it anymore.

“What the hell is going on? We have a plan. If we don’t talk, we won’t divulge what we don’t want them to know,” Francisco Franco fired off. He was aware of his namesake, and didn’t want the good name ruined. “What the hell Terrance? Why don’t we just get rid of these assholes, like you were too much of a whimp to do before?”

The boldness of his first lieutenant took Terrance the old man off guard. Was this the start of another uprising? Was it the moment he’d have a heart attack, while attempting to punch in launch codes? Maybe his childhood nightmare about becoming President was coming true, except for the President part.

Five truth seekers plus Ridell sat on two comfortable leather couches that hugged the wall, with a crusted and fogged over window straight across. The ten guards inside the cabin didn’t know what to think, Terrance paid them well not to. He was the only one with plans about their next move.

“So Terrance, it’s funny we finally know your name,” Billy Bob chuckled. All the cabin’s inhabitants knew Billy Bob was a former New Jerusalem fighter. He’d use the word sympathizer, because he never felt like a real member. He was kept at arm’s length because of his redneck appeal, and unkempt attitudes.

The elites viewed him as easily exploitable, because he belonged to the same lower class they were fighting. They thought his emotions could be appealed to, which is exactly how Jason and Christina woke his soul, and pulled off the unhooding. People needed to hear exactly how and why they were the same, and who was convincing them that wasn’t the case.

After another minute of Jason’s famous inner dialogue, to go along with what the hell is wrong with you looks, Billy Bob mumbled. Before understandable words escaped Billy Bob’s larynx, Gary enuncicated. “You okay uncle? You’ve been staring off for five minutes.”

“I’m more than okay, in fact I’d say I’m confident we’ll overthrow Julie and be able to institute a new age of learning. We’ll introduce a new political system, so people know in the deepest part of their soul what being American is all about. This old man might be talking tough, but he has no idea what’s going on. We’ve been here for how long?” Billy Bob questioned of the whole group.

It seemed like several hours, it could have been several minutes, nobody knew exactly. Just like years melt together when one gets older, so do hours and minutes when not focused on what’s important. Maybe the Truth Seekers entered under the right circumstances. “Since nobody really knows, let me answer for you. It doesn’t matter, Mr. Terrance, Mr. old man, what do we call you?” Jason ribbed.

“Mr. old man, that’s funny,” Ridell chuckled. He realized at that moment not only did he make terrible jokes, he also laughed when things weren’t funny.

“That’s not funny, it’s fucking stupid,” Gary angrily blasted. He wanted to defend his uncle, vis-a-vie Jason and the Truth Seekers, and keep Ridell on a short leash. “Just shut up and let my uncle talk.”

Knowing this back and forth wouldn’t end soon, Terrance’s lieutenant retreated to the front door and some folding chairs reserved for overflow. Was Terrance setting up for a party? To his battle riddled and love exempt mind, it was a party. Terrance leaned back in a lazy boy recliner. He would have put the foot rest up, but this was an interrogation. Did he even know why he was there, his orders were vague.

“Let me clear things up, because I know you’re all anxious. I’ll never play second fiddle. That bitch can’t tell me what to do. I’m old enough to be her dad, and what a pain in the ass daughter she’d be,” Terrance blurted to roaring laughter from around the room, especially Christina. She knew what it was to be a pain in the ass daughter. She also knew what it meant to pull wool over unexpecting corneas.

“What does that clear up? For the last time, what the fuck are we doing here?” Jason furiously raged. He was tired of all the shitty, half-ass banter making this hostage taking even more tortuous. Was Christina’s mom Julie trying to bore them to death? Was she trying to vacuum out their critical thinking by brute force, instead of a wonder drug that seemed to have no lasting effect? “That mind control drug sure didn’t do much. The effects you hoped would make people pliable, have worn off.”

“What are you talking about? The drug infected people’s minds so they only look out for themselves. The effects were supposed to wear off. The hook was only supposed to be baited. Once the people bit, they’d provide the fight fishermen live for. The fisherman in this case is Julie Bond.”

“Not that your metaphor makes any sense, because it doesn’t. If my mom is the fisherman, wouldn’t that make you her deck hand? Is that what you’re paid for, cleaning fish guts and puke from tourists? Perfect job for you,” Christina sneered. She took pleasure in her mom telling this know nothing what to do, but hated his orders to destroy the world, by taking away the humanity of humans.

“Ha ha ha, you must have stayed up all night thinking of that one. I have orders to hold you here and await further instructions. This place is an Entities outpost not used much anymore. Julie thought it would be a good to hold you guys off the radar,” Terrance hesitatingly replied. His dog was lying by his side, like a good dog always did. Does man’s best friend stay man’s best friend, when man has proven over and over through dastardly example he’s the enemy of man?

Ridell started to chuckle, which made the hairs on Jason’s neck like spears; his usual reaction to the evilest of evil laughs.

“What’s so funny?” Jason loved a joke as much as the next guy, but when automatic rifles ensured maximum brain explosivity, comedy wasn’t his main concern.

“You’ll have to wait and see. The answer to what’s funny, is also how I’m going to prove my worthiness to the Truth Seekers.”

“What…?” Jason authoritatively blurted.

Just as Ridell was attempting another expletive laden diatribe about Terrance, or Christina’s bitch mom, the lieutenant interceded. “I just got word our transport will be here soon. We’ll load up these enemies of a free society, and take them to the darkest of dark holes. Once we get them loaded, our job is done and we go home. I’m looking forward to getting this damn thing over with.”

“I’m sorry you’re burdened to do a job for lots of money,” Jason needled, to a snicker from Ridell. Tim stayed stoic the whole time, like he knew what was coming.

Did any of them know what was coming? Ethnicities were fighting all other ethnicities. People within those groups were forming sub groups, and those sub groups were forming sub groups. Julie Bond knew this division was crucial for her to gain power, sustain it and then build. She needed the Truth Seekers painted as enemies of the state, so the population would go after them; saving her time and money.

Jason and Christina knew they had to stop Julie. Their dads’ Jay and Marty planted the seeds, cultivated them, and were starting to see slight growth.

“We haven’t heard from the kids in a bit, how do you think they’re making out? Do you think Ridell has them tied up yet?” Marty darkly joked, to universal scowls.

“Why would you joke about that, they’re our kids. What we’ve been cultivating to evolve humanity is in trouble, and all you can do is make stupid jokes. What the fuck is wrong with you?” Jay blasted. He knew Marty was a little too comfortable with using his kids as bait.

“What the fuck is wrong with me, what the fuck is wrong with you? You’re the one who followed your daughter around to protect her, instead of picking up the phone and acting like a real dad, like a real man,” Marty exploded.

As they leapt off the old couches which immediately raised six inches, Bryan stood between a potential holy war. Noses flared in the winds of anger, as Jay and Marty stood inches from each other’s faces, ready to go ten rounds. If Bryan was the umpire, and these two managers were ready to throw down, in order to avoid playing into their enemy’s hands, Bryan had to say something.

“We’re all on the same side. We might not like or even agree with all of each other’s tactics. We came together because of a mutual love for humanity, and a desire for this country to be all it can be. The Truth Seekers became a viable threat to the status quo, because we put our petty shit aside, in favor of actions to usher in the as of yet realized dreams of our founders. Once that happens, we can finally be the example to the rest of the world of how people should treat each other. That’s when we can finally be that shining city on the hill Reagan droned about,” Bryan orated.

“He’s right, we need to always remember why we entered this fight,” David added. He might not have been with the Truth Seekers for long, but he knew Aaron, and Aaron was a brother.

“That’s right man, that’s what Jason and Christina did for me at that anti-immigrant rally in New York. It’s what David showed me in real time when I worked with him in Jerusalem. We’re all on the same team. If our people are in trouble, we must get them back; unless arguing like 12 year old girls sounds like a fun afternoon. Letting go is a constant process, so is putting up or shutting up,” Aaron announced.

Marty knew what that meant. He did the dirt when it needed doing as the Entities’ top enforcer, other things he just wanted to do. Marty was constantly earning Jason’s trust back since abandoning him as a kid. This time was no exception.

“How long till we go looking for them?” Jay wondered. “How do we know where to look?”

Marty, Jay and especially David with the Mossad had people they could call. They could even call the Great Whites who unhooded. Whatever they chose, they needed to do it quick. There was too much at stake, too much needed to be done.

As Marty decided on a necessary response, the rest of the group didn’t have a clue. A collective mind spin marathon took over the cabin, neither Bryan, Aaron, David, Marty nor Jay knew what to do. Their current microcosm was being experienced by the whole world. The streets were littered with people scowling, fighting, and killing when and how they wanted to. The police wanted nothing more than to keep people in line. Not that they didn’t always want order, because they did. This time, they served an idea and protected themselves. The people were told everybody was out to get them, and if they ever asked why, they’d be nabbed while they slept.

The police, military, spy agencies and every vestige of authority and security was now overtly putting people in their place. The system wanted to protect an idea that people didn’t know the origin of, only that it needed to be upheld. If the current facade came crashing down, the resulting aftermath would be worse than anything the population could imagine. They believed the lies to their bones. They needed to listen to their soul, which was a hard pill to swallow, but an answer which fulfilled like no other. Insecurities float away when a person realizes their foolishness.

Marty was a man, or at least played one on TV. Now was his time to prove what a man should be, to raise the consciousness of the Truth Seekers, the world, and prove in real time people could be good to each other if they wanted.

“Enough is enough, we have to go get them,” Marty bellowed without a second thought. “They’re in trouble. It’s been way too long.”

“I agree, but where do we look? Those woods out there feature a million hiding spots, well maybe only 500,000 after so many trees were cut down. I never thought I’d say loggers helped us out, but…” Jay half-jokingly replied.

“Fuck loggers, they made the forest a midget of its former self,” Bryan blasted. He knew all loggers weren’t bad, but he also knew what the Humboldt woods used to be. “We can’t go back to how we were. We can only make times better now. To do that, we must be honest about our history.”

Aaron and David witnessed the back and forth, and needed popcorn. They were entertained, but also antsy to save their friends. The second a viable option presented itself, they’d be out the door.

Waiting was never fun, which Marty knew all too well. “I know a few of Julie’s best hidey holes. I used them before I saw the light, so I don’t need my drones.”

“I knew it you motherfucker. You’re in on this aren’t you?” Jay raged, ready to tear Marty’s head off. “Tell us where to go, before I find a hole to throw you in.”

“Now ladies, calm down,” Bryan inserted.

“I know a few of her spots, and the hidden roads to get there. I know one in particular they’d probably use, with air strip access,” Marty detailed. He wanted to rush in guns blazing, but knew they needed to get their people out, before he blew the place to hell.

“Well let’s get them from the place you probably built, you snake,” Jay fearlessly replied. If dads’ argued like this in the non truth seeking world, there would be headlocks and wresting on the ground; but they had work to do.

“Snakes are similar to a chicken, they taste the same,” Bryan interjected to lighten the mood. “Since nobody in this room is a chicken, let’s do this. Then we’ll get some boxing gloves, and you two old farts can rumble.”

“Let’s get in the Jeep, and get our people. Don’t worry though, I have a secret stock of extra special joints. We should smoke after we get them. Something tells me our integral planning session will change the trajectory of the entire world,” Marty caringly ordered.

“I’m ready. If anybody knows the importance of pointing out bullshit after thousands of years of conflict, it’s me. The Mossad has your back,” David offered.

“Thanks man. When we teach people to treat each other as fellow sentient beings, we’ll need the Mossad. A critical mass like the world has never seen, is needed to live the dream we collectively dream. Let’s roll.”

With that, the five exited Marty’s cabin with such purpose, no words were exchanged as they piled into the Jeep.

“The ride isn’t far, we’ll be there in ten minutes,” Marty announced like a flight attendant. “They’ll be with us soon. Just as Jay was about to second the motion, Marty mashed the gas, and zoomed down a manzanita lined path behind his cabin.

Could a hidden path be used for good, and for bad? Was the human condition in such a state that definitions of good and bad changed? Meaning shifted as often as weather, but so did destinations and objectives.

Once new evidence was found and analyzed, it could be inputted and used to introduce a wanted reality. The expected result might not be the one that showed up. However, what did show would be authentic.

Jason and Christina grew restless. Not that they wanted to get on with being tortured or killed, but they wanted something to happen. The suspense was killing them, not their physical bodies, but their critically thinking minds.

“What’s the plan, the next step?” Jason whispered toward any Truth Seeker listening. Christina heard but wouldn’t reply, and Billy Bob and Gary didn’t know how. Ridell witnessed the confusion, and knew he was about to earn all of their respect, causing a big smile to break out.

“What the hell are you smiling at? I have you, and will do what we always do to traitors,” Terrance threatened.

“What’s that, something so horrible you have other people do it for you?” Jason challenged.

“Do for me? Need I remind you I was the one that took down President Bowman? I was the one who stole the blue prints. I allowed Julie Bond to take over my brain child, and turn it into my great empire,” Terrance theorized.

“Your great empire, have you noticed who is in power, and who has been relegated to bitch work?” Christina demanded. “My mom makes you think you have a say, but you’re here, and she’s occupying the throne.”

Before Terrance replied with another tired comeback, Ridell started laughing.

“What’s so funny, you’ve been nabbed too,” Jason identified. “The last time I checked, guns are also being pointed at your head.”

“You always liked old action movies, and all those cheesy one liners. This is going to be a doozy,” Ridell returned.

The comeback of all comebacks was brewing in Jason’s cerebellum, which Christina witnessed. She always loved him, and would till the end of time, but wondered where their life was leading. Would their love hold up? It had till now, which proved its authenticity in actions and words. Little did Christina know, this thought was the synchronicity they were all looking for.

Before the ultimate comeback made its debut, Ridell gave the lieutenant a wink. Once he received the signal, the ten troops in the house surrounded Terrance, with ten itchy trigger fingers ready to prove their worthiness.

“What the hell is going on? Do you know who you work for?” Terrance angrily belted. Was this really happening again? The Great Whites abandoning him was one thing, but a platoon he individually selected to protect him was now threatening him? “I received orders to capture the traitor Ridell, Jason and the rest of the Truth Seekers and hold them in the woods.”

“Who gave you the order, the head bitch herself?” Ridell demanded.

Usually a person would grow tired of their mom being called a bitch, something they could say, but not others. Christina knew what the current situation was producing, and needed to let it play out.

“The order came on a specially encoded phone only Julie and her top people could access. They ordered I come here and capture the Truth Seekers, then dissappear you all in the woods if you tried anything,” Terrance answered.

“That’s the only true thing you’ve ever said. You heard him boys, take him into the woods and dissappear him,” Ridell ordered with authority. He liked telling people what to do, it birthed his tenacity for survival.

“I don’t even know what to say right now.” Jason was taken so off guard by Ridell’s actions, he thought he entered an alternate reality. Which considering the rest of the groups surprise, they might have.

“Let me help you, this is my first action as a Truth Seeker. Lieutenant, let’s go,” Ridell announced. He motioned for the top guard to have his men direct Terrance out front.

Not sure what to think, Billy Bob, Gary, Tim, Jason and Christina followed Ridell out the front door. They slowly climbed down the steps badly in need of paint, and onto the gravel driveway.

Just as Ridell loaded Terrance on the Jeep, the Marty piloted Jeep skidded up. The dust created such a big cloud, that when the motor cranked off, visibility was less than an inch.

Once the dust settled, Marty and Jay rushed toward the heavily armed troops, expecting to see Jason and Christina loaded on. There was no reason to think any different. They knew Christina’s mom wanted them all out of the way.

Eyeing Jason, Christina, Billy Bob and Gary behind Ridell and the men with the guns, instead of in front with barrels at their temples, Marty was at a complete loss.

“Let me help, you look a little confused,” Ridell joked.

“A little confused is the understatement of the year. What the hell is going on?” Marty anxiously yelled.

Before Ridell vocalized, Jason spoke. “Don’t worry dad, I thought the sky was falling too when I realized what was happening. Ridell set this whole thing up. Looks like he was using this as a ruse to capture your brother Terrance,” Jason explained. He knew Marty and Terrance hadn’t spoken in years, and never got along even when they did. The death looks they shared could’ve melted Jupiter.

As things started to click like a combination lock being decoded, Marty put two and two together. “I might be younger, but as for you older brother, nobody deserves to be disappeared in the woods more.”

Terrance was 10 years Marty’s senior, and attempted a response, but the duct tape over Terrance’s mouth prevented any syllables from escaping. Terrance did manage a death look, that if deciphered would have surely spelled out, I’ll see you in hell motherfucker.

Uttering the unexpected was something Jason wasn’t used to. In fact he had an issue with over analyzing everything, causing him to forget what the original thought was. Jason knew there was a first time for everything, just like when a beautiful woman named Christina sat under a Japanese maple all those years ago. “Thank you Ridell, I never thought this was possible.”

“Since I know the future is heading toward the current environment becoming more ingrained, I figured I’d lead this charge. I gave Terrance the order through a back channel. I figured luring him into the woods to get him out of your way, was the direction I wanted to go with my life. I’ve always been ordered to take people out. Sometimes I took them out because they pissed me off, and I wanted to better my situation.”

“Maybe this really is a path forward,” Marty admitted.

Ridell proceeded to load Terrance onto the Jeep for transport to a secret field, where he made all his problems go away. He made sure he dug the hole before the operation commenced. The last thing he needed was Julie Bond’s satellites to see their position because a tree branch was too short.

“Take him away boys,” Ridell joyfully ordered as the Jeep sped away down a concealed road.

The dirt clouds that settled when Marty skidded up, was thrown back in the air, covering all of their clothes with dust of the unknown. Jason had been through enough to know, this dust might have been unknown, but was leading them in the right direction.

The silence of the reunited Truth Seekers, and their prospect Ridell was deafening. None of them knew what to say. Ridell had things he wanted to say, but if he was really trying to turn over a new leaf, he had to learn his place.

“I wanted to prove I’ve changed. We had our issues in the past, but I wanted to show in understandable language, that I’m now on the right side. I can’t make up for all the bad I’ve done, but let this act be an olive branch,” Ridell sincerely detailed. He knew he was laying it on thick, but he had to make himself believe the words coming out of his mouth.

“How can we believe you after all you’ve done,” Jason blurted without a second thought.

“Take it from somebody who has been accused of being untrustworthy, after countless acts of loyalty to the cause, complete trust will never be there. Not to defend you too much Ridell, but the fact you made an honest effort to help us, should be recognized for its positivity,” Marty relented. He never thought he’d be saying those words, but then again, did he expect half of the things that happened to that point, did any of them?

Jason wanted to scream, fight and give Ridell a hug all at the same time. The mind boggling adventure they endured was almost too much to take. With them all standing in the driveway, the chaos settled down, and reasonable thoughts returned.

“I wanted this action, and all future actions to build up mankind. That’s why I surprised you during your BBQ. That’s why I set up the old man to be disappeared. I knew if I told you what I was doing, you wouldn’t believe me. From the looks on your faces, I can see you still don’t. I expected that, which is why I knew this was the right thing to do. Here, let’s smooth all this over,” Ridell detailed, as he pulled a cigarette pack out of his pocket containing exactly ten joints.

As the equally divided peace of mind was passed out, the mood started to change. The work ahead was going to be long, just like the moral arc of the universe. This was the first act of forcing it to bend.

As everybody lit up, and inhaled the beauty of a Ridell rolled joint, the man of the hour wanted his words to be believed by more than himself. “The world needs the truth, not more lies. I finally realized if I can’t beat somebody, I might as well join them. Which is what we’re about to prove to the world in real time. If you think you were surprised, just wait till Julie finds out. I know the whole operation and where we can hit them to affect maximum damage.”

“Where might that be?” Jason questioned as he took a deep puff off his joint, exhaling a cloud of smoke that enveloped them all.

“It’s in the minds with ingrained opinions. The more people we turn around, the more people on our side to fight them. This is a path forward. I’ll continue to prove it not only to the Truth Seekers, but to the people so we can build the society of our dreams. The reality of the moment will allow truth to win out amongst our ranks, or will we let doubt sew a web none of us can break? Let me be the scissors to cut through, and show you why a path forward doesn’t just appear, but needs to be constantly proven.

Are we ready to let go of what doesn’t serve us, in favor of what does? Are we ready to turn our rude awakening, into a new day because of this path forward? I’ve been rousted from a hard sleep, and I’ll never slumber again. I can’t promise I’ll never let you down. All I can say is what happened today is the synchronicity of all synchronicities. Will you ignore, or embrace?”



Border security is a distraction the rich use to control the poor, by sweeping important issues under the rug. The mongrels, dust, dirt and disease must be held back, or a tsunami of new power would unseat all comfortable positions elites like Julie Bond and D.J. Bannon, have held for centuries.

“We could shut down the borders, make sure our enemies don’t smuggle in fighters from Mexico and Canada,” Bannon theorized with a twinkle in his eye. He dreamed of making the United States the white, Christian country some believed it was designed to be. Bannon knew in his continuously blackening soul, that this was the last chance for people of his ilk. “Terrorists and all sorts of bad hombres are flooding this great land. If we want total control, we have to secure the American population first, and then expand.”

“What are you babbling about,” Julie Bond wondered with a smirk, like a 6 year old repeating the same paragraph, but suddenly changing inflection. “Are you having a thought? I don’t pay you to think, I think, you act, I pay.”

The Entities were nervous about what was building across the Rubicon. Julie wanted to make sure they controlled not only people’s dreams, but their nightmares.

Spinning around an ultra-soft leather chair resembling the throne she didn’t earn, Julie uttered the truest words she thought possible. “We must continue proving people can’t trust each other, and everybody is out to get them.”

“That’s true, but isn’t that what we’ve been doing?” Bannon wondered. He might have been a sham President taking over a formerly free country, but he wasn’t above animal instincts. “We’ve been telling people how everybody is out to get them, and nothing is their fault, because it’s those,”other people”. That’s how I’ve been living my life for years, is that why you chose me to run your empire?”

Office lackeys milling around couldn’t care less what was said, or being attempted. As long as their paychecks kept flowing, they didn’t ask questions. Julie knew she better keep her inner circle happy, or they’d turn on her the second a better deal appeared.

“My empire, I like the sound of that,” Julie stated with an evil smile. Her hair hadn’t been washed since the day before, and was tangled like fishing line thrown in the back of a truck. The last thing she wanted to be was a forgotten fishing pole. “We have to go after schools, and show kids from the time their young, that we’re the the only way to get ahead. If we train them young, they’ll be less likely to realize when we kill their dissident families.”

“Can you excuse us for a minute?” Bannon anxiously queried as he waved four secretaries out the door. The guard’s smirks shined off their gun barrels, revealing itchy trigger fingers for what they were, an intense need to begin the takeover.

After secretaries and lackeys left the hedonistically designed office, gold door knobs turned. The only people left in the war room planning the death of humanity, were Bannon and Julie.

“What is it you moron? Do you have an idea not directed toward making money, a critical thought about what action to take? Well if I’m so helpless and lacking direction, tell me genius, what should we do? What does the great oracle have to say?” Julie sarcastically fired off with so much pent up frustration, a casual observer would’ve believed she didn’t have a clue.

The rate at which Truth Seekers were expanding, quickly outgrew the Entities growth. Was this a contest between Julie and her daughter to be the most charasmatic people magnet?

“What’s this genius plan, I’m not getting any younger,” Julie joked as she pushed up her double-d breasts. She wore low cut shirts, so she’d feel like the center of attention; an ego as big as hers always needed stroking, maybe that’s why she and Bannon got along. Ego stroking was their favorite pastime.

“We have to think about this rationally. Your daughter and her people have made big gains, apparently they’ve captured the old man,” Bannon described as he looked at his phone, which dwarfed the smallness of his twitter fingers. “Says here Ridell is with them, and helping them locate their next target.”

“My bitch daughter will never learn,” Julie exasperatingly admitted. While she might have felt threatened by her daughter stealing her power away, Julie still controlled the most powerful military on earth. “We must teach her a lesson.”

Sitting in front of a powerful desk instead of behind it, wasn’t a position Bannon liked. He always wanted to have the last say. However, if they wanted control of people’s fears, not just the dreams of an evil mastermind, they needed to act fast. “Do you have a plan b, we need to finish what we started.” Bannon didn’t know much, only that he needed to end up with money in his pocket, and whores at his side. “To squeeze more money out of resources, we’ll trick people into doing all the work, by making them think they’ll get a slice of the pie.”

“Don’t you know that is our plan, are you really that dumb?” Julie knew Bannon was, that’s why she chose him; that and his innate ability to con people out of just about anything. She needed to ensure she didn’t get double crossed at the last moment, like so many in her not so distant past. Figuring they could be sitting for another hour before an actual thought was uttered, Julie decided to help things along. “Okay, what did you have in mind?”

“You’re lucky you have the power you do, I never let a woman talk to me like that. We must privatize all schools so we can make a profit, and teach kids only what we want them to know. That way, we can start programming little soldiers.”

“You want to run a child army like in Africa?”

“Would that be so bad? We’d rule with an iron fist, and kill whoever we didn’t like. We have all the weapons and all the money. We can do it,” Bannon blasted like he was leading a rally of torch wielding white supremacists. He always dreamed of getting back to that pulpit one day. Until then, he’d have to play his part; because in that world, women were only needed for two things. “What do you say?”

“Before I chop your balls off and feed them to my dogs, I must tell you it sounds good. I need to make a few calls, but expanding into the school system is a good idea. Grab them when their young, that’s what I always say. What does that have to do with the border though?”

Feeling the power he experienced the first time people cheered him, Bannon orated like his evil dreams depended on his vocalization. “People want us to tell them what to do, what to think, what to dream and what to fear. We’re the directors, and they’re the cheap, easily replaceable extras. Controlling the schools will help us control the border, because we’ll have plenty of willing and able people to keep the mongrels out.

The Truth Seekers are planning something, and we must stop them. Once they know our plan, they’ll amass even more people; we have to show them we’re serious.”

“Show them we’re serious, haven’t we been doing that? Shooting innocents in the street seems pretty serious to me. That was so much fun, we should go do that again right now,” Julie devilishly pondered because her bloodlust knew no bounds. She wanted to not only control people, she wanted to watch them suffer because it excited her.

“Before we go for target practice, we need to make sure we’re ready. We can’t change plans in the middle of the game. Once we guard our borders like they should be, there will be pushback. We need to defend by any means necessary. We don’t need Trojans storming the castle,” Bannon described in his most eloquent voice.

“You know history, I thought you didn’t know your head from your ass?” Julie sniped.

“I know where my words come out, it’s the opposite of where poop does,” Bannon volleyed back.

“Are you sure there’s a difference?” Julie continued. She was entertained by the back and forth, but the fear of her downfall wasn’t escaping. This would be her end, or her daughters, and she wanted to ensure victory. “Are you done spewing shit out your mouth?”

“Maybe,” Bannon bantered once more. “Let’s pull some troops and construction guys together, and build a wall on our northern and southern borders. We can keep out whoever we want while making a huge profit.”

Building walls and bridges always took the same act of congress. Usually born in windowless Washington offices, there was what congress portrayed, and what they actually did. Julie, Bannon and the security establishment wanted to take what congress had been doing for years, and expand the theft and dehumanization. Jason, Christina and the rest of the Truth Seekers wanted to turn that around. They wanted to showcase what was good in people, which had been lost since D.J. Bannon took the oath of office.

Julie and Bannon wanted people to think they didn’t have a chance. The balance of evil expanding its power, while good does the same, wasn’t lost on the two Jeeps heading to yet one more secret hideout.

“Where the hell are we going?” Bryan piped up. He had been driven by Marty in too many directions to not ask questions. He had no remaining family after Julie took power, and deleted her enemies. Bryan needed to make sure he was headed in the right direction. “Are you driving us into another trap?”

Gripping the wheel while hurling 45mph down a rutted dirt road would have been difficult for anybody, but not Marty. He turned the rear view mirror so Bryan could see his eyes from the back seat. Aaron, Jay and David stayed silent, they figured Marty had it covered. “I’m taking us where we all need to go. Where exactly that is, I don’t know, do any of us?”

“Can you speak English please?” Jay hammered. Beads of sweat mixed with fierce anxiousness, caused the Jeep to smell somewhere between a high school locker-room, and a bordello.

“Look, we’ve all been through a lot. The fact Ridell didn’t screw us over, and probably murdered my evil brother, is still shocking,” Marty exclaimed. Did he not care somebody killed his brother, his own flesh and blood? Had Marty become so hardened that anybody who stood in his way, was nothing more than a temporary roadblock on the road to wherever the hell he was going?

“You okay brother you were staring off for a minute?” David sincerely wondered. He and Marty had been though a lot. Whenever the Mossad was involved, it usually ended up in the yes, this is crazy column. Still, David knew what he signed up for, when he was an impressionable 17 year old looking to protect his Jewish homeland. “We need to stay focused.”

“That’s true, thank you,” Marty admitted as he reached his wrinkled and war torn hand to shake the equally war torn hand of David. “Ridell knows where we need to go. We’ve witnessed Julie’s plans from the inside. While we’re not aware of her master plan, we’ll get to the bottom. We will create a better world.”

Sitting in the torn, but seat cover clinging passenger seat, David smiled. While stretching his left arm, David didn’t notice pushing the button on the two-way radio linked to the other Jeep.

“Wow Marty, thanks for the vote of confidence. I never knew you felt that way about me,” Ridell joked with half a smile and half a sneer. He didn’t like flattery, because it was the last thing somebody did before they screwed you over; he had done it himself many times. Still, he liked being given a chance. “I know we’re weary, and may never fully trust each other. We can however give each other the benefit of the doubt, to benefit the people of this great country.”

“You aren’t running for anything shithead, you don’t have to impress us,” Jason quickly responded, to a laugh from Ridell. It’s funny how enemies sometimes have more respect for each other than friends do Jason thought.

“If we can stick the final dagger into the Entities power structure, I won’t be running, but one of you will. I just got a message from a friend close to Julie. He said she’s planning to close the borders, and demand schools train kids to defend her last stand,” Ridell belted out like he was one of the crew. Was he really a member, or was he kidding himself?

“How did somebody get you a message? We’ve been bouncing down this dirt road for an hour, and I haven’t seen you look at a phone, let alone react to buzzing in your pocket,” Jason interrogated. He knew this synchronicity with Ridell couldn’t be ignored, still he got antsy.

As Jason loaded another round in the banter gun he and Ridell were so used to shooting, his love Christina interrupted. The words which spilled off her lips, would be remembered by the Truth Seekers for some time; until a certain speech from a podium. Who would deliver that speech, was yet to be determined.

“My mom, god it makes me sick to call her that. Anyway, she wants us to be confused, and lost in the woods,” Christina uttered with a love the world yearned for. As things got darker, light needed to poke through. She wasn’t the light, just a part. The Jeep she sat in, as well as the one following them was also a part. Friendly groups, militias and soldiers who pledged themselves to the Truth Seekers were also part.

For the final puzzle piece, the Truth Seekers needed to bring historical enemies together, by showing them their real enemies weren’t each other, but a power structure whose biggest fear was unification through critical thought. Light didn’t only spring out of destruction, but also joy and creation.

Christina knew it was the Truth Seekers job to normalize that brotherly feeling, and help people realize the more they do it, the less darkness was created.

Having seen Christina’s lost in the woods look before, Jason let her know he loved her no matter what happened. “I love you baby. You got lost for a moment, need me to send a search party?”

A slight chuckle ejected from the Jeep, most notably Ridell. He was witnessing a side of Jason and Christina he hadn’t before. The love they felt for each other, escaped Ridell’s soul long ago. If that love was ever to return, he needed to help; even if he didn’t know why. He started feeling things might work out. It wasn’t so much faith, as much as positive thinking. Ridell figured it was a start, so he tried adding to the good vibes. “These walls need to be torn down.”

“How do we tear down a wall which hasn’t been built?” Jason pondered. Was Ridell going off on a tangent, or was this a plot to block them from what was really important? Was he trying to screw them over again, what a motherfucker. As Jason’s rage simmered, Christina gently ran her hand down the small of Jason’s back. She wanted him to know without words, they needed to let this play out.

“We tear down walls by building bridges,” Jay described. He had been listening through the radio, and was wondering where things were headed. “Whether they want to build physical walls or metaphorical ones, we have to not only destroy the evil they’re infecting us with, but their plan for our future.”

“How do you figure doing that smart guy,” Marty sarcastically uttered. He had been following Ridell in the Jeep for so long, he wondered if they were driving in circles.

“I set up a clubhouse with an air strip another mile up the road. I think half of us should go to Mexico, and half to Canada. We need to let them, and the rest of this continent know what’s being attempted,” Ridell described. He did know of an air strip up the road, it was only five dips, four potholes and three bends away. Was he really joining the Truth Seekers, or planning his take over? Did he want them in power instead of Julie Bond, D.J. Bannon and the rest of the Entities? How could he be more successful, how could he get further ahead?

“I feel like we’re in that Chuck Berry song, cruising down the road in my automobile, with no particular place to go,” Jason ribbed. Not having direction was his biggest fear. It’s amazing what not feeling lonely for extended periods of time does for personal growth.

“I see it over that bend,” Marty authoritatively bellowed. He didn’t want to lead, any more than he wanted people to complain to him about their problems. He knew people deserved to breathe free, he just didn’t want to supply the C02.

“Yay, woo hoo. I’m so excited about one more air strip and one more clubhouse,” Bryan admitted with fear and sorrow. Was this what their lives had become, getting close to solutions, without actually doing anything? Right when he thought his faith in humanity was gone forever, he saw something that gave him a second thought. “Who is that? Looks like a crowd of people, bicycles and tents, what the hell is going on?”

Old and new cars bordered the road to the cabin. As the Jeeps inched closer, they started hearing the cheers of a crowd. They weren’t a headlining band, returning for an encore to amaze thousands of people with their musical abilities.

The air was thick with hope, which Jason smelled right away. “Wow, it smells really good, like truth.”

“That’s not truth, unless truth smells like weed,” Ridell derided. Working with Jason was much more fun than trying to kill him.

As the Jeeps crept to a stop, dust built up like the greatest mysteries inside their minds. The deafening noise of thousands of people didn’t make it any easier to decipher what was going on, but the unknowing of a next step was familiar. If one stayed open to possibilities, solutions would appear without warning. The settled dust coated every inch of their clothes, like the armor they’d need in the days ahead.

The crowd moved closer to the Jeeps, because none of them had gotten out. “Ridell, what the hell is going on? Is this another trap you prepared?” Jason theorized out loud. He had faith in the goodness of humanity, always being told by his mom, that if people are open with who they are and what they want, a path forward will reveal itself. Steps forward needed to be taken to further understanding, because humans have the ability to surprise themselves, when they get out of our own way. He missed his mom, wondering where she was after all these years.

With his mother’s loving and hopeful words, Jason took his first faithful step outside the Jeep.

“What are you doing baby? We don’t know if these people are here to kill us, and end our hopes for a better world,” Christina blasted. She loved Jason more than words could describe. The humanity rushing through his veins was something they all needed to be reminded of. “You could get hurt.”

“I could, but I could also be loved and cherished. It’s like when I sat under a Japanese Maple not knowing why. I ended up meeting you, and we’ve been in a constant state of critical thought and bliss ever since.  This is another one of those times, I need to see what happens,” Jason artfully decried. He knew how important it was to save the world from its current chaos. Darkness was picking up steam, with more and more people ignoring their humanity by claiming to be the good guys, while perpetuating the problem.

Witnessing the battle inside Jason’s conscious mind, Billy Bob advised. “Listen man, just be careful. Our next move is vitally important. We have the chance to build a world that works for all of us, but if we fail now, the chance will be gone forever.”

“You ever heard the expression it isn’t over until we say? I haven’t had dreams of a better world all my life for nothing. I may not know what’s going to happen, but I know what my heart and soul wants. That’s what’s driving me,” Jason passionately returned. He took a very enlightened step out of the Jeep, and disappeared into the crowd.

The rest of the Jeep’s occupants hadn’t deboarded yet. “Nothing better happen to Jason, or I swear to god Ridell, what I did to those people at New Jerusalem, will look like a spa treatment compared to what I’ll do to you,” Billy Bob exploded. Jason was the son he never had. He hadn’t come this far in his spiritual journey to turn back now.

“I didn’t tell these people to come, what do you want me to do? I don’t control them like a God with his cult, is that what you thought? Come on man, I can’t control anything.” Ridell’s attempt at self-deprecating humor fell short, just like the rest of his attempts. However his heart being in the right place, was becoming more apparent to not only the Truth Seekers, but also to himself.

Only a minute had passed since Jason left the Jeep and still no sign of him, or any of the other Jeep’s passengers exiting.

“At least these people don’t seem hostile, some have guns, but they aren’t forcing us out like prized prisoners,” Christina noticed.

Playing the silent and strong observer was something Tim prided himself on. He knew if he assessed the entire situation, he could make a better judgement about what steps to take. Like everyone else, he was stunned, but it didn’t stop him from speaking. “Jason is fine. Something tells me this crowd will lead us to something beautiful.”

As a collective “what the hell are you talking about” filled the Jeep, Tim received a very calming feeling as he looked at a dirt airstrip in-between the tallest trees on earth. The towering nature of their history, proved no matter what happened, there were always witnesses; along with reactions and responses whose variables were impossible to decode.

The outside environment was jubilant, dropping the threat level to zero for the Truth Seekers. As the doors swung open, Billy Bob, Ridell, Christina and the rest of them got out, expecting to be swarmed, or even accosted. Their wildest dreams couldn’t have prepared them for what was about to commence.

“Friends, countrymen, citizens, residents and all lovers of humanity and truth, welcome. This is the first gathering of a long and sustained movement.” Christina knew the voice sounded familiar, but wasn’t sure who. As she snaked her way through the crowd, smiling faces and loving dispositions were on full display. What was going on she thought, had they entered an alternate reality where her crazy super villain mom wasn’t trying to take over the world? A place where people weren’t treated like the commodities they were presumed to be, but loved by the beauty of their awakened souls.

People clapped, yelled, whistled and ejected every noise their brains could conjure. Billy Bob tried to keep up with Christina, increasingly feeling like her protector. Was he a protector of people, ideas, or both?  Maybe the voice on the stage was a clue.

“I see the original Truth Seekers have arrived. One of their founders is making his way to the stage. As he does, let me reiterate we’re entering the restructuring of our country. Many revolutions have happened to us, or should I say with our help.” As Jason wound his way through the crowd, he still didn’t know what to think. What was this random crowd doing in this random spot?

Was this the end, or the beginning, or something better than his wildest dreams? Trying to part the crowd like the red sea was difficult, Jason wasn’t Moses. He wasn’t sent by God to free his people from slavery. He was sent to use all the energy in his 30 something body, to usher the better world of his dreams into reality. Utopia wasn’t logical, because utopia was subjective, and differed widely from person to person. Still the jubilation, smiles and laughter that emanated as he arrived at the stage, was what he needed to guide him. As he strolled over to the wooden blocks leading to the back of a flatbed truck, it reminded him of Cuba all those years ago.

Following a secret postcard to find your girlfriend’s estranged dad leading a protest group, was something Jason didn’t expect. That turned out okay, and this would as well, as long as hearts were in the right place.

“Ahhh, here he comes. Welcome Jason,” the speaker announced as Jason climbed up on the truck.

Before he made his way to the mic, he put his hand over it, and whispered to the announcer. “What the hell is going on? Who are you, what is all this?”

Knowing the apprehension when critical thinking is a constant presence, the speaker immediately put Jason at ease. “We saw how you took down a corrupt president. We saw how you built a pipeline to supply the country with badly needed water. We saw how you stopped an arms deal, giving Israelis and Palestinians a viable path forward. We saw how you pulled people together because of their shared humanity, not their inbeded hate. We saw how you unhooded thousands of KKK outcasts. We saw how you drove our current dictator from her racist throne in Alabama. Witnessing the dark pleasure she gained from shooting innocents, made us realize generational hate would only get worse if we sat idly by.”

The still unidentified speaker was chronicling Jason’s and the Truth Seeker’s rise. What would Billy Bob, Christina, Marty, Jay or David think? Was it all an elaborate ruse to throw them off the trail?

Getting closer to the truck stage, but not close enough to hear, Christina and Billy Bob stood in the crowd and saw Jason’s hand over the microphone, having a chat with who announced him.

“A little weird somebody we don’t know announced Jason was here. How did he know we were coming?” Christina fearfully expressed. All synchronicities paled in comparison to this moment. She knew the drug meant to divide them had been released, and although she moved past its worst effects, she knew waves of affected people would surely haunt them.

As she was about to express how this happened before, Billy Bob eased her concerns. “I was drawn to Jason because of his electric humanity, and the power to draw in whoever is near. The faith we have in him, is what all these people feel. Not in Jason as a king or god, but in the idea that hopes and dreams can be fulfilled when we step into the unknown. These people were drawn in like we hoped, and in the numbers we need. We all have troops and militias in strategic spots to stop your mom, this is the critical mass we’ve been waiting for.”

Christina was formulating her response as Ridell strolled up, with a smile from smug ear to smug ear. “Don’t worry, I had nothing to do with this. I totally didn’t tell people to show up, and then drove us here,” Ridell needled. “Even if I did, isn’t this exactly what you hoped would happen?”

Dreams and goals never had a permanent home, they always moved and evolved. Subjectivity was a concept with no part in critical thinking, ejecting it led to a flood of humanity. Jason began to wonder if it’s what drew the crowd.

“I have no problem speaking to these people, but who are the “we” you keep talking about? You mentioned all these things me and my people have done, and how it helped move us forward, but haven’t yet mentioned who the “we” is. Who is the “we”?” Jason exclaimed with his soul’s full passion. He didn’t want to fog over a path forward the human species longed for.

“Well Mr. Jason, I’m a well-known conservative strategist, who has fought against flaming liberals like you for years. With how out of whack things have gotten, the whole idea of America is being turned on its head. The arguments that everyone deserves to be free, has been turned into a hot potato people pass to the left.

My name is Colin Schmidt. I never thought I’d support someone like you, or your cause, but here I am. These damned Entities, and the rot which has festered for years can no longer be ignored. I’m a humanist who believes in democracy. The only path forward is a complete restructure so the system benefits everybody, not just some. I realize being against rights for people, is a historical loser. I’m ready to be on the right side,” Colin orated. Even though he was laying it on pretty thick, it didn’t make it any less authentic.

“That’s great, sounds like you’ve really seen the light. I’m glad you weren’t a lost cause, and could be shown a better way. One last time though, who is this “we” you talked about, the “we” you said has been watching me?” Jason had a clue, but wanted Colin to utter the words and provide truth.

“The “we” you ask? The “we” is this entire crowd, the entire country, the entire world who hasn’t been corrupted yet. Please speak to us, so we can forge a sustainable path forward.”



Speaking in front of crowds wasn’t an issue for Jason. Orating to throngs of revolutionary hungry people desiring his wisdom was a different story. Could he trust Colin’s narration? Was Colin planted by Ridell to help Bannon and Julie Bond infiltrate the Truth Seekers? Was this Jason’s final roadblock, his need to always expect the worst?

Considering his familiarity with inner monologues which froze forward movement, Jason grabbed the mike from Colin with force. Not because Jason felt threatened, but because he sensed positive change illuminating a path into the unknown.

“How ya’ll doing today?” Jason offered, in a light hearted attempt to gauge the crowd.

“What’s Jason doing? What the hell are all these people doing here?” Christina exclaimed. She’d follow Jason to the ends of the earth. She just hoped upending a millennia’s old paradigm of the powerful controlling the powerless, didn’t destroy them all.

Noticing her trepidation, Billy Bob breathed love and light into Christina’s weary soul. “I was drawn to Jason for the same reason you were, he emits pureness anytime he does anything. We persuaded a whole group of dissident KKK members to the right side of history, with one rousing speech. This crowd shouldn’t be as tough,” Billy Bob derided, as a million metaphors streamed through his head simultaneously. Still, he knew how important this moment was. “Look, not only do we have our inner circle, but this gathering is the best thing we can do to widen the circumference. That’s how we broaden and extend our reach.”

Billy Bob observed the same inferno burning in the crowd was overtly present in the Truth Seekers. Gary, Marty, Jay, David, Aaron, Tim and Bryan gave Christina the same “we can do this” look Billy Bob offered when he rescued her from New Jerusalem. From that moment forward, Christina was convinced a new day was coming.

Viewing his loves’ inner dilemma, Jason peered into the throngs of people before giving Christina a look that said “baby, this is our moment”. That was all she needed. “Let’s see what my man has to say. I always love when he describes what we as humans can accomplish when we look out for each other,” Christina authentically expressed. The oddly warm 80 degree Humboldt day, was about to get much hotter.

“Thank you for coming today, I’m not sure who called you, but thank you,” Jason conveyed to thousands of people gathered around a covert air strip. Marty’s secrets hurt Jason in the past, but ended up working out because Marty’s heart was in the right place. Jason had to give him the benefit of the doubt.

As more syllables spilled from Jason’s lips, an unidentified voice screached from the crowd. “Are you for real?”

“Where’s that coming from?” Jason questioned as he eyed the crowd.

“It’s coming from the microcosm gathered here today. Just be yourself, and shine your light. The passion for truth and justice burning within your soul draws people in. Your worried friends down there are evidence, as well as the rest of us. Show these people they can make change just like you did, because you were finally ready,” Colin detailed from the bottom of his soul. His stance was very relaxed, but he was starting to question his choice of dress shoes because of the dust and dirt. Functionality would serve Jason and his Truth Seekers well into the future. “Truth is what these people want. It’s what the world wants. In the age of cascading misinformation and double speak, it’s time we become humanity’s translator. It starts with you.”

“No pressure,” Jason chuckled, because he knew keeping things light helped when overcoming challenges. The celebratory joints following this meeting would be the stickiest and stinkiest in history.

Jason inched his comfortable sneakers back up to the mike, along a stage consisting of wooden planks stretched between two trucks. Whether he was ready or not, he let his spirit take control, making everything fall into place.

“Am I for real, are any of us? The problems we’re currently enduring are very real. The inequality and persecution of people viewed as different, is untenable at best, and soul destroying at worst,” Jason orated. Why was he talking like a politician, or beating around the bush?

“Why don’t you just say what you mean? We’ve been told a lot of things for a long time. Prove this is a true collective movement forward,” the same voice uttered from the sea of people. Jason and Colin recognized the voice as male, and surprisingly clear, considering the increasingly growing numbers in front of them.

“You want reality? Julie Bond and her puppet DJ Bannon have been doing their best to tear us apart. They’re tearing up every vestige of democracy, turning us into a totalitarian state. They’re privatizing every sector of life, making profit the only factor in medicine, prison, education, government and infrastructure decisions; along with every societal event and function we’ve grown used to experiencing. They turn people against people, and brother against brother,” Jason described to a crowd growing more restless with each syllable.

“Tell us something we don’t know. We know things are messed up. People are being lynched, shot and assaulted in the street in frightening numbers. Everybody is against everybody, we know all that. United we stand, divided we fall is obvious, that’s why we’re here. Tell us something to help us turn that corner, something to usher a new day of positivity and light.”

Witnessing the back and forth between Jason and the unknown gentleman, silenced the crowd of hungry souls. Even Colin couldn’t spot the guy, and he was good at picking people out. That’s why he was willingly summoned to this dirty airstrip by an anonymous caller.

The microphone was dripping with anticipation. The battery waves coursing through its wires propelled a path forward, by amplifying it to the people. Assigning anamorphic actions to inanimate objects, was something Jason did when he smoked a few joints with Christina; just another self-imposed roadblock.

While lots of smiles and cheers waited for Jason’s response, the mystery man from the crowd continued. “What’s the solution? What do we do?”

Finally realizing the heckler’s identity, Jason enunciated with more confidence than ever before. “Massive critical mass is the key, in fact today is a great start. I’ve always said if we could get even 10 % of the country on our side, nobody could stop us. You asked what we should do. Amassing here today is the first step. The next is for half of you to head to Canada with Marty, Jay, David, Aaron and Bryan. While the other half goes to Mexico with Billy Bob, Gary, Tim, Christina and I.

Why should we do this? Julie Bond is planning to close the borders by building a giant wall, stopping anything or anyone deemed undesirable from entering. Complete isolation and depletion of resources is their goal. When they’ve sucked everything out, they’ll move on or expand.

We need to convert people to our cause along our journey. We need people spread along the entire length of the borders, so we cover as much ground as possible. When I mean convert people, I mean remind them of the humanity they might have forgotten. Remind them we’re all the same, because we’re human. Poor and working class people need to stop blaming each other for their woes, and place that blame at the feet of who is keeping them all down.

I know things are really bad right now, the United States and what it means is a sad memory. When we return to normalcy, before expanding and improving, we need to design the better system we want to see.

Ending Bond and Bannon’s iron grip is vital, but it’s only the beginning. We have to be for something, and not just against whoever is in power. This is our moment, this is our time. This is when we the people show others what it means to be human, what it means to love, and what it means to be authentic.

Reminding people of their critical thinking skills might be difficult, some have been hibernating for a long time; but don’t give up. We can do this. Let’s show the powers that be we’re the real power, by teaching our fellow man the same concept. We can have everything we dream, if we’re willing to put in the work. It’ll happen because we’ll make it happen.”

After what seemed like an eternity, Jason stepped back from the microphone. The crowd was stunned. Did they just receive marching orders? Had they thought about their next step? Many people aimlessly milled around, unsure of what they just heard; even though the same words pounded each of their brains, ever since they realized something wasn’t right.

Climbing down from the truck, Jason motioned to his original Truth Seekers, making hand signals to ask how he did. What would they think? How would they feel about him directing their positive energy without them having a say? As he weaved closer to them, Jason wasn’t sure how to ask nine people the same thing at once. Then again he just did to thousands of people, so what was less than a dozen?

Colin didn’t hesitate to assuage Jason. Not only did he answer Jason’s question, he calmed Jason as well. “That was Jason. You saw his fire, his passion, his love for humanity and the planet. Now it’s our turn to go out and create positive change. We know what’s going on, and we know what we must do. We’ve never not known, we’ve only been made to forget. Those who want to go to Canada head there, and the other half to Mexico over there.

Everybody else, spread throughout the country. Have conversations with people you disagree with. Talk to people you wouldn’t normally talk to. You’ll find they’re just as hungry for change as you, and will fight just as hard when they realize authentic change is possible. As Jason eloquently stated, now is our time. Let’s seize it, and construct a system that works for all of us, not just those lucky enough to be at the top.”

Having made it back to the original Truth Seekers halfway through Colin’s speech, Jason looked at Christina, and then Billy Bob. Their three collective gazes then transfixed on Colin with nothing but admiration, and love in their hearts. Everybody in the crowd was now smiling because their purpose had been spelled out in black and white. Half the crowd started chanting Mexico, and the other half Canada.

“If you’re still wondering how you did up there, look at the crowd. Look at the purpose you instilled, but Canada and Mexico?” Billy Bob passionatley wondered. He stroked the greying goatee dangling from his wrinkled chin, wondering what this flaming liberal was going to think of next. Billy Bob’s soul wasn’t running, but digging in because he knew they were headed in the right direction.

Before Jason thanked Billy Bob for the vote of confidence, he strolled up to Ridell standing next to the love of his life. Under normal circumstances this would have made him commit capital murder. This time was different.

“I knew you were barking at me you motherfucker,” Jason needled. Whether Ridell was being truthful or not, if Jason was going to truly live his words, he had to give Ridell the benefit of the doubt.

“I had to give an old friend a gentle push. You were struggling, and I just wanted to guide you in the right direction,” Ridell chuckled. “Really I wanted to see how you responded. Like when a reporter asks questions to elicit a certain response. I wanted to see exactly how you spelled solutions.”

Christina cracked up at the thought of Ridell being an old friend, but going through so many things with somebody made them something. If that something was toward their collective enlightenment or collective downfall, was yet to be determined.

“Thanks man. I never thought I’d find myself thanking somebody who screwed me over so many times,” Jason warmly admitted. Ridell stuck out his untrusty mitt for Jason to shake, which was shrugged off in favor of a hug. This embrace of former enemies was what the world needed to change its current trajectory.

The crowd hastily dispersed in all directions, kicking up such a cloud of dust, the unknown became physical. None of the Truth Seekers could see five feet in front of them, let alone have the faintest idea what was swirling. Once everything settled, a path forward revealed two planes, just like clear solutions appeared after anger subsides. “These were the planes we were going to fly out in. We still are, but that was before thousands of people wanted to join,” Marty worried. He knew how important help was, but also knew it came with a high probability of being screwed over.

“Everyone must have dispersed through the trees, except for a few. I assume they’ll find us in Canada or Mexico. Are we ready for this?” Christina wondered.

“I’m definitely ready for this. If we can work together, anybody can,” Ridell assumingly replied. He wanted to let the Truth Seekers know he was on their side, but had an inner worry something would go horribly wrong. “I wonder when Julie and Bannon will swoop in, this seems way too easy.”

Jason wasn’t used to worry protruding from Ridell, or comforting Ridell either. However, if this really was a path forward, and uniting former enemies was the key, action needed to be taken. “Can we file this under something that’s easy and hard at the same time? Let’s try to enjoy this one,” Jason expressed. Finally there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel, and he didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth; or utilize any other cliché.

“Jason’s right. One of the planes will go north, and the other south. Let’s smoke before we board, we could all use the peace of mind.” Marty pulled out some joints out of his shirt pocket, as did Jay and Billy Bob, equaling ten joints for ten people.

As soon as Jason lit up, so did the rest of the group. The exhaled smoke was thick enough to fog over any self-sabotage.

After inhaling several quick puffs, Jason found his words. “This is definitely what I needed. A nice joint with my friends and my angel, while we revel in our new friends helping to construct a better system, all while enjoying the beauty of Humboldt. What more could I ask for?”

As the original Truth Seekers nodded in agreement, they didn’t notice the few remaining people watching intensely. Colin Schmidt was gone along with the homemade truck stage, returning the abandoned airstrip to its former glory. The Truth Seekers knew complacency was just as strong as violence, and sometimes stronger. When you think something isn’t possible, is exactly when enemies strike hardest.

These were the collective thoughts surrounding the airstrip, as a few dozen armor clad soldiers hid just behind the tree line. As joints were almost burned down, everyone was feeling good, like anything was possible.

“If we energized this many people to help our cause, we can do anything,” Jason uttered with joy.

“That’s the thing, the second we think this is our cause, and not everybody’s cause, is when we allow the wolf back into the hen house. The wolf being Christina’s bitch mom, and the hens, well, us,” Billy Bob bellowed.

Shuffling his feet as his joint burned to a roach, Jason intently listened. “That’s for sure. Wait a minute, where did Ridell go?” Jason exclaimed.

“He probably ran off to screw us. I knew we never should have trusted him,” Christina fearfully expressed with contempt.

As the group tried to locate Ridell, they realized he could’ve walked off after they fired up their joints; which each took 15 minutes to smoke. It was at that moment, clarity reemerged. Jason found the remaining people staring as well as slowly approaching, not as camouflaged as they believed.

“Uh, who are those people?” Jason queried with pure dread. He felt good about the crowd and their direction, but not about the walls currently closing in.

As the ten original Truth Seekers turned their heads to observe the incoming storm, Christina hypothesized. “Not that we haven’t escaped gun fire to board a plane before….

Before she finished her thought, darkness inched closer and closer. Not darkness in physical color, but in energy. The physical incarnation of evil was preparing to swallow them whole.

The more one thinks about negativity, the more real it becomes. Jason knew humans created their own reality. If they see light, light comes in. If darkness is obsessed on, all light burns out. As this realization passed through Jason’s wearied soul, explosions and muzzle flashes entered his periphery. Bullets began whizzing by their ears. “Oh shit, I think we’re being shot at,” Bryan exclaimed.

“What was your first clue captain obvious,” Christina volleyed back. She knew humor was good medicine, but now was the time for action. Bullets and shrapnel rained down, increasing collective urgency.

“Run, we have to get on these planes now. They found us. Ridell must have been a plant, I fucking knew it,” Jason bombed in disgust.

“No time for that now. You take your half and go to Mexico. I’ll take my half to Canada. We have to get in the air, we’ll talk when we’re safe,” Marty yelled as he hauled ass toward the plane, making sure the pilot was ready for a hurried take off.

The volume of bullets surrounding the Truth Seekers, as they sprinted toward the planes, resembled swamp flies in the middle of summer. A slow and horrible death became a real possibility, as countless metal objects flew at their flesh. Jason bolted with Christina, Billy Bob, Gary and Tim for the Mexico plane, while the rest for the plane aimed toward the home of Canadian bacon.

“Hurry your ass, we have to get in the air now,” the pilot screamed, as bullets tinged and tanged off the planes delicate body, hoping to leave before it became Swiss cheese.

Christina was getting used to staring out escape plane windows through bullets and RPG fire. So was hoping her dad would be okay, as Marty and Jay helped everybody board.

Jason and Christina’s plane was the first to the end of the runway. Gunfire increased to the point, it was blinding. If windshield wipers made it easier to see through the rain, maybe they needed bullet wipers; maybe the Truth Seekers needed to be bullet wipers for the country.

Jason took one more look out the window as they lifted off the ground, but not before a missile exploded five feet from their plane’s tail. A collective sigh of relief was uttered once air borne, but Jason’s worry became infinitely worse.

Marty and Jay’s Canada plane was still loading, as the missile and bullet fire exponentially grew. An entire platoon was after them, which Julie Bond thought was sufficient.

Aaron, David and Bryan loaded on first. How Marty and Jay escaped being hit, was beyond Jason. As he pondered their learned shimmies and shakes, a bullet pierced Marty’s calf. He had been shot before, but this was different.

“Dad has been hit,” Jason fearfully cried out.

Jay went to help his comrade in arms, because he’d never leave a fellow Truth Seeker behind. “Come on man, can you walk?” Jay exclaimed, as Marty bled profusely.

“Just leave me, I’ll only slow you down,” Marty expressed. He wanted them all to succeed, especially Jason. He wanted his son to be at the forefront of the country’s redesigning, because he knew Jason deserved the honor. “You need to go now.”

Julie Bond’s marksmen continued to miss everything but Marty’s leg, but with increasingly closer groupings. The deafening sound echoed a full on war. “I might not have been a marine, or any soldier for that matter, but I haven’t come this far just to leave you behind.”

“If we don’t leave now, we might as well recite our own last rights,” the pilot frighteningly barked.

Jay tore a piece of his shirt like a battlefield medic, and wrapped it as tightly as he could around Marty’s leg. The quick tourniquet would have to do until they landed.

“Can you walk, any weight at all?” Jay blasted.

“I think so,” Marty replied. He tried putting his foot down, and fell face first in the mud.

Making a joke about Marty being covered in mud, that didn’t smell like mud, would have to wait. Jay grabbed Marty by the shoulder, promptly helping him limp the last 50 feet to the plane. The dust kicked up by propellers and gunfire, made them wonder how the pilot would be able to take off. Just like progress amongst chaos, light always poked through, as long as adrenaline brimmed with passion and determination.

After helping a bleeding but stable Marty onto the plane, Jay closed the door, which was immediately struck with a cloud of bullets right where Jay and Marty’s heads were a millisecond before.

As the pilot headed down the runway, Marty uttered the words that would stay with Jay the rest of his life. “Even though I didn’t deserve you saving me, thank you.”

“You deserve it, just like we all do. That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing,” Jay returned. Marty was being selfless, but Jay wanted to remind him why they were putting themselves in harms way. “Keeping our “why” close by is the first step.”

“The next step is letting your friends help,” David added. He and Marty held a special bond, something that would help in reintroducing humanity to the greater population. “We start a new beginning, by letting go of an old end.”

As their plane headed north of the border, and Jason’s plane south, Julie Bond wondered about her next step.

“I knew giving Ridell one more chance was a good idea. We almost got them,” Julie Bond uttered. She spun around in her leather throne beside her five computer screen command center.

“In case you haven’t noticed, they escaped. You might have hit Marty, but they still left on planes. When did you ever care about almost getting them? We need to end them once and for all. They know about our border plan, and are bringing in tons of people to stop it,” Bannon detailed with fear. He was never scared, and was never wrong; at least nothing he’d admit. Still, he was worried Julie Bond was losing her grip on reality. “We have to put an end to them, now. If we don’t, their numbers will continue to grow. If that happens, we stand a real chance of losing the next election.”

The capitol of the United States being in Birmingham was a strategic and historical choice for Julie Bond. She wanted to control people, and if she couldn’t, she’d kill them. Why this wasn’t happening fast enough, she wasn’t sure. “We just have to hit back harder. Call in our radicals. If they want a war, we’ll give them one.”

The rage emitting from Julie’s 5’4’’ 120 pound frame would have made Andre the Giant cringe in fear. The redness in her face was only equal to the blackness in her heart. Her office was emptied of everybody except Bannon. She could control through fear, but couldn’t handle so many voices; always worrying somebody would screw her over. This feeling would not only be her downfall, but also provoke her to take dangerous risks.

Julie Bond didn’t have blind faith. If that was something she only told herself, she didn’t know. If she was going down, it would be in a blaze of glory.

Once they reached a safe cruising altitude, Jason unclenched and relaxed. “I hope dad is alright.”

Having witnessed her dad shot while trying to escape, Christina attempted to breathe the love into Jason’s soul that always filled him up.

“We’ll contact them when we land. I made sure we had satellite phones when we left the clubhouse. I wasn’t going to get caught without talking to my dad either,” Christina explained in her soul’s most caring tone. “Hey pilot, how much longer?”

“A couple hours, try to get comfortable. In case you were wondering, because I know it’s what Jason was thinking,” the pilot sniped. He didn’t know Jason, but he knew Jason. A lovable, but fearless stoner doing actual good for the planet, instead of endlessly talking about it, was something he was honored to support. He wanted to do his small part, just like everybody else. “Yes, you can smoke on this plane.”

“Yay,” Jason sarcastically answered. “Our last buzz was unfairly interrupted.”

“If by unfairly interrupted, you mean bullets and missiles flying by our faces, then yeah,” Billy Bob bantered to collective laughter from the plane. If he learned anything from Jason, the less serious and more human they made every interaction, the more often things worked out.

As the pilot handed out some joints, Christina grabbed hers with tremendous ferocity. She touched her trusty pink Bic lighter to the tip, and inhaled the beautiful skunky essence. “Wow, this stuff is tasty. What strain?”

“It’s good green bud number eight, you know, Jason’s favorite. However, this occasion calls for me to address it by its real name, new beginnings; because every time you smoke, nothing is the same,” the pilot uttered. He flew as many missions as the next covert pilot, but his shadowy past, didn’t guarantee a shadowy future.

“Awesome, I love that.” Jason and Christina both smiled amorously into each other’s souls while inhaling long and deep. Their exhale filled the plane’s cabin with smoke, but quickly dissipated because it didn’t fog up their thinking, it freshened their perspectives.

Several joints and naps later, they approached their destination, a secret airstrip in the mountains of Michoacán. “Please passengers, return your tray tables to their upright position,” the pilot snickered. He might not have puffed, but he was enjoying the contact high. “It’s going to be a rocky landing.”

“What else is new?” Jason snickered. He looked out the window and noticed their approach was being greeted with another unknown and possibly hostile crowd. “I hope those people are on our side.”

Having been in Mexico many times before, Tim interjected. “This is one poorest states in Mexico, filled with lots of subsistence farmers trying to support their families. If anybody understands being screwed over by the man, it’s these people.”

“That’s true. That must be why Marty wanted us here,” Billy Bob replied.

“This was all Marty’s idea? Man, that guy really does have secret hideouts everywhere. I mean my dad. My dad must have some secret plan, besides having the ability to read my mind,” Jason admitted.

Christina put her arm around Jason, because she related to believing her dad was one thing, only to have him turn out completely different. As they shared the warm moment their psyches needed, the plane’s back wheels made their first contact with Mexican dirt.

The rocks and boulders littered around made the landing tougher than any smuggling run. However, being trained by the US government was exactly what the pilot needed, to fix deficiencies in that very government.

The clouds of dust, was only equal to the dust descending on an almost 250 year old country. The United States was very young by world standards, but powerful enough to drive opinion. The waiting crowd was going to be that theory’s first test.

The six seater prop plane skidded to a stop at the far end of the runway. Before the propeller went completely silent, the door opened to reveal fifty warm, but hesitant smiles. They had been told many times that their neighbors to the north were there to help, ending in lies and broken promises. This time, and with this U.S. President, they knew it was imperative to not only get things back to normal, but back to pure humanity.

Jason stepped off the plane followed by Christina and Billy Bob, while Gary and Tim were hesitant. The pilot sneered them a look that said, “get the hell of my plane, so I can leave before more people start shooting.” He wanted to help the Truth Seekers, he just wasn’t ready to die.

Tim and Gary were then hurriedly helped off the plane. As soon as their legs were clear of the door, it slammed shut. The propeller started spinning, and the pilot turned around to head back down the runway.

“I guess we’re not going back now,” Jason needled with a halfhearted laugh, because he knew they were faced with only one choice.

“We need your help,” Manuel replied. “I’m the leader of the freedom fighters you see before you. Marty called and said you were on your way, while he was headed to Canada to meet up with our counterparts there.”

“Julie Bond and her puppet Bannon are building walls along northern and southern borders, by using the treasury as their personal ATM. We’re here to stop the complete isolation of the United States. To unite Americans, we have to start with the American continent,” Jason echoed like a future president. That was never anything he could do, but the other Truth Seekers?

Before Jason raised any more thoughts, Manuel interrupted. “They’re not only building a physical wall, but also a demilitarized zone, similar to what separates the two Koreas. They clear, hold, and build. When they multiply their reach, we have to stop them.”

“I wholeheartedly agree. Christina, I want to call my dad.” Christina handed Jason the phone, and he dialed the number he didn’t have to memorize, because it was imprinted on his brain.

“Dad, we’re in Mexico, are you okay?”

“Yeah Jason, I’m fine. Although with the blood loss I’m a little loopy. They have socialized medicine, so I’m not worried, I’m on my way to see a doctor for free. Julie Bond and DJ Bannon are expanding the borders in Canada before they build the wall, just like in Mexico. To increase the landmass of the United States, they need to stay in permanent war. They want people to question everybody they know and everything they understand.”

“What else is new?”

“This time they’re making their last stand. Are you ready to put them down once and for all?”

“I believe I finally am. I just hope the world comes to our side, before thousands more are killed. This isn’t just a fight for our soul, but also our physical bodies. I have one question, how much worse will it get before it gets better?”


The United States of America had always been a melting pot, a place immigrants could enjoy the sweet taste of freedom. Sometimes this sweetness was created by adding more sugar, or salt because leaders needed to even out flavor profiles. The last thing they wanted was to be seen as having bad taste, by their constituents, or their campaign contributors.

Whether it was Native Americans, Asian, Mexican, Latin, African, or European immigrants, America has always been a place where people could build a better life. Everybody wants to live and breathe free. The caveat is people are misled, believing the government has their best interest at heart; while the government’s pocket book is their only concern.

Julie Bond’s pocket book, aka the American treasury, was portrayed one way, while her real aims were opposite. This bait and switch could describe the last few hundred years of the American experience, one more power grab that would effect generations to come. Whether this was good or bad changed, depending on who was asked. Julie Bond had to steer this conversation, if she hoped to retain power she coveted more than life itself.

“We need this wall to go up quick, so we can block everyone we don’t want here. The sooner we build, the sooner we can extend the borders,” Julie expressed. She ran her wrinkled fingers through her increasingly stringy hair, which was becoming flecked with grey.

“You know this is going to start a war with the countries on our borders right? Are we ready to take that ultimate step?” Bannon theorized with an ounce of doubt. He wanted to control things as much as the next power hungry billionaire. He just didn’t want to be strung up, turning the tide in a way it hadn’t in a millennia. “These actions will demonstrate exactly where we stand, while the people we’re trying to put down will see it as their last chance.”

Julie Bond was flabbergasted by her puppet’s critical thought. She didn’t think he had one gram in him. Before her thoughts organized into intelligible English, Julie’s top lieutenant burst into her 2nd floor office with an urgent message.

“Ma’am, Christina, Jason and half of their people just arrived at the Mexican border,” Lieutenant Colin spoke with cautious cadence. He wasn’t really a lieutenant. He never served in the military. His lack of war zone experience however, didn’t affect his thought process. He wanted to fight for something with meaning. He just didn’t want his opportunity stolen. “The other half of their group arrived at the Canadian border. Their numbers are growing with each passing hour.”

Releasing a loud and very noticeable groan, Julie Bond showed a lack of confidence that was antithesis to her rise to power. She then remembered why she craved power in the first place. “They think they can stop us. They think we’ll run with our tail between our legs, because all of a sudden they outnumber us. Well the last time I checked, we have nukes, the military, the CIA and all its black sites.”

“We do, but they have something we don’t,” the lieutenant returned.

Bannon rolled his eyes, not because he was disgusted, but because he felt the same way. Bannon wanted to make tons of money. He just didn’t want to destroy everything in the process. If the country he knew folded, he’d have more money than he could count, but it wouldn’t be worth the paper it was printed on. He let his words express what his uneducated brain thought, but Julie beat him to the punch.

“What do you think they have, that we don’t? Please enlighten me. It’s not like you’ve been fighting them since day one, or are mother to one of their leaders. Do you even have kids that you know of?” Julie blasted as she spun around in her leather chair. She despised being questioned by a peon. “You think they’re more powerful? Why don’t you join them if you think they’ll win?”

Lieutenant Colin cherished critical thought as his most valuable possession. “Are you trying to push me out? This is a holy war. We’re about to manifest destiny the shit out of people who don’t deserve rights. If this fails, your government will go down, and the people will never let it be rebuilt.”

Taking a deep breath and swallowing the built up phlegm in her throat, Julie Bond choked on her rage. She was all in, if this didn’t work, the Entities, the United Entities of America, the whole idea of a country working only for Julie Bond and her inner circle, would collapse into history’s dustiest dust bin. Remembering why she wanted power always got her excited, while lowering her blood pressure.

“If we want people on our side, we just tell them they’re being threatened. The United States has lots of enemies, who will stop at nothing to do us harm. Cementing this country in a war footing is vital for our sustainability. When the powerful, aka us want to expand power, we just have to tell the people theirs is being stolen,” Julie bellowed all in one breath.

Lieutenant Colin knew he shouldn’t question Julie. He had his own agenda, just like the rest of the Entities. Except his Entity was evolving, revealing a cranky, just woken up soul. “You want to tell people their power is being stolen? Isn’t that what your daughter is telling her people?”

“We just have to be more convincing. In fact, since you opened this can of worms,” Julie observed, knowing she kept the can opener under lock and key. “Go down there and infiltrate them. You can be our eyes and ears on the ground. If they really are telling people the same thing, we have to be more believable; the ultimate game of he said she said.”

“I’ve been in those before,” Bannon chuckled.

“I’m not talking about the woman you grabbed because you felt entitled. This is infinitely more important than satisfying your microscopic manhood. This is our survival versus theirs. Go down there Colin, report back early and often. We need to build this wall, but clear and hold first so they don’t win,” Julie expressed less than confidently.

Since Julie didn’t know about Colin’s extra circular activities, he accepted the challenge. “We’ll talk soon.”

Thinking spies were friends and friends were spies, anchored the United States in its current position. Not trusting somebody because information portrayed otherwise, stopped American critical thought, crystallizing survival mode.

It was this crystallization Jason, Christina and the rest of their people had to stop. They needed to show people all past revolutions, rebellions and uprisings were nothing compared to this. A complete rebuilding of society was taking place. Who would control the blueprints?

“What’s the problem?” Jason inquired. They had just flown to Mexico, and were preparing their critical mass. Jason hoped it was the first of many. His actions could hamper, or help depending on his heart’s location. “It’s not like we have a shortage of unknowns.”

“I never thought I’d be standing in Mexico, about to help Mexican freedom fighters battle the US,” Billy Bob expressed. The surprise expelled on his breath wasn’t lost to Christina, Jason, Tim or Gary. Everybody was feasting on a big helping of “what the hell should we do?”

Noticing the confusion, Manuel spoke up. “None of us thought we’d be here, but here we are. The way around is through.”

“Through what?” Gary inquired with wonder.

“Through thousands of years of oppression, a quarter of your country used to be Mexico,” Manuel responded with confidence.

“What’s your point?” Billy Bob added. Standing on a dusty path, surrounded by focused men with guns became commonplace. However, he wasn’t walking through a Birmingham Walmart, he was in Michoacán. “Are you saying we should return land to the Mexicans?”

“Are you starting a holy war, before the holy war?” Jason held up his arm. He saw Billy Bob and Gary’s emotions ratchet up, which had long been asleep. “What Manuel and his men are trying to say, is they know what it’s like to be invaded.”

“We do, especially my man here who is Aztec, and my other who is Mayan.” Manuel embraced the men standing to his sides. He wanted to make sure this wasn’t just one more white land grab. “You’ve had many problems with native tribes in your country. Driving people onto reservations great distances from where they lived, is a big part of your history.”

Observing the increasing heat wave of emotion, Christina decided to settle the testosterone. “Look, we need to fight my mom and Bannon, not each other. If we do, we’re playing directly into their hands. They have a long history of turning people against each other. Let’s not help them okay.” The rage perspiring from Christina’s soul was overtly evident to all who were present. The sweltering heat of the moment was affecting their critical thinking. They collectively needed something to happen.

“I know what would help us out,” Manuel hypothesized as he held up some joints. “Let’s go back to base, and discuss our next move. We all could use a little relaxation, we’d think more clearly.”

“I second that,” Jason quickly uttered. “What’s the plan?”

“Wait till we’re there. Christina’s mom, or Julie Bond, or whatever we call her, has spies everywhere. We need to get somewhere she won’t hear us.” Manuel pointed to the small caravan of military vehicles his soldiers drove onto to the air strip. “Get in. The wall site is close. We need to take action now, or we won’t be able to stop them.”

Knowing this wasn’t true if previous experience was any indicator, but Jason knew they needed to follow the synchronicity.

While half of the Truth Seekers piled into a Humvee heading to a Mexican hideout, the other half were on to the Canadian border. The microcosm of small disagreements blocking progress caused so much bloodshed, heartache and regression, Marty despised a repeat performance.

“I wonder how Jason is making out,” Marty wondered out loud.

The Canadian air strip was similar to the Mexican one, which was similar to the last eight. This time however, electricity was in the air which hadn’t been there since, well, ever.

“Christina is probably keeping them all in line,” Jay sniped as he, Marty, Aaron, David and Bryan strolled up to the Canadian Mounties who met them, after they returned from the doctor who fixed Marty’s leg. These were no ordinary Mounties, but nothing to this point had been ordinary. Their ultimate goal was to make sure “that’s just the way it is” vaporized from the collective consciousness.

“We heard chatter the Canadian wall is going to be built not far away. We need to go somewhere and devise our next course. The sooner the better,” Jim the Mounty ordered.

“Should I call some of my guys and have them meet us,” David offered, knowing his Mossad buddies ached to overthrow the ultimate anti-Semite government. Jews had been through the ringer like many populations, but David didn’t want that to color his thinking. “We could all meet there.”

“Look, I know you’re antsy for action, I am as well; Bond and Bannon are provoking the worst in people. We’re here to do the opposite. I have something to calm us down,” Jim offered as he held up some joints.

“I know that’s Jason’s language, but it could work for us too,” Aaron chuckled, he missed working alongside Jason.

“The clubhouse is only a five minute drive. We need somewhere to plan, and to stay in contact with our Mexican counterparts,” Jim ordered.

“Since when were they our counterparts,” Marty wondered. Was Jim inserting himself, expecting them to go along? As three dozen of Jim’s men stood by, Marty’s mind wandered.

Sensing the dissention, Jim offered his own two cents. “You asked since when are they “our” counterparts, since Bond and Bannon decided to re-manifest destiny our homeland. Many first nations’ people were massacred when Britain first arrived to control this land. The natives are on our side, just like Aztecs and Mayans with Jason and Christina in Mexico.”

“How do you know that?” Jay wondered out loud. He worried about his daughter, but more pressingly, how did this unknown guy know so much about them?

“A growing number of people have been following your group’s progress introducing people to the right side of history. They see what’s going on, and want to help. We’ll win, if we have the will,” Jim answered. He knew how cliché it sounded, but it didn’t make it any less true. People would help if they could focus their rage, if they couldn’t, progress would be impossible for generations. “We’re here to make positive change for all people. You saw a doctor within one hour of landing. He even gave you crutches after he bandaged you up.”

As Jim and his men ushered them into the Jeeps for the short ride to the clubhouse, Marty and Jay stood back.

“Should we trust this guy? Should we trust anyone?” Marty apprehensively queried Jay. He didn’t trust many people, and worried about starting now.

“Trust, but verify is a workable negotiating tool. Yes, we need to trust people we work with. They also need to trust us. If we want to prove people can trust each other when they view each other as humans, we have to be the example.”

Knowing Jay was telling the truth, Marty just nodded his head, he was grateful he got his leg worked on so hastily. He didn’t want to use the crutches he was given, he liked his battle limp. He and the rest of the guys quietly prepared for the short drive.

As the Mexican and Canadian caravans of Truth Seekers headed to their planning grounds, the thought of what was next escaped them. They were adept at the evil actions codified by Bond and Bannon.

If the whole country was asleep, rousing it from slumber wouldn’t be easy. However, each group was ready for the challenge; if they weren’t, they knew they might as well give up. If there was one guarantee about the American people, is that they do what they want; the Truth Seekers could use that as a unifying factor against Bond and Bannon.

Group think went wrong when individuals were forgotten. Always remembering the uniqueness of individuals was something the Truth Seekers needed to instill, in everybody they came across. Mindful consciousness was a vital component to any successes.

Pulling up to the Mexican clubhouse at the same time the others pulled up to the Canadian clubhouse, could have been a coincidence. Believing nothing happened for a reason, was why Bond and Bannon held power; that and hate for the lower class.

When the Mexican caravan parked at its destination, a familiar face waited for them.

“Who is that? He looks familiar, but I can’t see through the dust,” Christina described. The metaphor didn’t escape her. The fact the dust thickened as they stopped, intuited positive change was possible.

Wondering the same thing, Jason scooted ahead of Manuel, wanting to talk first. Jason had to get over self-importance, to fully balance individual with group think. That would be addressed at a later date. This synchronicity snowball was about to cause an avalanche of positive evolution.

“It’s great you’re all here,” spoke the still unrecognizable voice. Why there was more dust the closer they got to the clubhouse, was the first of many questions concerning their reasoning skills.

“Who is that? I can’t see in all the dust,” Jason sputtered, spitting chewable air. He flashbacked to raking leaves as a kid, and dirt inbedding in places nobody wanted. Inching closer, he realized who was speaking. “Colin?”

“I heard about your plight down here, so I decided to help,” Colin described. His aims were the same as the Truth Seekers, just with different backgrounds and paycheck writers.

“How did you find us? The last time we saw you was on the back of that truck in Humboldt. We’re here to stop the construction of a wall, why are you here?” Jason spouted. Just liked Ridell happened on them before disappearing, Jason knew this could be a turning point.

“Why don’t we go inside we have lots to talk about. Especially about your mom,” Colin inserted.

The laughter quickly spilling from Jason, Billy Bob and Gary was as loud as it was short lived. They glanced back at Christina, who scowled like never before. “My mom, what?” Christina replied.

“Let’s go inside,” Colin offered.

Manuel wasn’t surprised these people showed up to order him and his men around, historically it happened way too often to be a new concept. Not knowing what a synchronicity was, Manuel immediately felt something in his soul as the group traversed several steps into the clubhouse.

Sensing Manuel’s inner dilemna of more white people telling him what to do, Jason hung back after everybody went inside. “My men and I aren’t here to take over, but to help unify. The last thing we want to do is turn off a potential ally. We want freedom, you want freedom; the entire breadth of humanity wants freedom. Describing how any group hates freedom is a misnomer, perpetuated by the iron fist of totalitarian states.”

“What?” Manuel and the rest of his men echoed the same confused looks. Was this why change was slow, because spelling out problems only made sense to those using big words? “Can you repeat that in English?”

The irony of a proud Mexican asking Jason to enunciate in English wasn’t lost on him. In fact it explained the bigger problem with progressive movements. Things weren’t spelled out directly enough. The people who didn’t get it, were shunned by pretentious miscreants who believed anybody who didn’t think like them was the enemy. Jason knew this was a problem on all sides. It’s what evil utilized to control, and what rational people utilized to build movements.

Since being blinded was the last thing they wanted, Jason attempted to clear things up. “Movements have failed, because they talked above people they purported to help. There’s a lot we can teach you, but even more you can teach us. We want to usher a new day. A time when all people have a fair shake, no matter what they look like, what they believe in, where they come from or who they decide to love.”

“I’m starting to get it now. Although you’re still beating around the bush, did I say that right?” Manuel needled. He knew what Jason was getting at and he agreed. He just wanted Jason to spell it out, because it represented a collective stumbling block the earth’s population needed to overcome. “Just spit out, not only will we listen, but so will the entire world.”

Pondering for a minute, Jason decoded the right words. As if a beautiful white light pierced through his soul, the idea ejecting from his mouth came from somewhere else. “We need to show the lower classes they blame the instigators instead of each other, when they view each other as humans. Not only would lower classes unite, but so would the majority of the planet. The United States of America would chart a new future, a future that worked for all people, not just a select few.”

Manuel only witnessed authentic passion in a few people during his life, let alone somebody with a real chance to change the trajectory of the whole damn thing.

The dust which obscured Colin on the front step, began to clear; cobwebs of a sleeping giant unraveled, in favor of a waking moment. Manuel always thought experiencing his soul on fire was possible, but not on a secret airstrip in one of the world’s poorest areas.

Yet, here he and his men were. They could ignore this moment, and look the other way as their landmass grew smaller, or they could fight for a better life. Manuel realized a rising tide really did raise all boats, just not in the way it was mischaracterized.

“You okay man?” Jason questioned. He was familiar with an out of control mind, where thoughts flooded in with no end in sight. Jason placed his arm around Manuel, freeing him to speak his mind.

“I always thought this was a lost cause, that there was no hope for the future. Sure we could stop this wall from being built, but what’s to say they won’t build another one? We’d then tear that one down, just to have them build another. They could make it 50 feet tall, but then we’d grab a 51 foot ladder,” Manuel described. His thick black eyebrows and push broom mustache soaked lakes of sweat, before they rolled down his face. The sun was at the highest point in the sky, greatly raising the temperature. All the birds and other desert critters were feeling the scorching heat, as if the animal kingdom was storing its energy for the long fight ahead. “I’m skeptical anything will happen, but what do we have to lose?”

“What do we have to lose?” Jason loudly demanded. “This is our last chance to make changes we’ve all dreamed about. This is our last chance to clear a path forward.”

Experiencing action based passion ooze from Jason’s every pore, positivity washed over Manuel. His lack of familiarity spoke more to the absence of a light at end of the tunnel, than Jason in particular.

Still, there was something Manuel couldn’t ignore. He knew his men were eternally loyal. They’d eternally follow somebody who had their freedom and rights as top priority. “My men and I know where people can sneak in. It’s better if we stay outside and keep guard, while you and your friends devise a plan.”

Not wanting to squeeze Manuel out, Jason questioned his reticence to join the planning. “Why don’t you come in and join us? Your voice needs to be heard just as much as anybody else’s.”

“While that’s true, we all have our part to play. If we want to benefit everybody like we espouse, we can’t turn down help when it randomly shows up,” Manuel chuckled. He and Jason shared a laugh that not only the world needed to see, but feel deep in their bones.

While Manuel and Jason shared a hug that expressed a love for the future, Manuel slipped joints into Jason’s shirt pocket.

Walking outside to check on his brother in arms, Billy Bob witnessed the hug. “Are you done making out? We have a lot to plan if we’re going to stop this wall. Let’s share Manuel’s joints, and figure out our path forward.”

The ridicule which men shared when they respected each other was second nature to Jason. He also knew the time crunch they were under. The longer they stalled, the more time Bond and Bannon fine tuned their plans. “Okay okay, you sure you don’t want to make out with us?” Jason needled.

“I’m good,” Billy Bob volleyed back.

“Manuel and his men are going to keep guard outside because they know the area. Thank you for that by the way,” Jason sincerely expressed as he started for the front steps.

“We’re looking out for each other, so the world will look out for each other. We’re doing our part here, you go in there and do yours,” Manuel passionately added.

Not needing to hear anymore, Jason gave Manuel one more nod that said we’ll win if we keep the faith.

Manuel ordered his men into positions around the clubhouse, along the airstrip and in the hills.

Jason excitedly walked up the stairs through a stained and torn screen door followed by Billy Bob.

“Nice of you to make it, we aren’t trying to save the world or anything,” Christina needled. She loved Jason more than life itself, well not more, but equally. They had built a beautiful life together, but never brought up the possibility of taking it the next step. Marty constantly offered the joke, but nothing Christina seriously considered. “We must get started my mom is kind of crazy.”

The snicker around the room, evolved into an all-out laugh fest. Were they losing it, or just relaxing their guard so real work could begin?

Gary was comfortably planted on one of the many couches lining the walls of this one room cabin. The pictures of Aztec warriors and antique weapons reminded Jason of a very colorful history.

Thinking of possibilities, Jason took a seat next to Christina who was seated around a wooden table from the Mexican revolution. The stains and scratches in its finish, were similar to the stains and scratches in humanity. The irony was obvious to Jason as he got comfortable on one of the ten fold up chairs surrounding the table.

Simply coincidence, not to spell out positioning, Jason ended up at one head of the table with Colin at the other. Billy Bob and Gary found their spots and they were all set to begin.

“Let me start with why I’ve met you here,” Colin stated. Honesty was the one thing he had to convey, while standing up with the most authentic look he could muster.

“That would be a good considering you disappeared from Humboldt, only to randomly show up in Mexico,” Jason offered. His skeptical attitude was creeping back, but he knew the solution. “Let’s light these up. We’ll be able to think more clearly.”

Jason passed out the joints. If Manuel rolling the correct number of doobies out of the blue was a synchronicity, it was about to snowball faster than any of them were prepared for.

After six lighters touched six joints, the exhalation of stress permeated the air. After a few more puffs, Jason spoke. “This is the first time I’ve had Mexican weed that hasn’t been awful, like that $40 an ounce shit as a kid. Anyway, Colin you were explaining the real reason you’re here.”

Trying to gather his bearings, audible musings poured from Colin. “Sorry, I haven’t been stoned in years. Do you guys always plan this way?”

“Maybe, it’s how we lower our tension so we don’t make the wrong decisions,” Christina answered, because she saw Jason stumbling on his words.

“Wow, okay then. What was I saying, sorry I’m a little high,” Colin replied.

“You were telling us the reason you’re here,” Billy Bob inserted with growing apprehension.

“I disappeared in Humboldt, because I had to go back to my employer Christina, you call her mom.”

Christina didn’t know what to say, so her love Jason helped execute her thought. “You’re a spy? You work for the enemy? Why shouldn’t we bury you in the woods right now?” Jason raged.

“Look, I do work for them it’s true. However, I saw the light a long time ago. I knew Bond and Bannon were planning to destroy America, guised in a vision of saving it. I’ve always believed in keeping my enemies close, so I knew their plans, and could figure out how to stop them,” Colin blurted in one breath.

The entire table was antsy, the bustling noise of six people simultaneously shifting in their chairs was deafening. Nobody knew what to say. Gary, Billy Bob and Jason stared at Colin as he stared back. A standoff was happening in this secret Mexican cabin, and the loser wouldn’t walk away.

The tension couldn’t be cut with an infomercial Ginsu, everybody was ready to attack the other, not sure who to trust. Sensing this, Christina decided to employ her best resolution skills. “At least let Colin explain. Telling us you’re working for the people we’re fighting against is important, but not the real reason you’re here.”

A warm feeling came over Jason as he put an arm around Christina, who he loved more and more every moment.

“You’re right. I wanted to tell you I’m on your side. I’m double crossing Bond and Bannon so I learn their secrets, but there’s something else,” Colin stated.

“Tell us already” Billy Bob demanded, growing more cycnical by the moment.

“I understand you’re all here to stop a wall, as are your counterparts in Canada,” Colin orated. “They’re employing a clear, hold and build strategy.”

“I’m familiar with the concept, tell us what that has to do us, or you,” Jason wondered.

“Think about it, they want to build a wall. Before they can build that wall though, they have to clear and hold first,” Colin continued.

Jason, Marty, Jay, David and everybody else had called in their troops to meet at the proposed wall sites. Crowds were already forming a ten minute drive from where Jason and Marty were. What they didn’t count on, was the social media effect. They didn’t count on mass numbers of the public finding out about the walls construction. Protestors, families and working people gathered who yearned for change.

Exponential critical mass gathered at each border, hoping to block construction. Jason didn’t know this, but Colin did.

“Christina and Jason, your dads, along with David have amassed thousands maybe millions at each proposed site. The public caught wind, and swelled their numbers. Countless militia members and civilians are now in place,” Colin released, to a stunned crowd.

“Wow this is really happening? Numbers can prevent this coming war. We stopped an arms deal, flipped a group of rabid racists, and made the head of the American government run scared. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to finally make the change we all deserve. The ultimate critical mass is finally forming,” Jason exploded with overt passion.

The jubilation around the table was hard to contain, evidenced by piercing hoots and hollers, and not because they just finished smoking expertly rolled joints.

Not wanting to rain on anybody’s parade, Colin spoke once more, and not just because he wanted to prove his worth to the Truth Seekers. He had to speak up, because he knew the awful truth about to befall them. “Listen, I don’t mean to put a damper on things, but I did say they’re employing a clear, hold and build strategy.”

“What’s your point?” questioned Billy Bob.

“Think about it, if they want to build a wall, they have to clear the area, and hold control of it before they can build,” Colin ejected.

“Yeah, and?” Billy Bob replied with growing rage.

Before Colin could further elaborate, fear chills shot up Jason’s spine directly from Antarctica. “I know what he’s trying to say. Everybody is gathered to stop them from building, which they aren’t building yet. They have to clear things out first. They knew people were going to gather, they probably even planned it. Now that they are, I’ll bet the “clearing” of their plans is about to get under way,” Jason described.

“Oh shit,” Christina replied. She knew there were traps, and then there were traps. “They’re looking to get rid of a bunch of birds with a bunch of stones.”

Fully comprehending the implications but not knowing the form, the Truth Seekers gathered at a secret Michoacán airstrip collectively became soaked with fear. Before any of them uttered a word, Manuel burst in the door with tears welling in his eyes.

“What’s wrong man, you look like you’re family was killed,” Jason observed.

Wiping away waterfalls of tears, Manuel did his best to speak intelligibly. “I just got a call on my radio. There have been bombings at the Mexican and Canadian wall sites. My guy described missiles, bombs and gun fire raining from the heavens,” Manuel fired off as the entire table stared with mouths agape. “Thousands are dead, including my wife and sons who were there protesting. They led us there by telling us how fast the wall would go up, only to kill a vast swath of the people who went, ridding them of countless enemies in one fell swoop. Blood and body parts littered the landscape, as drones dropped their payloads, and masked men sprayed bullets. The same happened on the Canadian side.”

To say fear was suffocating the cabins inhabitants was an understatement, no words could describe the fear each of them felt. Before anybody offered a thought, Manuel primed the pump.

“My family was just murdered because they wanted to make a difference,” Manuel orated with what little inner strength remained. He remembered what his wife always told him, and it brought him strength. “If we want their deaths, and countless others to not be in vain, we must end Bond and Bannon. This isn’t the beginning. It’s the beginning of the end, their end. Their power is slipping and they know it. They think they can kill their way out of problems, we’ll prove a better way does exist, and it’s called love.”